About Course Reserves



What are reserves?
Reserves are course-related materials made available, either electronically or physically, through the UC San Diego Library. Items that may be on reserve for a class include images, audio files, journal articles, videos, book chapters, course readers, etc.

How do I find reserves?
Search by course number or instructor on the reserves system. Depending on the subject, reserve materials may be checked out from Geisel Front Desk, the Media Desk on the first floor of Geisel, or the Biomedical Library Building Front Desk.

How long may I keep a reserve item?
The majority of reserve materials are checked out for 3 hours. Some materials reserved for graduate-level courses may be checked out for 24 hours. Overnight checkout is available for 3-hour items, 3 hours before the Front Desk closes. Items checked out overnight are due back 2 hours after the Library opens the following day. As soon as a reserve item is overdue, a $10.00 late fee is assessed. Thereafter, fines increase at a rate of $10.00 per hour.

What are electronic reserves?
Electronic reserves are materials made available online, including e-books, book excerpts, journal articles, audio and image files and non-copyrighted material such as syllabi and lecture notes. Search by course number or instructor on the reserves system to find out if your class has electronic reserves.  

How do I access electronic reserves from off campus? Digital Audio Reserves FAQ
The reserves website is restricted to UC San Diego IP addresses. For UC San Diego users with outside Internet connections, you will need to connect your computer to the campus network. Find instructions here. For more information, contact the ACMS Help Desk. Once you are connected to the campus network, you will still be asked for a password to view your course materials. Each course page has a unique password. If you do not know your course password, please contact your instructor.

How do I put an item on reserve for my class?
Request materials electronically via our online request form. If you are requesting items for electronic reserve be sure to attach a copy of your course syllabus, to ensure that items are scanned by their assigned reading date. This brief instructional video will show you how to fill out the form.

What if the library does not own the item I would like to put on reserve?
If the Library does not own the item, reserves staff will ask you to provide a copy. If you are unable to do so, the Library will attempt to order it. Please note requested items will be purchased as e-books whenever that is an option.