Title: ¡Jóvenes Madrileñas!
Title translation: Young Women of Madrid!
Author/Publisher Group: J.S.U. (Sector Este) / Secretariado Femenino
Place of Publication: Madrid
Publication Date: c. 1936-1939
Label/Document Translation:

"The conference of women calls you. As young antifascists, you must attend the conference, because from it will come great resolutions which we have to put into practice and which are necessary to win the war. At the [conference], the voice of all women, who wish to work for the good of the triumph of the cause which we all have in common: to win the war, will be heard. Do not miss this conference! We will demonstrate to our soldiers that we, the young women of Madrid, are concerned about their problems. We will also demonstrate to fascism that we, the young women of Madrid, are disposed to defend [the city] with the same heroism as our soldier! Do not miss the Assembly of young women! Attend en masse!"