Collaboration Spaces

General Areas

Moderate talking, social learning, and collaboration are encouraged on the 1st & 2nd Floors  of Geisel and the 1st Floor of the Biomedical Library Building.  Snacks and beverages in containers with lids are also permitted in those spaces.  See details about cell phone use in our Use & Conduct Policies.


Group Study Rooms with Collaboration Technology

Geisel offers several rooms specifically intended for collaboration.  Rooms 1 & 2 (Geisel East, 2nd Floor) and 1042 & 1045 (Geisel West, 1st Floor) include large monitors to which you can hook your laptop for viewing with a group.  MediaScapes are available in Rooms 1040 & 1041 (Geisel West, 1st Floor) which allow you to plug in up to 4 laptops for easy viewing on 2 large monitors.


mediascape G1W 1045


Active Learning Lab

Located in Room 2093 in the Geisel East Learning Commons, the Active Learning Lab is intended as an open-use, collaborative study space for groups of various sizes.  It is not reservable, but can accommodate several groups at once and can be reconfigured easily to suit a variety of collaboration needs.  The room includes mobile chairs and tables (with writable surfaces), ample wall-mounted whiteboards, free-standing whiteboards (which can also be used to separate work groups, if needed), and an easel with personal whiteboards.


  active learning lab


High-Tech Collaboration Table

A Collaboration Table has been installed in the Geisel East Learning Commons.  The table’s touch-based web browser includes a virtual keyboard and allows up to 4 users to simultaneously access the internet.  The table allows users to toggle between up to 4 active desktops, enabling up to 4 users to connect, collaborate, and interact individually or collectively.  The table allows up to 4 laptops to be connected and shown simultaneously on the multi-touch, interactive horizontal screen, while content can also be shown on the vertical screen for easier group viewing.  Users can view, present, and annotate slides in popular formats such as PDF and PPT.  Documents can be uploaded to the table via USB flash drive.  Users can annotate content with several tools, including colored lines, circles, squares, or text.  The table’s digital whiteboard allows users to sketch freehand with a finger or stylus to draw lines or shapes or enter text.  Page turns are conducted by swiping across the interactive screen.  Annotated slides can be saved to a USB flash drive or emailed directly from the table.  


T1 Visions Table


Group Study Rooms without Technology

These rooms are available on Floors 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 in Geisel and on both floors of the Biomedical Library Building.  Keep in mind, however, that Geisel Floors 4-8 and the Biomedical Library’s 2nd Floor are designated for quiet study, so please keep your voices at a moderate level to avoid disturbing those outside the room.

Although all rooms are available for open use when not reserved by others, be sure to reserve a room in order to avoid having to leave if reserved by someone else.


tower studyroom


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