Your Library Account

Viewing your own record and renewing material online

If you are registered for UC San Diego Library borrowing privileges, you can access your Library account via ROGER. To view your address for accuracy, see if an item you requested has arrived, and renew library material (if applicable).

Password/PIN: The first time you access your record, you will be asked to create a password. You may use any combination of letters and numbers. Passwords are not case sensitive. If you forget your password, contact the Front Desk of either library building and ask to have your password deleted. You may then create a new password the next time you attempt to view your record. 

Messages: You may see the following messages while viewing your library account:

If you see this message..... Then.....
TOO SOON TO RENEW Renew item at a later date
TOO MANY RENEWALS Maximum number of renewals reached
ON HOLD   Return designated item by due date
RECALLED Return designated item by due date
BILLED Return designated item immediately
CL RETD (Claimed return) Check with owning library for an update
MISSING Contact the owning library

Contact the Front Desk of either library building with any questions about your account.

Updating your Library record

All library users are responsible for providing the Library with a current mailing address. UC San Diego students can maintain current mailing addresses in their TritonLink records. Faculty and staff can maintain current mailing addresses in the campus directory. Non–UC San Diego borrowers can report changes in person or over the telephone to any UC San Diego Library Front Desk.