Title: [no title]
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Author/Publisher Group: Partido Comunista de España (Sector Este) / Célula 33
Place of Publication: Madrid
Publication Date: c. 1936-1939
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"COMRADE: Have you realized what the unity of the proletariat means? Have you thought about it? Reflect, comrade. Your triumph agianst fascism and your liberation from the capitalist claws depends on the union of all workers. The birth of a good and just society, in which your children can be happy, depends on it. You have heard the talk about Marx, about Bakunin, about Lenin. You know them. You know that they dedicated their entire life to your defense. If you know them, if you love them[,] why are you not rebelling against the street clowns which, with their drivel, are trying to inculcate discord among the workers? Disregard them, comrade. Know them down, if it is necessary, from their stages before they are your ruin. Only a proletariat block can save you, amassed with the blood of our deaths."