Top 5 U.S. History Resources

The links below represent the top five research sources in your discipline, as selected by the UCSD Library. Need help with your research? Ask a librarian!

America: History and Life [UCSD Only]
This is the place to locate scholarly articles on all periods of U.S. and Canadian history, including very recent years. It includes summaries of journal articles and also listings of books and dissertations.

American Memory
The Library of Congress is building a digital library of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history: print, manuscripts, photographs, moving pictures and recorded sound. More than 150 collections and growing.

American National Biography [UCSD Only]
Read detailed articles on more than 18,000 men and women, from all eras and walks of life, whose lives have shaped the United States. Includes bibliographies and links to web resources. Several hundred new entries are added each year.

Oxford Companion to United States History [UCSD Only]
More than 1400 background articles on political, diplomatic and military history; social, cultural and intellectual trends; science, technology and medicine; the arts and religion. Recommended readings are included for most articles.

New York Times (Historical) [UCSD Only]
Search or browse for articles in the U.S. "newspaper of record", every page from its first issue in 1851 up to 2003. You can view images of both the articles and full newspaper pages. For California history, also try the historical Los Angeles Times, from 1881 to 1985.

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