Top 5 Biological Anthropology Resources

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Anthropology Plus [UCSD Only]
Essential resource for finding journal articles on any aspect of anthropology. Indexes over 2500 anthropology journals from the 1890s to the present. Links to journals held at UCSD. [Full Description]

Top database for all aspects of primatology, indexing articles, books, and more, published 1940 to present. Easy to use. Recommended starting place if your topic involves primates’ behavior, biology, ecology, etc. [Full Description]

PubMed (Medline)
Indispensable journal article database for human topics with a medical or biological aspect. Also helpful for animal-related topics. [Full Description]

Zoological Record [UCSD Only]
Major journal article indexing database for zoology. Good to search in addition to PrimateLit (above) for primatology. [Full Description]

American Journal of Physical Anthropology    Premier journal for the discipline.  Online issues for current year, back to 1918.  A good place to browse.

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