Top 5 English Linguistics Resources

The links below represent the top five research sources in your discipline, as selected by the UCSD Library. Need help with your research? Ask a librarian!

Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language [UCSD Only]
Although, as the title indicates, this online dictionary focuses on the English language, it includes hundreds of definitions of general linguistic terms, both technical and non-technical, with many links to related terms.

The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies (YWMLS) (Chapter 1) [UCSD Only]
This resource, available online for the years 2001 to the present, contains an annual evaluative review of the most important scholarship in the field of English language studies. Each annual essay (it is always Chapter 1, but the online “installment” number for Chapter 1 varies each year) includes the following sections: 1. History of English Linguistics; 2. Phonetics and Phonology; 3. Morphology; 4. Syntax; 5. Semantics; 6. Lexicography, Lexicology, and Lexical Semantics; 7. Onomastics; 8. Dialectology and Sociolinguistics; 9. New Englishes and Creolistics; 10. Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis; 11. Stylistics.

Oxford English Dictionary (OED Online) [UCSD Only]
OED Online is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium: a guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past. [Full Description]

Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (ABELL) [UCSD Only]
ABELL, like MLAIB (see Linguistics: General), indexes the fields of modern literatures and languages fairly comprehensively, except that ABELL is restricted to documents about the English language. [Full Description]

History of the English Language
A useful, well-organized collection of links to Internet resources on the English language, arranged under chronological periods of the English language (from Old English to present-day Englishes).

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