Norman Arthur Baily (1915-1992),medical physicist,completed a B.S. in science at St.John's University in 1941, an M.A. in education at New York University in 1943, and a Ph.D. in physics at Columbia University in 1952. Baily devoted his career to radiological physics and engineering, focusing on medical imaging, experimental and theoretical work in dosimetry, and therapeutic uses of radiology. He was also a teacher, consultant, and expert medical and legal witness. He helped found the Southern California Chapter of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and was an associate editor of Medical Physics from its founding in 1976 until his death. Although the papers span 1947-1992, the bulk of the collection was created in the 1980s. The collection is comprised of memos and correspondence relating largely to his extensive activities in medical physics organizations and his editorial work for Medical Physics, lecture notes for his teaching at UCSD, and drafts and reprints. The collection is arranged in six series: 1. Biographical, 2. Correspondence, 3. Writings and Research, 4. Teaching, 5. Organizations, and 6. Consulting.


Norman Arthur Baily (July 2, 1915-October 7, 1992), was born in New York. He completed a B.A. in science at St. John's University in 1941, an M.A. in education at New York University in 1943, and a Ph.D. in physics at Columbia University in 1952. Baily devoted his career to radiological physics and engineering. He was recognized as having made equally strong contributions to research, teaching, and the medical physics profession. His research focused on the use of diagnostic tools for obtaining images of organs and their functions, particularly those using ultrasound which avoided the use of ionizing radiation, and for improving the safety of techniques that did require ionizing radiation.

His first academic appointment was at the University of Buffalo where he was an associate of the Radiology Department (1954-1959) and assistant research professor of biophysics (1957-1959). He was also chief physicist and principal cancer research scientist in the Radiation Therapy Department of Buffalo's Roswell Park Memorial Institute (1954-1995). In addition, Baily was lecturer in the Chemistry Department at Canisius College during this same period (1957-1995).

He left Buffalo for Los Angeles to become manager of the Space Sciences Department, Hughes Research Laboratories (1959-1967), becoming concurrently employed from 1964-1968 in UCLA's Radiology Department as clinical professor and professor-in-residence. He spent 1967 at Emory University as professor of physics and radiology.

In 1968, Baily came to UCSD and served as Professor of Radiology and Chief of the Division of Radiological Physics and Engineering until 1988 when he retired with the distinction of emeritus professor. His research was supported by grants from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (1968-1973; 1973-1975), the Atomic Energy Commission (1974-1975), and the National Institutes of Health (1975-1978). Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Baily held several visiting professorships of nuclear research and oncology.

Baily made considerable contributions to the professional community of medical physics, most notably by his participation in the American College of Radiology and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), to which he was elected a fellow in 1988. He helped found the AAPM's Southern California Chapter and was acknowledged for his contributions in 1986 with the creation of the Norman A. Baily Student Research Award. Perhaps more profound and far reaching were his efforts in establishing standards for state licensing of medical physicists, the development of quality assurance for use of radiological equipment, and the training of medical physicists.

Baily was an associate editor of Medical Physics from its inception in 1976 until his death. He served on at least 70 committees related to both education and safety in radiation physics. He published more than 200 articles on nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, and diagnostic imaging between 1947 and 1992.

Scope and Content

Accession Processed in 1992

Correspondence, notes and calculations, reprints, lectures, manuscript reviews and documentation of Baily's involvement in professional medical physics societies, covering the years 1946-1992 and occupying 7.0 linear feet. The collection is arranged in six series: 1. Biographical, 2. Correspondence, 3. Writings and Research, 4. Teaching, 5. Organizations, and 6. Consulting.

The ORGANIZATIONS series is one of the larger series in the collection. Documents in this series provide an excellent view of the influence Baily had on the organizations in which he actively participated and of how that influence ultimately shaped the organization's structure. Baily also devoted considerable time to refereeing and editing journal articles as documented in the Reviews subseries, which includes correspondence, minutes of editorial boards, telephone/fax listings, and several of Baily's manuscript reviews/comments of articles for the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ROENTGENOLOGY, NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY, and MEDICAL PHYSICS, the last of which he was an associate editor. There is little documentation of Baily's work at Columbia and Emory universities, of his military employment with NASA and Hughes Aircraft, or of his involvement in the Medical Physics Program at UCLA (1952 - 1967). The collection does provide thorough documentation of Baily's career at UCSD, beginning in 1968 when he accepted the position of Professor of Radoiology and Chief of Radiological Physics and Engineering at the UCSD School of Medicine, and ending with his death in 1992.

"Post-it" notes and documents on brittle and highly acidic paper have been photocopied for preservation purposes. Thermograph, FAX (facsimile), and "post-it" paper have been photocopied and the originals have been discarded. Reprints by other authors have also been discarded.

Series Descriptions:



This series contains Baily's applications for passports and personal statements that are rich in familial as well as personal data. His folders entitled "Personal" and "Salary Plan" include his bibliography, awards and honors he received over the years, and his personnel file from UCSD.



The correspondence in this collection roughly dates from the mid-1960s to 1992, with the heaviest concentration of letters dating from the early 1980s. The correspondence in this series represents Baily's work at UCSD as a professor and as an editor/referee to numerous professional journals. The letters in this collection are arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent. Baily's outgoing correspondence has been separated and is filed in chronological order.


The WRITINGS AND RESEARCH series is the largest of the six series and is divided into six subseries: 3A) Notes, 3B) Laboratory Notebooks (1958-1978), 3C) Proposals (1981-1984), 3D) Typescripts, Abstracts, and Background Material (1949-1992), 3E) Reprints (1949-1992), and 3F) Reviews (1972-1992).

The first subseries consists of Baily's undated, handwritten calculations and notes. These files were originally found throughout the collection. The second subseries consists of four of Baily's laboratory notebooks with various notes, diagrams, and calculations. Included in the third subseries are grant applications, proposal abstracts, and correspondence. Baily worked with other UCSD medical physicists on proposals for grants to investigate such topics as diagnostic and therapeutic uses of radiation, medical imaging, and calibration of instruments.

Material in the fourth subseries is arranged chronologically. The subseries includes original typescripts of Baily's papers, abstracts for Baily articles, and handwritten and research notes by Baily, which served as background material in writing his papers. Materials in the fifth subseries are arranged chronologically and include most of Baily's known publications.

The material in subseries six is arranged alphabetically by journal title. Baily served as a referee for many journals. He was an Associate Editor of MEDICAL PHYSICS from its inception and was the only editor to have served over the entire period of its existence. Other journals Baily served as reviewer for were the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ROENTGENOLOGY, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING, NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY, and S.P.I.E. The material includes Baily's comments concerning manuscripts, MEDICAL PHYSICS editorial board meeting minutes, and correspondence, but very few manuscripts.



The TEACHING series focuses on Baily's twenty-four years of teaching at UCSD. There is little documentation of Baily's teaching at UCLA. The TEACHING series is divided into four subseries, 4A) Lectures and Notes, 4B) Programs and Seminars, 4C) Academic Senate, and 4D) Student Files.



The ORGANIZATIONS series is the second largest series of the collection. It is arranged alphabetically by the name of the organization. Baily played an active role in both national and international organiztions and worked intensively with many of these. Highlights of his organizational involvement include documentation of his work with The American College of Radiology, including attending its conferences and serving on committees sponsored by the ACR to investigate such topics as the "ACR Position on the Chernobyl Incident, 1986" and "Proposed Patient Exposure Average" at a Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors. Baily was actively involved in the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and became a staunch supporter of the Southern California Chapter of the AAPM. Included in this material are original meeting minutes from the first meeting by the SCC-AAPM, as well as a copy of rough drafts of the SCC constitution and by laws. There is also extensive documentation, including correspondence, published announcements, lists of speakers, and notes pertaining to the annual SCC AAPM Spring Seminars (1986-1990), which Baily was responsible for organizing.



Baily acted as a medical expert witness for medical and legal cases. Materials in this series include correspondence, medical briefs, and court case pleadings. Arranged alphabetically by folder title, this series also includes documentation entitled "State Licensure" which discusses Baily's involvement with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to pass laws that would require medical use licensees to establish and implement a basic quailty assurance program. Baily worked on gathering support for the licensure of medical physicists in the State of California. The Quality Assurance material focuses on establishing radiation level standards / guidelines for hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and the medical equipment found within these institutions, as well as lecture notes for courses teaching methods of quality assurance.


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11 Applications and personal statements, 1970 - 1972.
12 Certificates, 1981 - 1989.
13 General Information, 1989 - 1990.
14 Personal - Bibliography, Awards and Honors, 1953 - 1992.
15 Salary Plan - Personnel File, 1974 - 1987.


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Incoming, A-Z

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16 Acoustical - Bronic.
17 California State University, Los Angeles - Greenfield.
21 Harrison - Notea.
22 Palade - Rosengren.
23 Schlegel - Zaidi.

Outgoing, Chronological

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24 Outgoing correspondence, 1978 - 1985.
25 Outgoing correspondence, 1986 - 1992.


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26 Unidentified correspondence.


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27 Absorption coefficients.
28 Decay charts.
29 Dosage calculations for Bookstein.
210 Dosage - isotopes.
211 Extreme exposures, C.G.K. Senographe.
212 Film/screen tests.
31 Film/screens Res..
32 Hi-PWS + Cronex - 6+.
33 Holography computer - Lee/Burckhardt hologram coding notes.
34 Kampp - Step wedge data, 1986.
35 Mag. focal spot size.
36 Miscellaneous. Includes graphs, notes, xeroxes.
37 Portal Imaging, 1983 - 1990. 1 of 2 folders.
38 Portal Imaging, 1991. Also contains undated material, 2 of 2 folders.
39 Purchase Speculations for X-ray Tubes and Image Intensifiers.
310 Soft X-rays - Day, Frank H..
311 Support Thickness 3.
312 VII ICMP, 1985.

Laboratory Notebooks

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313 Bubble Chamber notebook. Post 1958 - notes from articles, 29 lvs.
314 Laboratory notebook, 1960-1974, 1960 - 1974.
315 Laboratory notebook, 1969-1978, 1969 - 1978.
41 Laboratory notebook, Earl Raeburn - 1973, 1973. Including photos, 22 lvs.


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42 Gruber Proposal - "AICA Riboside Treatment of Central Nervous System Disease", 1984.
43 Holography Proposal - "Holographic Display of Tomographic Body Sections", 1984.
44 NIH Nanometer Microdosimetry - "Microdosimetry of Nanometer Regions", 1981 - 1982.
45 Program Project - "Common Problems in Medical Imaging", 1983 - 1984.

Typescripts, Abstracts and Background Material

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46 The Influence of Treatment Cones on Dose Rate - reprint and graphs, 1957.
47 Depth Dose Studies Using Monoenergetic Protons, 1966.
48 Performance of a Large Screen Fluoroscopic Imaging System - SPIE, 1973.
49 Performance of a Large Screen Fluoroscopic Imaging System - Sunrise Film Screen, 1973.
410 Performance of a Large Screen Fluoroscopic Imaging System - Test Results MTF, 1973.
411 Capabilities of Fluoroscopic Systems for Trans-axial Tomography Invest. Radiol., 1976.
412 C.T. # Data - Lab results and calc.. Notes re: "The Capability of Fluoroscopic Syst. for the Prod. of Computerized Axial Tomograms" - 7/2/84; 3/16/83
413 Fluoro. CAT vs. EMI Head SPIE - "Physical Comparison of a Fluoroscopic CAT..., 1976. Rest of title: ...System and the EMI Head Scanner"
414 Proposed Recommendations for Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy, 1979.
51 Digitized Longitudinal Tomography - Digital Tomography Investigative Radiology, 1981.
52 Relationship of Quantum and Electronic Noise in Determining Gray Scale..., 1982. Rest of title: ...Capability of Digital Radiograpic Systems
53 Some Aspects and Applications of Digitized Fluoroscopic Imaging, 1982.
54 Comparison of Survival Curves Generated by a Model Based on Micro-Nanodosimetry, 1983.
55 Quantum Noise in Detectors - Med. Phys. (D. Rimkus co-author).
56 Inconsistencies and Deficiencies of Specifications for Digital..., 1984. Rest of title: ...Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Clinical Equipment
57 Predicting Gallstone Dissolution Hepatotoxicity, and... Schwartz, et al, 1984. New England Journal of Med.
58 Some Possible Problems Assoc. with Radiographic/ Fluoroscopic Clinical Equipment, 1984. Submitted to Medical Physics (Tech. notes)
59 Chest Radiography-Stationary Grid Orientation - Sargent, Lee, and Baily, 1985.
510 Digital Tomosynthesis: Phantom and Patient Studies with a Prototype Unit, 1985.
511 Digital Tomosynthesis: Preliminary Patient Studies, 1985.
512 Patient Couch and Air Gap Effects in X-Ray Computed Tomography, 1985. Andre, Baily, Mattrey.
513 Some Factors Which Determine the True Performance of Digital..., 1985. Rest of title: ...Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Clinical Equipment
514 The Generation of Acoustic Waves by Ionizing Radiations, 1986.
515 Radiation Effects: A Model Based on the Statistics of Energy Deposition..., 1986. Rest of title: ...by Charged Particles
516 Tomosynthesis Using a Back Projection Method for Reconstruction..., 1986. Rest of title: ...of Desired Planes
517 The Generation of Acoustic Waves by Ionizing Radiation, 1987.
518 Physics Conference, 1988. "Conventional Tomography" and "Q.A. in Diagnostic and Nuclear Radiology"
519 RRS abstract - "A New Approach to the Study of Track Structure, 1992. [title continues] Med. Physics, 1991".
520 Ultrasound Generated by the Interaction of Ionizing Radiation and Irradiated Mat, 1992.
521 Large Area Contrast of Selected Film-Screen Combinations - Med. Phys..


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61 Norman Baily Publications - book 1, 1947 - 1959. Measurement of tissue dose ionizing radiation (1947); Measurement of low energy beta ray emitters ionization chamber techniques (1949); Uptake of radioactive iodine by ascophyllum (1951); Iodine studies in ascophullum using radioactive iodine (1951); Isotopes and beta rays (1952); Iodine exchange in ascophyllum (1955); Quantitation of effects of x-radiation and oxygen poisoning by the electroretinogram (1956); Beam quality determining for a 2-mvp resonance type x-ray generator (1956); Patient exposure to ionizing radiation in dental radiography (1957); Surface and entrance dose for a 2-mvp x-ray beam (1957); Influence of treatment cones on dose rate (1957); Use of automatic computing machines for implant dosimetry (1958); Relative biological effectiveness of various quality x-rays (1958); Proceedings of the first national biophysics conference (1959).
62 Norman Baily Publications - book 2, 1958 - 1962. Exit dosage for 2-mvp x-rays (1958); Electron stopping powers relative to air (1958); Relative biological effectiveness of various qualities of radiation as determined by the electroretinogram (1958); Value of isotope scans in the management of thyroid disorders (1958); Gonadal dose in radiation therapy (1959); The response of tumor cell populations to various quality x-rays (1959); Isodose curves for horizontal rotation therapy with 2-mvp roentgen rays (1959); The relative stopping powers of pure gases to that of air (1959); Spent radon seeds (1960); Facilities for handling and storage of medical radiation sources in a large hospital unit (1960); Gonadal dose in radiation therapy (1960); Isodose curves for certain radium applicators used in the treatment of uterine cervical cancer (1960); The relative biological effect of various qualities of x-rays on growth of ascites tumor cells (1960); A p-n junction semiconductor radiation detector for use with beta-and gamma-ray-emitting isotopes (1961); Characteristics of ion drifted p-i-n junction particle detectors (1961; 1962).
63 Norman Baily Publications - book 3, 1961 - 1967. Capabilities of lithium drifted p-i-n- junction detectors when used for gamma-ray spectroscopy (1961); A miniaturized semiconductor radiation detector (1962); A p-i-n semiconductor radiation detector for use with beta and gamma rays and minimum ionizing particles (1962); Use of semiconductor lithium drifted p-i-n junction detectors for dosimetry (1962); P-i-n junction as a radiation dosimeter (1962); Nuclear-pulse enhancement with silicon p-n junction detectors (1962); Dosimetry of space radiations (1963); Factors influencing the wave-length dependence of silicon p-i-n junctions (1963); Miniature p-i-n for in-vivo dosimetry (1963); Application of lithium-drifted p-i-n junctions to radiosotope measurements (1963); Radiographic inspection device using solid-state p-i-n junction detectors (1963); Use of p-i-n junctions for beta-ray dosimetry (1964); Lithium-drifted silicon p-i-n junction as an x-ray and gamma-ray dosimeter (1964); Entrance and exit absorbed dose characteristics for a 6-mev x-ray generator (1964); Nuclear pulse enhancement in silicon p-n junction radiation detectors (1964); Response of p-i-n junctions to beta rays (1965;1966); Quenching by a magnetic field of enhanced pulses in a silicon radiation detector (1965); Parameters affecting light emission from triglycine sulfate (1965); Light emission from triglycine sulfate (1965); Radiation dosimetry aboard manned space vehicles (1966); Response of p-i-n junctions to low-energy beta ray emitters (1966); Depth dose studies using monoenergetic protons (1966); High energy proton dosimetry (1966); Potential gradient and carrier-collection measurements in lithium-compensated silicon devices (1966); Metal barriers on lithium compensated silicon (1966); Method to experimentally determine the equilibrium proton spectrum existing in tissue during irradiation with high-energy neutrons (1967); Direct reading intracavitary dosimeter for use in radium therapy (1967).
64 Norman Baily Publications - book 4, 1967 - 1972. Physical factors governing the performance of spherical silicon detectors as in-vivo secondary proton spectrometers (1967); Recent results in macro and micro dosimetry of high-energy particulate radiation (1967); Investigation of single-crystal, high-resistivity cadmium telluride as a gamma-ray spectrometer (1967); Some characteristics of lithium-drifted silicon structures (1967); High-energy proton depth-dose patterns (1967); Statistical fluctuations of energy deposited in low-atomic-number materials by 43.7-me V protons (1968); Surface charging of triglycine sulfate (1968); Proton microdosimetry (1969); Energy deposition in microscopic volumes by high-energy protons (1969); Measurement and characteristics of depth dose patterns due to proton beams (1969); Frequency distribution for very small energy losses by 43-me V protons (1969); Microdosimetry of charged particles in low atomic number materials (1970); Frequency distributions of energy deposition by fast charged particles in very small pathlengths (1970); Measurements of the frequency distributions of small energy lossed by 46-4 me V protons and theoretical predictions using the method of Kellerer (1970); Frequency distribution of the magnitude of energy transfers from high energy protons to tissue-equivalent materials (1970); Search for large events in the energy deposition spectra of 600 meV protons (1971); Single-scan tv radiography system for digital processing (1971); Holographic image reconstruction from planigraphic sections (1971); Holographic storage of roentgenogram images (1971); Capabilities of a single scan tv-radiographic system for digital data acquisition (1971); Fluoroplanigraphy system for rapid presentation of single plane body sections (1971); Changes in the frequency distribution of energy deposited in short pathlengths as a function of energy degradation of the primary beam (1972); Frequency distributions of energy loss by fast charged particles after passage through large thicknesses of tissue-equivalent materials (1972); Further developments in the use of holographic methods for the storage of roentgenographic images (1972); Holographic imaging of the vertebral column (1972); Calculation of proportional counter energy deposition spectra from experimental data (1972); Video-roentgenography system for special procedures and the acquisition of quantitative data (1972); Fluctuations in energy loss and their implications for dosimetry and radiobiology (1972); Applications of a digitalized radiographic-fluorographic processing system to physiologic data extraction (1972).
65 Norman Baily Publications - book 5, 1973 - 1976. Frequency distributions of energy deposition by 44 me V protons at bone-soft tissue interfaces (1973); Calculation of proportional counter energy-deposition spectra from experimental data (1973); Detection capability of differential radiographic absorption through the use of digitalized fluoroscopic images (1973); Performance of a large screen fluoroscopic imaging system (1973); Electrofluoroplanigraphy (1973); Fluoroscopic tomography (1974); Use of a computerized electronic radiography system for quantitative measurements (1974); Role of secondary particles in microdosimetry (1974); Radiobiological implications of statistical variations in energy deposition by ionizing radiations (1975); Acquisition of quantitative physiological data and computerized image reconstruction using a single scan tv system (1975); Investigation of delta ray production using a multiwire proportional counter (1975); Computerized tomography using video recorded fluoroscopic images (1975); Capability of fluoroscopic systems to determine differential roentgen-ray absorption (1975); Relative influence of geometry and statistical fluctuations of energy loss on the distribution function of energy deposition by charged particles in proportional counters (1975); Loculation as a contraindication to intracavitary p-chromic phosphate therapy (1975); Simple method for the generation of organ and vessel contours from roentgenographic or fluoroscopic images (1975); Computer program for the localization of small areas in roentgenological images (1976); Response of fluoroscopic image intensifier-tv systems (1976); Tumor localization and beam monitoring - electrofluoromography (1976); Capability of fluoroscopic systems for the production of computerized axial tomograms (1976); Videodensitometry of full chest fluoroscopy: preliminary observations (1976); Analog enhancement of radiographic images (1976); Physical comparison of a fluoroscopic cat system and the emi head scanner (1976).
66 Norman Baily Publications - book 6, 1977 - 1982. Computerized tomography using video recorded fluoroscopic images (1977); Computerized tomography using video techniques (1977); Multiwire proportional counter designed for microdosimetric studies (1977); Report of the workshop on medical imaging (1978); Computerized system for the measurement of gallstone volume, in vivo (1978); Survival curves based on the statistics of energy deposition (1979); Quality assurance as a means of achieving better patient care (1979); Video techniques for x-ray imaging and data extraction from roentgenographic and fluoroscopic presentations (1980); Enhancement of video images (1980); Fluoroscopic visualization of megavoltage therapeutic x-ray beams (1980); Electron backscattering (1980); Review of "Logical processing of digital signals", Med. Phys. (1980); Validation of a computer-assisted method for estimating the number and volume of gallstones visualized by cholecystography (1981); Digitized longitudinal tomography (1981); Digitized longitudinal tomography system (1981); Digitizing and interfacing of non-digital images (1982); Quantitation of left ventricular dimensions and function by digital video subtraction angiography (1982); Normalization (division) versus subtraction of digitized images (1982); Review of "Real-time radiologic imaging: medical and industrial applications", Med. Phys. (1982); Review of "Radiation detection", Med. Phys. (1982).
67 Norman Baily Publications - book 7, 1983 - 1992. Quantum noise in detectors (1983); Comparison of survival curves generated by a model based on micronanodosimetry with experimental data (1983); Doctor's Forum reply, Bell Maywood Industrial Post (1983); Doctor's Forum reply, San Diego Tribune (1983); Doctor's Forum reply, Highland Park News Herald and Journal (1983); Doctor's Forum relpy, Evening Tribune (1983); Patient exposure requirements for high contrast resolution in digital radiographic systems (1983); Digital tomosynthesis (1984); Digital longitudinal tomosynthesis: preliminary patient studies (1984); Refinements associated with a radiobiological model based on the statstical distribution of energy deposition (1985); Additional parameters required of a radiobiological model based on the statistical distribution of energy deposition (1986); Comments on "Buildup/surface dosed and exit dose measurements for a 6-MV linear accelerator", Med. Phys. (1987); Generation of acoustic waves by ionizing radiations (1987); Generation of ultrasonic waves by ionizing radiations (1988); Proposed method for the study of let and microdosimetric quantities in liquids and solids (1989); Digital tomosynthesis: phantom and patient studies with a prototype unit (1989); Review of "Digital radiography, selected topics", Med. Phys. (1989); Predicting gallstone dissolution, hepatotoxicity, and biliary pain in individual patients treated with chenodiol: a report from the national cooperative gallstone study (1990); Proposed noninvasive method for determining temperature distributions prior to, during, and following hyperthermia (1991); Proposed method for studying track structure (1991); New approach to the study of track structure (1992); Review of the processes by which ultrasound is generated through the interaction of ionizing radiation and irradiated materials: some possible applications (1992).


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68 American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR), 1986.
69 IEEE Transactions On Biomedical Engineering, 1981 - 1982.
610 IEEE Transactions On Medical Imaging, 1983 - 1990.
71 Medical Physics - Book Division, 1988 - 1989.
72 Medical Physics - Correspondence, 1976 - 1981.
73 Medical Physics - Correspondence, 1982 - 1989.
74 Medical Physics - AAPM Journal, Editorial Board (minutes, correspondence, etc,), 1972 - 1992.
75 Medical Physics - General manuscript reviews, 1983 - 1990.
76 Medical Physics - Telephone/fax listings for Associate Editors.
77 Miscellaneous reviews, 1983 - 1992.
78 Nuclear Technology, 1986.
79 S.P.I.E., 1976; 1980.


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Lectures and Notes

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81 Basic Princples for the Use of Radiopharmaceuticals in Human Research, 1977.
82 Diagnostic Radiology, 1983 - 1984.
83 Diagnostic Radiology - Radiobiology.
84 Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM).
85 Medical Physics - Warren 4526 (readings, attendence, teaching notes), 1990.
86 Nuclear Medicine - Demo/Lectures, 1991.
87 Nuclear Medicine - Physics Lecture for Res., 1991.
88 Nuclear Medicine (residency training manual and Q.A. training).
89 Nuclear Medicine Residents - demonstration/ participation course.
810 Nuclear Medicine talk for medical students.
811 Oncology Residents, 1980 - 1981.
812 Physics lectures for medical students.
813 Physics lectures for Residents in Radiation Oncology, 1981.
814 Physics lectures, 1981.
815 Physics review course, 1986.
816 Physics review course - Conventional Tomography.
817 Physics review course - Digital Radiology (Fluoroscopy).
818 Physics review course - Fluoroscopy and Image Intensifiers.
819 Physics review course and Residents lectures - Mammography.
820 Radiology 401 - general.
821 Radiology 401 - handouts.
822 Radiology Electives, 1986 - 1987.
823 Radiology Resident Course, 1985.
824 Radiology Resident Course, 1986.
825 Radiology Resident Course, 1987.
826 Radiology Technologists - Operation of Fluoroscopy Equipment.
91 Screw Position Algorhythm.
92 Special Topics in Radiation Physics, 1981.
93 Training/teaching films - ACR learning file.
94 UCLA, 1986.

Programs and Seminars

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95 8th ICAR Seminar, 1987.
96 Faculty Mentor Program - General, 1991.
97 Faculty Mentor Program - Undergraduate Affairs, 1988 - 1991.
98 Faculty Retreat - Radiology, 1992.
99 Faculty-Student Internship Program (SCURI), 1982; 1984; 1992.
910 Lecture to Bioengineering Students, 1984. memo re : NAB seminar
911 Medical Physics Program - Current, 1975.
912 Medical Physics Program - Proposal, revisions, drafts, 1969 - 1971. 1 of 2 folders
913 Medical Physics Program - Proposals, revisions, drafts, 1974. 2 of 2 folders
914 Medical Student Study Projects (ISP), 1984.
915 Undergraduate Seminars (one-unit), 1988 - 1992.
916 UC Irvine - Holography, 1985.

Academic Senate

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917 Committee Service, 1989 - 1992.
918 Faculty Welfare Committee Meeting, 1990.
919 Representative Assembly Members and Alternates, 1991.

Student Files

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920 Huang, G.. "Design Testing and Prototype Development of a Portable - Real Time Portal Imaging Device"
101 Kampp, T.D. - "Digital Longitudinal Tomography Using Backprojection", 1987. First half of manuscript (pgs. 1-108), 1of 2 folders
102 Kampp, T.D. - "Digital Longitudinal Tomography Using Backprojection", 1987. Second half of manuscript (pgs. 109-257), 2 of 2 folders
103 Kampp, Thomas D., 1978 - 1987.
104 Lee, Kai H. 1974; 1981-1982.
105 Lui, John K., 1984.
106 Medical Students, 1989.
107 Student Advisee Program, 1986 - 1989.


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108 American Academy of Health Physics, 1984.
109 American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1990 - 1991.
1010 American Assoc. of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) - 33rd Annual Meeting (notes), 1991.
1011 AAPM - 33rd Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 1991.
1012 AAPM - Electronic Portal Imaging Workshop, Newport Beach, CA, 1992.
1013 AAPM - Electronic Portal Imaging 2nd Workshop, Newport Beach, CA, 1992.
1014 AAPM - Correspondence, 1978; 1983.
1015 AAPM - General Information, 1988 - 1991.
1016 AAPM - Ad-Hoc Committee on the Future of Medical Imaging, 1991.
1017 AAPM - Commission on Accreditation of Educational Programs for Medical Physicist, 1982.
1018 AAPM - Committee on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), 1983 - 1986.
1019 AAPM - Task Group #6 : NMR Systems Specifications and Acceptance Testing Protoco, 1984 - 1987.
1020 AAPM - Ethics Committee, guidlines for ethical practices for medical physicists, 1976 - 1978.
111 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter, 1970 - 1992.
112 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Constitution (rough draft, correspondence), 1970 - 1983.
113 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Norman A. Baily Student Research Award, 1987 - 1988.
114 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Spring Seminar, Ceasar's Tahoe, 1986.
115 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Spring Seminar, Ceasar's Tahoe, 1987.
116 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Spring Seminar, Ceasar's Las Vegas, 1988.
117 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Spring Seminar, Ceasar's Las Vegas, 1989.
118 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Spring Seminar, Hyatt Islandia, San Diego, 1990.
119 AAPM So. Calif. Chapter - Spring Seminar Accreditation by ACR and VA Hospital, 1978 - 1984.
1110 AAPM Southern Calif. Chapter - Spring Seminars, General Information, 1979 - 1992.
1111 American Board of Health Physics - Winter Panel Meeting, Raleigh, N.C., 1991.
1112 American Board of Medical Physics, 1990 - 1992.
121 American Board of Medical Physics - Diagnostic Imaging Physics Panel, 1989 - 1991.
122 American College of Medical Physics - General Information, 1989 - 1992.
123 American College of Medical Physics - 7th Annual Meeting, 1990.
124 American College of Medical Physics - Recommendations for Physics Staffing, 1989.
125 American College of Radiology, 1977 - 1991.
126 American College of Radiology - Position on Chernobyl Incident, 1986.
127 American College of Radiology - Radioeptimiological Tables, 1985.
128 American College of Radiology - Commission on Physics, 1980 - 1988.
129 American College of Radiology - Committee on Education and Training, 1982 - 1989.
1210 Amer. College of Radiology - Committee on Educat. and Training - Meeting Minutes, 1983 - 1988.
1211 American College of Radiology - Pneumoconiosis Task Force, 1987.
1212 American College of Radiology - Subcommittee on MR Equipment Components, 1968 - 1988. Magnetic Resonance Imaging System component and function listing.
1213 Amer. College of Radiology - Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, 1987. Patient Exposure Average (proposed)
1214 Amer. College of Radiology - Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, 1989. Part "N" Committee (SR-7), Sacramento, CA
131 Amer. College of Radiology - Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, 1990 - 1991. Suggested State Regulations
132 Amer. College of Radiology - Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, 1987 - 1991. Texas Dept. of Health - Radiation Control Part "N" Committee
133 Amer. College of Radiology - Committee on Radiol. Units, Standards, 1977 - 1985. Appointments
134 Amer. College of Radiology - Committee on Radiol. Units, Standards, 1989 - 1991.
135 Amer. College of Radiology - Committee on Radiol. Units, Standards, 1990. Electronic and Magnetic Fields
136 Amer. College of Radiology - Committee on Radiol. Units, Standards, 1975 - 1987. General information, 1 of 2 folders.
137 Amer. College of Radiology - Committee on Radiol. Units, Standards, 1988 - 1991. General information, 2 of 2 folders.
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