Child-Friendly Group Study Room




In partnership with the Student-Parent Group of UCSD Health, Recreation and Well-Being, the library offers a study room specifically intended for use by student parents accompanied by young children.  Children may not be left alone in the room for any reason or length of time.   Children must remain with a parent at all times, and parents are responsible for their children and children’s behavior while in the library.

The room is available for open use when not reserved by others.  All room users, including student parents with young children, must reserve the room or risk having to leave when asked by a group with a reservation. 

The Student-Parent Group also requests that student parents who use the room sign in on the sheet on the door to help ensure continued support for this specialized space.




The room contains a large table, computer, and whiteboard for student use.  It also offers child-sized furniture, manipulatives, and a collection of works by Dr. Seuss (compliments of the Audrey Geisel University Librarian and Dr. Seuss Enterprises).

Coloring pages and crayons are available by request at the nearby service desk.  Whiteboard supplies are available for checkout at the Front Desk.

Additional outlet covers are available at the nearby service desk, if needed.  Parents are responsible for requesting these, as desired.


 Child friendly study room


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