Printing, Copying, & Scanning

General Information

  • Self-service printing and copying are available throughout the Library’s two facilities and use Imprints's IACCESS system.
  • There is no ACMS printing in the Library. You can use funds in your ACMS printing account at other ACMS computer labs where printing is available.
  • Select Print, choose B&W or Color, choose any job Name & password, and click Print to send your job to the print queue.  Find a Print Release Station with the correct type of printer (b&w or color), swipe your card in the reader attached to each printer, and enter your PIN. Click on your job name, type your password, and click Print. Once sent to the queue, you can print a job from any library printer.

Printing/Copying Accounts

  • IACCESS accounts required for all self-service printers and copiers.
  • Current UCSD students, faculty, staff, and affiliates: Use your current university ID card to access your printing/copying account. Faculty and staff can also use index numbers.
  • Students: For terms in which you’ve paid fees, print/copy charges appear on your student billing account, assuming it’s in good standing. If you prefer, add money to your account using an IACCESS Loader. For terms when you haven’t paid fees, use cash to fund your printing account.
  • Medical Center staff with hospital ID cards: Get a UCSD–rate copy card at the Biomedical Library Building.
  • Non–UCSD users: Purchase a guest card from Imprints (Geisel East, 2nd floor) or an IACCESS Loader in the Library.
  • Cards can be purchased using a single dollar bill and refilled with US $1, 5, 10, or 20 denominations. Credit cards also accepted. Change is not provided.
  • PINs: All PINs are 1111 until changed by the user. All are encouraged to change your PIN to protect your account.
  • Add cash to either a UCSD or guest account at an IACCESS Loader in the Library or the Imprints window in Geisel (2nd Floor East).
  • Visit the Geisel Imprints window to transfer value from an old Imprints card to a new account.

Printing/Copying Costs


  • UCSD card users: Black & white 10c/page (single-sided letter size) or 20c/page (11″x17″ size); color 40c/page.
  • Guest card users: Black & white 20c/page (single-sided letter size); color $1.00/page.

Those using a guest card will pay guest rates, even if associated with UCSD.


  • UC San Diego card users: Black & white 10c/page (single-sided letter size) or 20c/page (11″x17″ size).
  • Guest card users: Black & white 20c/page (single-sided letter size).

Those using a guest card will pay guest rates, even if associated with UCSD.

Microform Printing

  • UC San Diego card users: Black & white 20c/page (single-sided letter size).
  • Guest card users: Black & white 40c/page (single-sided letter size).

Equipment Locations

  • Black & white copiers: Each library building.
  • Color copier: Imprints in Price Center (not in Library).
  • Black & white printers: Each library building.
  • Color printers: Geisel 2nd Floor East & West and Geisel Tunnel (1st Floor).
  • Black & white microform readers/printers: Geisel 2nd Floor West.

Wireless Printing

  • See details on printing to library printers from a wireless laptop or compatible smartphone/tablet.


  • Scanning in the Library is free.
  • You can also use your mobile device's camera to capture information you might otherwise copy or scan.  Acrylic risers to help you take clear, steady images with your device are available near the scanners in Geisel's East & West Commons (2nd Floor).
  • Regular scanners are available in Geisel 2nd Floor East, a large format scanner in Geisel 2nd Floor West.
  • A regular scanner is available at the Biomedical Library Building.
  • Scanners are also available in the DML for UCSD faculty, staff, and students.  These scanners allow scanning 35mm negatives and slides.
  • Get help with scanning at nearby service desks.

Microform Readers/Printers

  • Self-service microform readers/printers are available in Geisel (2nd Floor West) during all of Geisel’s open hours.
  • Instructions are posted on each machine and available here.
  • For printing, microform readers/printers accept IACCESS guest cards OR current UCSD student, staff, or faculty ID cards just like other library printers.

Notice Concerning Copyrighted Material

  • Read and adhere to UCSD Library’s Copyright Policy for reproduction and use of copyrighted material.

Comments or Questions?

  • Contact Imprints in Geisel Library at 858-534-2534 for problems with printing cards, accounts, or equipment.
  • Send general questions, comments, and suggestions to

Last revised: D. Tweedy, 12/9/16