Top 5 Chemistry and Biochemistry Resources

The links below represent the top five research sources in your discipline, as selected by the UCSD Library. Need help with your research? Ask a librarian!

Roger – UC San Diego Library Catalog
Search for books (including e-books) held in the Library. Check for and request titles at the other San Diego or University of California libraries.

Need an overview on a subject?  Search for authoritative articles on your topics among our science encyclopedias. Some cover all of chemistry, while others focus on specific disciplines like biological chemistry or related disciplines like atmospheric sciences.

Web of Science
Search for articles from 6,000+ science and engineering journals, by author, keyword, organization, cited reference. See who has cited the article, and what references were cited in your paper.

Premier database of journal articles and patents in chemistry, as well as chemical engineering, physics, materials science, nanotechnology, etc. Includes the CAS Registry of 60+ million compounds (most with some property data) and the CASREACT reaction database. Search by topic, author, substance—name, structure, CAS Registry Number, molecular formula—substructure or reaction. Draw structures using the CAS structure editor, or you can copy/paste from ChemDraw. For UCSD faculty/staff/students only.

  • More about SciFinder, including registration information.
  • For a more biochemical search focus, also consider PubMed.
  • For searches more focused on reactions or physical property data of compounds, also consider Reaxys.

Search/browse 2500+ science and engineering encyclopedias, handbooks, texts, and databases. Advanced features include numerical range searching and interactive graphs and tables. Excellent resource for chemical & physical property data. 

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