Papers of an American poet and editor which shed light on the careers of a group of writers who began publishing in the late 1960's. The Vermont papers are dominated by correspondence with other poets which touch on both the correspondent's and Vermont's literary careers and personal lives. While the earliest of the letters dates from the late 1960's, and the most recent is from the early 1980's, the majority were written in the mid-1970's. Also included is a small group of original writings by Vermont.


American poet and editor Charlie Vermont published three books of poetry: Charlie is Laughing, Two Women, and Selected Poems. He was also the editor of Two Charlies with Charles Walsh.

Scope and Content of Collection

The papers document the personal lives and literary careers of Charlie Vermont and writers with whom he was associated from the late 1960's to early 1980's. The collection is arranged in two series: 1) CORRESPONDENCE and 2) WRITINGS & EPHEMERA.


CORRESPONDENCE sent to Vermont by various writers makes up the bulk of the collection. Most of these writers were also personal friends of Vermont's; therefore the letters often transcend professional matters and touch on Vermont's and the correspondent's lives. The letters of each correspondent are collected within a single folder, and the folders are arranged alphabetically. Letters from unidentified correspondents are collected at the end of the series. The largest collection of letters are those sent by Lewis Warsh, Charles Walsh, Bernadette Mayer, and Ken Irby. The collection is limited in scope by the absence of Vermont's own letters.


The second series, WRITINGS & EPHEMERA, consists of two manuscripts written by Vermont, and each is collected in a separate folder. A folder titled "Ephemera," which contains photographs of Vermont and flyers, completes the collection.


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1 1 Batki, John.
1 2 Berkson, Bill.
1 3 Blaisdell, Gus.
1 4 Bly, Robert.
1 6 Casey, Mike.
1 5 Bromige, David.
1 7 Clark, Tom.
1 8 Codrescu, Andrei.
1 9 Creeley, Robert.
1 10 Eppsteiner, F.
1 11 Ferlingetti, Lawrence.
1 12 Fiedler, Kurt.
1 13 Fraser, Kathleen.
1 14 Golden Light Southwest Anthology.
1 15 Goldstein, Richard.
1 16 Goodell, Larry.
1 17 Grillc, Paul.
1 18 Grossinger, Richard.
1 19 Gustafson, Jim.
1 20 Hassan, Iha.
1 21 Hawkins, Bobby Louise.
1 22 Hickman, Lee.
1 23 Hough, Lindy.
1 24 Irby, Ken.
1 25 Levitt, Peter.
1 26 MacClain, Martin.
1 27 Mayer, Bernadette.
1 28 Mikolowski, Ken.
1 29 Owen, Maureen.
1 30 Pearlman, Bill.
1 31 Plymell, Charles.
1 32 Robertson, Kell.
1 33 Rodefer, Stephen.
1 34 Stein and Day Publishers.
1 35 Veitch, Tom.
1 36 Vermont, Henry.
1 37 Vigil, Carmen.
1 38 Waldman, Anne.
1 39 Walsh, Charles.
1 40 Warsh, Lewis.
1 41 Warshall, Peter.
1 42 Whalen, Phil.
1 43 Young, Geoff.
1 44 Unidentified correspondence.


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1 45 Bee Eye.
1 46 Review of Jim Gustafson's recent book.
1 47 Ephemera.

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