Papers collected by Armando de Maria y Campos, Mexican poet, novelist, biographer, and journalist. Materials include a collection of twentieth-century corridos, a list of Mexican periodicals, documents (1633-1818) related to the Conde del Valle de Orizaba, and numerous historical documents related to Mexican history. The collection is arranged in four series: 1) CORRIDOS, 2) PERIODICOS, 3) HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS, and 4) ORIGINALS OF PRESERVATION PHOTOCOPIES .

Historical Background

Armando de Maria y Campos was born in Mexico City on May 23, 1897. He attended the Instituto Cient?fico de México and in 1914 began a career in journalism by collaborating on El Estudiante and Churubusco. In 1915, he worked as a reporter for EL LIBERAL; founded EL UNIVERSAL; managed MEFISTOFELES, EL HERALDO DE MEXICO, and EL ECO TAURINO. In addition to his activities as a chronicler of Mexican theater, Maria y Campos also wrote poetry, novels, and plays. After 1940, he became better known as a biographer and essayist. His service to the Mexican stage and theater won him a gold medal from the Asociación Nacional de Actores in 1958.

Scope and Content

The ARMANDO DE MARIA Y CAMPOS COLLECTION contains historical documents related to Mexican history, twentieth-century corridos and a list of Mexican periodicals.

The CORRIDOS series contains typescripts of corridos about the Mexican writer Vicente Lombardo Toledano, politics in the state of San Luis Potosi and the Mexican Revolution.

The PERIODICOS series contains a typescript list of primarily revolutionary and liberal periodicals, but also a few from conservative and socialist anarchist sources.

The HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS series contains individual documents related to Mexican history. Included are seven legal manuscript documents (1633-1818), giving terms of lease agreements, contracts and inheritance for properties in Mexico held by successors to the title Conde del Valle de Orizaba. Also included is an account of the founding of a poorhouse, the Hospicio de Pobres (1769), by Fernando Ortiz Cortes, and a description of four decades of its financial and administrative problems.


A number of periodicals and broadsides have been separated from the collection and added to some of the department's other collections. To identify and retrieve these items, search ROGER under the heading "Maria y Campos, Armando de, former owner.


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11 Corrido about President Kennedy's visit to Mexico.
12 Corridos. Related to Vincente Lombardo Toledano
13 Corridos Modernos.... Corridos from San Luis Potosi - against Gonzalo N. Santos and for Dr. Nava Martinez
14 Corridos sobre la Revolucion.
15 Textos no aprovechados en la Conferencia de la Universidad.
16 Textos no aprovechados en la Conferencia de la Universidad.


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17 Lista de periodicos revolucionarios y Liberales que repararon el.... ...Movimiento Obrero en Mexico


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18 Comedia Historica del Benemerito Motamoros.
19 Comemoraciones del 16 de Septembre en diversos anos.
110 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1633: Arrendamiento del Arbenfonal. Incomplete lease agreement between N. de Viuero y Velasco, Conde del Valle and Miguel Manto [?] for the Arbenfonal property.
111 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1647-1648: Escritura de Arrendamiento, Valle de San Agustin, Jurisdiccion del Pueblo de Tecamachalco. [Lease agreement naming Juan de Fonseca, Joseph Marin and Joseph Canulos].
112 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1654 June 27: Escritura, Molina del Rio. [Lease (or purchase?) and operating agreement for a mill, between Joseph de Castro and Manuel Manrique de Lara. There is a list of equipment and information on activity].
113 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1754 October 17: Obligacion Juridica, Rancho Ojo del Agua, Jurisdiccion de Apam. [Contractual agreement between Joseph Hurtado de Mendoza, Conde del Valle de Orizaba, and Nicolas Aponte for the Rancho Ojo del Agua].
114 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1773 March 24: Escritura del Rancho de Justepeque, Jurisdiccion de Apam. [Lease agreement between Joseph Diego Suarez Peredo Hurtado de Mendoza y Malo, Conde del Valle and Rosa de Olbera (?) for the Rancho Justepeque].
115 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1773 March 29: Escritura de Arrendamiento, Rancho Justepeque, en Jurisdiccion de Apam. [Lease agreement between Joseph Diego Suares Peredo Hurtado and Rosa de Olbera (?) for the Rancho Justepeque].
116 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1774-1812: Hospicio de Pobres. [History of the Hospicio de Pobres founded by Fernando Ortiz Cortes Chantal (?) in 1769 and opened in 1774. The account is written by at least two people and corrected by a third. The claim is made that it is the first publicly supported poorhouse in North America].
117 Documentos del Conde de Orizaba. 1818 April 28: Escritura de Arrendamiento del Rancho Santa Rosa Sosoyanco en Jurisdiccion de Tepeaca. [Lease agreement between Andres Diego Suarez de Peredo, Vivero, Hurtado de Mendoza y Mal, Conde del Valle de Orizaba and Miguel Fernandez for the Rancho Santa Rosa Sosoyanco. Renewed for another 5 years in 1824].
118 Documentos muy raros de Guillermo Prieto relacionados con un pleito en que intervino Zorilla.
119 Letter, 1879. Porfirio Diaz to Juan C. Bonilla - photocopy
120 Miscellaneous documents related to the Mexican Independence period.
121 Primer tratado comercial entre el Reino Unido de la Gran Bretana y Mexico, 1827. Sacado de los protocolos respectivos. Signed Juan Jose Espinoza de los Monteros. Photocopy
122 Se autorizo la impresion de 'El Himno Nacional Mexicano' a un extranjero.


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123 Originals of Preservation Photocopies.

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