RDCP Consultation Request Form

To request an initial consultation for depositing your research data into the Library’s Digital Collections, please answer as many of the following questions as you can. If you are unsure of any responses, leave the field blank.

Please enter an email address or phone number we can use to contact you.

Purpose and Value

In determining which data to share and preserve, data providers should consider the potential benefits of their data to their own fields of research, fields other than their own, and society at large.

Provide a brief, 2-4 sentence abstract describing the purpose and content of the data you would like to share.

Assess the potential value of your data to the community. Check all that apply.

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Check all that apply.

Scope of the Data

Describe the types (e.g., spreadsheets, images) and formats (e.g., .csv, .tif) of your files.

Enter the amount if known, otherwise check one of the options below.

If you have a data collection that you anticipate will grow after the initial ingest, please estimate its growth.

Copyright Status / Data Ownership

Sensitive Data

Data deposited into the Digital Collections should not contain protected health information or personally identifiable information.

Scheduling an Initial Consult

We would like to schedule a consultation to assist you through the process of depositing your data. During this meeting, we aim to exchange information about your data and our repository to ensure that our services could meet your data needs. After the initial meeting, we suggest a structure for displaying your digital object(s) and begin to request metadata. This latter step is typically carried out over electronic communications, depending on the complexity of your data.

Please indicate dates and times you would be available for an initial meeting with our consultation team.

If you have a preference for meeting location, please indicate. Note that conference rooms equipped with large screen monitors or projectors are available in both library buildings (Biomedical Library and Geisel) and can be reserved by the RDCP.

Additional Comments

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