Directories of Organizations

Directories are tools that contain basic information about individual organizations. They typically are a collection of individual records that describe the same kinds of information, across a wide number of entities. Common types of directories are listed below.

Although they can be used like a phone book, for look-ups of individual organization information, directories are most useful for finding and listing a number of organizations by specific criteria, such as city, zip code, topic or type.

Directories are especially popular with people doing job searches, prospecting for internship sites, or preparing contact lists for research surveys.

UCSD Only Resources with this icon may be accessed through on-campus computers, including those located in the Libraries. However, off-campus access is restricted to current UCSD students, faculty, and staff.

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The Leadership Directories UCSD Only provides searchable information more than 40,000 major United States government, business, news media, law firm, and nonprofit organizations, including contact information for leadership and key staff details. Originally published in print as “the Yellow Books,” its online search can create lists of organizations grouped by features like geographic area, industry, job title, school affiliation, directorships, type and size of organization, and more.

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Lexis-Nexis Academic UCSD Only
Gale Directory Library UCSD Only
Expertise Directory UCSD Only
Uniworld Online UCSD Only
World of Learning UCSD Only

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211 San Diego
California Cultural Directory
County of San Diego's Find Your Elected Representatives
The Lists
School Directory

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American Historical Association Directory of Affiliated Societies
College Blue Book UCSD Only
College Source Online UCSD Only
Congressional Directory
CorpTech UCSD Only

Council Of State Governments

  • Volume 1 -- Elected Officials
  • Volume 2 -- Legislative Leadership, Committees & Staff
  • Volume 3 -- Administrative Officials
Directory of Development Organizations
Directory of Religious Centers
Dustbooks e-Directories UCSD Only
Embassy World
Literary Market Place UCSD Only
Peterson's Graduate & Professional Programs UCSD Only
Writer's Market UCSD Only
Poet's Market UCSD Only
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers UCSD Only
U.S. Government Manual
Willing's Press Guide UCSD Only

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Google can be useful to uncover online directories. All you have to do is type your topic word followed by the word ‘directory.’

Keep in mind that not every item in your results is free, and many good and/or free items can appear lower in the results list due to crowding out by paid advertising or other sites that use aggressive search engine optimization to appear higher in search results.

There also are ‘directories’ of useful sites on the web. These web directories function as good starting points because they identify high-quality websites on various topics. The items that appear in these web directories are selected by editors and meet certain quality and content criteria.

Here are some of the most popular website directories:

Best of the Web
Internet Public Library
Open Directory Project
WWW Virtual Library
Yahoo! Directory

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*Partial listings. To find more directories on your topic or geographic area of interest, go to the UC San Diego Libraries Catalog (Roger), do a keyword search, use d:directories and [insert your topic or keyword].

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