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Complete the form below to request that books, articles, or other print materials be placed on reserve. Use this form to upload any electronic documents you'd like included.

  • Authorization for Distribution of Student-Authored Materials to Third Party (PDF Form).
  • Submit digital audio requests via the DAR Request Form.
  • Submit requests for films to be placed on reserve via the FVR Request Form.
  • Submit requests for film streaming via the Streaming Request Form (50+ enrollment required).
  • Digital image reserves are available through ARTstor. For more information see Image Reserves or contact the Digital Image Reserves Coordinator.
  • New in Fall 2012: For all Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) electronic reserves and undergraduate-level print reserves, please complete the form below and select "Geisel Library" under "Choose a Library." For SIO graduate-level print reserves, please contact the SIO Department Graduate Office.
  • Electronic Reserves are password protected at the course level. After you submit an electronic reserves request, Reserves staff will email you the password to your course page. We recommend that you include this password on your syllabus, and/or that you forward this email to your students. Please note, Library staff will not be able to provide passwords to your students, they will be referred back to you.

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Provide any additional information that to help us process your request promptly, including whether print materials have been dropped off at the designated library.

Items to Place on Reserve

Provide as much detail as you can for each item, e.g. author, title, date and edition, publisher, when applicable. You may search in Roger and copy and paste into the window.

To help us prioritize scanning and process requests quickly, include the week of assignment for each electronic reserve request.


Attach any additional files here. To send more files, attach them in a reply to your confirmation e-mail.

NOTE: Before you submit your request, make sure the sum total size of all attached files does not exceed 7 MB.

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