Top 5 History of Science Resources

The links below represent the top five research sources in your discipline, as selected by the UCSD Library. Need help with your research? Ask a librarian!

Internet History of Science Sourcebook
Links to full text and web resources on the internet, from the Greco-Roman period to the Bomb and NASA.

History of Science of the World Wide Web
Based at the University of Oklahoma, this site provides links to other science studies resource pages, libraries, archives, museums, and research institutes.

History of Science, Technology and Medicine [UCSD Only]
1975-present. Covers a wide range of topics in the history of science. [Full Description]

Historical Abstracts [UCSD Only]
1954-present. International database for research on history of all regions (except the U.S. and Canada) from 1450 to the current decade. [Full Description]

Search by subject or browse full text of more than 500 scholarly journals in social sciences, humanities, and sciences, to their earliest issues. Many titles extend as far back as late 19th or early 20th centuries; most recent 3-5 years not included. [Full Description]

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