Top 5 Literature/Cultural Studies Resources

The links below represent the top five research sources in your discipline, as selected by the UCSD Library. Need help with your research? Ask a librarian!

MLA International Bibliography [UCSD Only]
MLAIB is the principal index to scholarly publications in the field of all modern literatures, including comparative studies, critical theory, the relation of literature to other fields, and for the emerging field of cultural studies. MLAIB indexes journal articles, selected monographs, dissertations, and individual essays in collections of essays, but does not include book reviews. Some citations provide links (via UC e-Links) to the full text of the document online; all citations have a link to Melvyl (also via UC e-Links) so that you can easily determine if the UCSD Library has a print or online copy of the cited document. [Full Description]

Arts & Humanities Citation Index [UCSD Only]
A&HCI provides author, keyword, and cited reference searching from more than 1100 leading arts and humanities journals, including literature and cultural studies. (For additional citations from the social sciences, search your topic simultaneously in both A&HCI and Social Sciences Citation Index.) In many cases, searchable abstracts plus links to e-journal images are included. Because of the interdisciplinary scope of this index, it is particularly valuable for cultural studies, media, and critical theory. [Full Description]

The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory [UCSD Only]
YWCCT provides a narrative, evaluative bibliography of work in the field of critical and cultural theory, recording significant debates and issues of interest in a broad field of research in the humanities and social sciences. (Online access is available to the “volumes” published since March, 2002.) As the field of critical and cultural studies expands, the range and scope of the volume has grown, and volumes now include chapters on Queer theories and cultures and Film Studies. Future volumes will continue this development, particularly in the field of cultural theory and new areas developing in the USA and Australia.

Voice of the Shuttle
Voice of the Shuttle (VoS) is one of the most famous of all portals to Internet resources in the humanities. It is maintained by Professor Alan Liu and a team of graduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s English Department. From the “Contents” column, select “Cultural Studies,” “Literary Theory,” “Literature (in English),” or “Literatures (Other than English).”

Glossary of Literary Terms
A free online resource from Thomson Gale, publishers of many literary reference books.

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