Title: Mujeres campesiinas
Title translation: Rural women
Author/Publisher Group: Comision Organizadora de la Semana de la Mujer
Place of Publication: Madrid
Publication Date: c. 1936-1939
Label/Document Translation:

"You who are those that with the most force have felt the exploitation and slavery in which a certain number of "señores" keep the people; you who have seen, who have felt the slow exhaustion of heavy work to which a "señor" would subjugate you so that he could live without working; you who with pain give birth to children, who did not find any other thing in life than a foolish death or a hateful slavery, you must take up a distinguished position, in the fight which the people have against those that enslaved us. You cannot allow that your children, which are the most beloved of all, who are the hope of those that are dying and fighting, suffering the same torments as you, which all countrymen have suffered. The moment has arrived in which you understand that you serve for something more than being "pack animals", you also have the right to happiness, that [right] for which today your children are fighting for. You should join the workforce with much affection and with much force, because that which you are going to produce, is not for the "masters", but for the soldiers which are fighting in the front and for the workers, your brothers, which are producing weapons in the factories which we need to vanquish the fascists. You should realize that you depend greatly on the triumph of the people, because of this, the same which the women of the city, who already are working in the factories, you must take part in the work and in the running of the same, you must get rid of all the inconveniences which present themselves so that you can give, in favor of the people, all that your are able to."