Author: Tristany, Juan García

Title: Juan García Tristany, Interview with Andrea Davis and Jessica Cordova; July 19, 2010.

Published: Barcelona, Spain, Spanish Civil War Memory Project, 2010.

Description: 2 tapes

Notes: Juan García Tristany's testimony is in Spanish without subtitles. The testimony was recorded in the office of the Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds.

Summary: Juan García Tristany recalls being nine years old when the Civil War began. Juan recounts spending the war years in Figueres with his family. He provides details of his daily life experiences during the war, noting the bombardments of the city. Juan remembers participating in the Joventuts Socialistes Unificades de Catalunya (Unified Socialist Youth of Catalonia) at an early age. He outlines how he eventually organized a clandestine group in the Poble Nou neighborhood during the postwar. Juan relates his militancy in the Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya (Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia, PSUC). He describes the PSUC's clandestine organization and the security measures taken by its members. Juan tells of being captured by the police for his political activities and spending a month in the police station in Barcelona. He comments on the torture he received therein. Juan narrates the subsequent three years he spent in the Modelo Prison of Barcelona and his four years of imprisonment in the Burgos Prison. He discusses the organization of the prisoners in Burgos and their continued clandestine work inside the prison. Juan speaks about getting married and having children immediately after being released from prison. He explains his continued commitment to the PSUC. Juan presents a thorough account of the Transition.

Cite as: Tristany, Juan García. Testimony of the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist Dictatorship.