Title: ¡Trabajadores antifascistas!
Title translation: Antifascist Workers!
Author/Publisher Group: Partido Comunista de España (Sector Este) / Célula 52
Place of Publication: Madrid
Publication Date: c. 1936-1939
Label/Document Translation:

"On the 9th, 10th, and 11th consecutively, the celebration of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party will take place in Madrid. After the celebration of the Central Joint Session, this Conference is of great importance for the antifascist masses in its titanic battle against the fascist invader. It is not an event in which only the feeling of the Communists will be made public and in which [only] the questions of the Communists will be discussed; it is an event for all the antifascist masses who should see their only guide and leader in the Communist Party; it is an event of the Communist Party in which the reinforcement of the POPULAR FRONT appears as the central concern and in which the catchphrase of the unity of all the antifascist masses, who are spilling their blood for the cause of the independence and liberty of all of Spain, will be elevated to the highest [concern.] Long live our Provincial Committee, forger of the antifascist masses of Madrid."