Why use encyclopedias? Although they can’t be counted as scholarly sources for your papers, encyclopedias

  • Provide background and survey articles by experts and scholars in the field
  • Are often accompanied by a bibliography of key books and articles
  • Can provide a quick start for your research

UCSD Only Resources with this icon may be accessed through on-campus computers, including those located in the Libraries. However, off-campus access is restricted to current UCSD students, faculty, and staff.

General & Multidisciplinary Encyclopedias Subject Encyclopedias Individual Subject Encyclopedias


Encyclopedia Britannica In print only.

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences UCSD Only; Also in print

Oxford Reference Online UCSD Only
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia UCSD Only

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Oxford Digital Reference Shelf UCSD Only
Gale Virtual Reference Library UCSD Only

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 And here are just a few of the individual online subject encyclopedias
Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society UCSD Only
Encyclopedia of Religion UCSD Only
Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics UCSD Only
Encyclopedia of American Immigration UCSD Only
New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics UCSD Only
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy UCSD Only
Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature UCSD Only

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These are a *very* small fraction of the subject encyclopedias available online or in print. To find more:

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