Academic Staff Consulting Space

Campus Departments and Programs which support or enhance student learning and success may arrange to meet with students, regularly or occasionally conduct satellite office hours, enrichment activities, or outreach activities in the library. We welcome inquiries from any campus unit about the possibility of their participation.


  • Once approved, Academic Partners may reserve the Academic Partnership Consultations Space to hold satellite office hours or consultations in Geisel Library with 1-5 students at a time. This area cannot accommodate larger group sessions or meetings.
  • Academic Partners may sign up for up to 3 hours per days, on multiple days, and the space may be reserved anytime during the regular operational hours of the East Commons.
  • Academic Partners are encouraged to sign up for a regular time slot for the entire term (e.g. M/W/F from 1-3 pm) so that their availability can be advertised. Reservations for irregular time slots or occasional use may also be available.

The weekly reservation calendar will be posted at the Academic Partnership Consultations Space so that walk-in students can identify whether/when campus units of interest may be hosting consultations in the library.

Space Offerings

Academic Consultation SpaceAcademic Consultation Space

The Geisel East Commons (2nd Floor) is an active, heavily trafficked learning area, making it ideal for student support units to meet with existing student clients or to reach new students.

The Academic Partnership Consultations space currently offers a round table & 3 chairs in a semi-private area. Additional chairs may be pulled in from the area tables. While no computer is available, wireless capability and powered outlets are available.

A lockable file cabinet is also available in which Academic Partners can store needed office supplies, promotional/instructional materials, and the like.

Room 201 in the Biomedical Library Building (BLB) affords privacy, has a large table, and wall mounted whiteboards, and will accommodate up to 8 people. It is equipped with a locking file cabinet, powered outlets and wireless capability.

We welcome any suggestions about additional equipment that might be useful in the spaces.

Who to Contact

  • Potential Academic Partners should inquire with Dorthea Stewart at or (858) 534-8378 for details and reservations.
  • Alternately, contact Kymberly Goodson at or (858) 534-1271, if Dorthea isn’t available.
  • STUDENTS: Wish a particular campus unit would be available in the library? Let them know about this service, or send your suggestion to and we’ll send them an invitation.