Top 5 Literatures in English Resources

The links below represent the top five research sources in your discipline, as selected by the UCSD Library. Need help with your research? Ask a librarian!

Literature Resource Center [UCSD Only]
LRC provides access to biographies, critical overviews, plot summaries, and critical reviews and articles about thousands of authors and individual literary works. As of mid-2004, it contains 371,000 full-text articles from more than 230 literary journals; 38,000 critical essays; over 4300 work overviews, plot summaries and explications; over 122,000 author biographies; over 5000 links to authoritative related Web sites; plus a dictionary of 10,000 literary terms, a literary-historical timeline, and a guide to doing literary research. [Full Description]

Literature Online (LiON) [UCSD Only]
LiON is a fully searchable library of more than 350,000 works of English and American poetry, drama and prose. It also includes the full-text of some secondary and reference materials, as well: 131 full-text literature journals, over 600 video clips, 2600 short biographies, a dictionary, and the King James Bible.

MLA International Bibliography [UCSD Only]
MLAIB is the principal index to scholarly publications in the field of all modern literatures, including English. It indexes journal articles, selected monographs, dissertations, and individual essays in collections of essays, but does not include book reviews. Some citations provide links (via UC e-Links) to the full text of the document online; all citations have a link to Melvyl (also via UC e-Links) so that you can easily determine if the UCSD Library has a print or online copy of the cited document. [Full Description]

Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (ABELL) [UCSD Only]
Although comparable to the MLA International Bibliography, ABELL is restricted to indexing in the areas of English-language literatures and language study. It often indexes articles not found in MLAIB, and it also goes back further (to 1920, versus 1963 for MLAIB) and includes references to book reviews as well. Citations may be downloaded or e-mailed in ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager, or RefWorks citation management software. [Full Description]

The Year’s Work in English Studies (YWES) [UCSD Only]
This resource, available online since the 2001 edition, contains reviews in which experts in each field evaluate the most important scholarship in English and American literature from the previous year. Each “volume” (year) contains 18 chapters, covering the English language (chapter 1), English and American literatures chronologically (chapters 2-16), “new” literatures (chapter 17), and bibliography and textual criticism (chapter 18).

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