The Research Data Curation Program at UC San Diego provides these services to help you:

Write an effective data management plan

The DMPTool is an online resource tool that guides you through the creation of ready-to-use data management plans for inclusion in funding agency-specific proposals. The DMPTool provides step-by-step instructions and UC San Diego-specific guidance for your data management plan as you build it.

Provide access and enable sharing of data

Deposit your data into the UC San Diego Library’s Digital Asset Management Service (DAMS), a locally developed digital repository, designed to store and manage the University’s digital assets. Adding your data to the DAMS enables it to be discovered and accessed by people around the world.

Make your data discoverable

Creating high quality metadata is an important part of good data curation. The curation program can provide a variety of metadata services, including assistance with essential data organization principles and best practices for identifying and applying local or community metadata standards to your data.

Make your data citable

Use EZID—a service paid for by the UC San Diego Library—to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) that persistently link to your data. DOIs make it easier for you and other researchers to cite the research data sets that accompany and inform your published work.

Preserve your data

The Chronopolis digital preservation network provides long term archiving of digital data. Chronopolis is designed to overcome technical obsolescence inherent in any single storage system and maintains three geographically distributed copies of all data, constantly verified to assure safety.

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Data Curation = Managing data to ensure they are fit for contemporary use and available for discovery and reuse

Research Data Curation Program