Group Study Rooms

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All users need to verify their email address the first time they use the system to make a reservation.  You will receive an email from UCSD or with the subject line "Please confirm your email address".  Follow the link to verify your email address, and you will then receive your confirmation email. This is a one-time procedure.  The system will only accept your official UCSD email address.  If you have previously used and verified a different address, you will need to go through the process again with your UCSD address (i.e.,

Reserve a library study room online with your UCSD email address & ID card number (beginning with 21822, on back of card below barcode). Those without a UCSD ID are not eligible to reserve study rooms.

Rules governing group study rooms may vary depending on their location, amenities, or equipment. Review room details within the reservation system when reserving a space or see more details.


  • Maximum three hour reservation.
  • Reserve up to a quarter in advance.
  • Reservations limited to currently-enrolled, regular UC San Diego students, faculty, & staff with UC San Diego email address. Extension students are ineligible to reserve rooms. Others may use the rooms when not in use by others, but must vacate the rooms for users with valid reservations.
  • Intended for groups, (defined as two or more users actively using the room).  Single-user reservations not valid. Priority given to groups, with or without reservations.
  • Students with reservations must occupy the room within the first half-hour of the reservation period or the reservation is forfeited, and the room becomes available for others on a first come, first served basis for the remainder of the reservation period.  The Geisel Large Adaptive Study Space (GLASS), room 721, is appropriate for large groups and can accommodate up to 18 seated or up to 25 sitting and standing.
  • All rooms available on first come, first served basis when not reserved.
  • Users without reservations must vacate room when requested by users with valid reservation.
  • To cancel a reservation, users must click the "click here to cancel" link in the confirmation email they receive upon reservation.
  • Overnight reservations are accepted only for rooms in the Geisel Overnight Study Commons during its open hours and for Geisel study rooms 1040 - 1045 during 10th week and finals week.
  • Users are responsible for personal property. Don't leave items unattended. The Library is not liable for loss/damage to personal property.
  • Library materials checked out to your account should be treated as personal belongings. You can be assessed overdue/replacement fees for lost/stolen material.
  • Maintain a moderate noise level that doesn’t disturb others in adjoining rooms or outside the rooms. Rooms are not soundproof.
  • Clean up after yourselves and leave the room in good condition for the next users, including erasing the whiteboard and disposing of trash.
  • Vacate study rooms 30 minutes (at Geisel) and 10 minutes (at BLB) before building closing time.
  • Study rooms are not intended to provide privacy.  Library staff may enter the rooms as needed for security, maintenance, or other reasons.
  • Children and service animals may not be left alone in study rooms at any time.

Violation of these or other applicable library policies may result in temporary or permanent suspension of access to library study rooms.

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Last revised: D. Tweedy, 4/11/17