Photographic images of Jesuit and Dominican missions by Marquis McDonald, traveller and writer, during a 1949-1950 overland trip down the Baja California peninsula. Many of the images illustrate McDonald's book BAJA: LAND OF LOST MISSIONS (1968).


Marquis McDonald often took the opportunity provided by overseas employment in places like Alaska, Afghanistan, Okinawa, and Saudia Arabia to travel and explore interesting places. After working in Saudia Arabia for several years following World War II, McDonald settled in Visalia, California, and took the time to pursue his interest in Baja California. Together with Glenn Oster, an acquaintance from Saudia Arabia, McDonald planned and executed an overland trip down the length of the Baja California peninsula from the autumn of 1949 through the late spring of 1950.

As the adventurers journeyed from the border to Cabo San Lucas down dirt roads in a World War II surplus jeep, they sought out mission ruins of the Jesuit and Dominican religious orders. Eighteen years later, McDonald published a book about that trip entitled Baja: Land of Lost Missions (1968), which provides descriptions of the people and places they encountered.

Scope and Content

The Marquis McDonald Papers contain only photographic materials created during the 1949-1950 trip through Baja California, many of which were published in BAJA: LAND OF LOST MISSIONS (1968). They are principally of mission buildings in various formats of 2 1/4 black and white print, 2 1/4 ektachrome color slide, and 35mm kodachrome color slide. Most black and white negatives have corresponding prints.

The materials are organized by format. Within each format, items are arranged geographically as one would travel from north to south in the order presented in his book. A list for each format provides McDonald's descriptive title with the corresponding Archives Negative Number. Additionally, there is an alphabetical list of titles. All slides and negatives have been filed in the Archives Negative File.

Access to Photographic Materials

Black and white prints made from individual 2 1/4 black and white negatives are housed in the collection folder. In cases where a positive image does not exist for a listed negative, request assistance from the reference staff and the negative will be made available in a protective enclosure for inspection.

All color slides located in the Archives Negative File must be requested by the corresponding negative number, e.g. ASC2/M189/1.


* - Negative without black and white print

Negative Number Description

AN3/M189/1(B-1) "Nearing Catavina Ranch"

AN3/M189/2(B-2) "Approaching Lake Chapala"

AN3/M189/3(B-3) "Camping near Catavina Ranch"

*AN3/M189/4(B-4) "Trail to Santa Maria de Los Angeles"

AN3/M189/5(B-5) "Ruins Mission Santa Maria de Los Angeles"

AN3/M189/6(B-6) "Ruins Mission Santa Maria de Los Angeles"

AN3/M189/7(B-7) "Ruins Mission Santa Maria de Los Angeles"

AN3/M189/8(B-8) "On the trail to Dolores del Norte"

AN3/M189/9(B-9) "Ruins Mission Dolores del Norte"

AN3/M189/10(B-10) "Mission San Borja"

*AN3/M189/11(B-11) "Mission San Borja"

AN3/M189/12(B-12) "Mission Santa Gertrudis"

AN3/M189/13(B-13) "Campanile, M. Santa Gertrudis"

AN3/M189/14(B-14) "Ruins Mission Santa Maria Magdalena"

AN3/M189/15(B-15) "Estuary, Mulege"

AN3/M189/16(B-16) "Mission Santa Rosalia Mulege"

AN3/M189/17(B-17) "Site old Mission San Jose del Cabo"

AN3/M189/18(B-18) "Cape San Lucas"

AN3/M189/19(B-19) "Ruins Mission San Juan Londo"

AN3/M189/20(B-20) "Ruins Mission San Juan Londo"

AN3/M189/21(B-21) "Ruins San Juan Londo"

AN3/M189/22(B-22) "Ruins Mission San Juan Londo"

AN3/M189/23(B-23) "Ruins Mission San Juan Londo"

AN3/M189/24(B-24) "Mission San F. Xavier"

AN3/M189/25(B-25) "Mission San F. Xavier"

AN3/M189/26(B-26) "Mission San F. Xavier"

AN3/M189/27(B-27) "Roof, Mission San F. Xavier"

AN3/M189/28(B-28) "Monolith, Mission San F. Xavier"

AN3/M189/29(B-29) "Ruins Mission La Presentacion"

AN3/M189/30(B-30) "Ruins Mission La Presentacion"

AN3/M189/31(B-31) "Ruins Mission La Presentacion"

AN3/M189/32(B-32) "Reservoir, M. La Presentacion"


Negative Number Description

ASC2/M189/1(K-1) "Ruins, Mission Descanso"

ASC2/M189/2(K-2) "Ruins Mission San Miguel Archangel"

ASC2/M189/3(K-3) "Ruins Mission Guadalupe Fronteriza"

ASC2/M189/4(K-4) "Ensenada. Todos Santos Bay"

ASC2/M189/5(K-5) "Ensenada. Todos Santos Bay"

ASC2/M189/6(K-6) "Ruins Mission Santa Catarina"

ASC2/M189/7(K-7) "Ruins Mission Santo Tomas, Last Site"

ASC2/M189/8(K-8) "Ruins Mission Santo Tomas, First Site"

ASC2/M189/9(K-9) "Ruins Mission San Vicente"

ASC2/M189/10(K-10) "Ruins Mission San Vicente"

ASC2/M189/11(K-11) "Trail to Melling Ranch"

ASC2/M189/12(K-12) "Ruins Mission Santo Domingo"

ASC2/M189/13(K-13) "Ruins Mission El Rosario"

ASC2/M189/14(K-14) "Ruins Mission Santisimo Rosario (newer

church adjoining, with bells from

Santa Rosa")

ASC2/M189/15(K-15) "Ruins Mission San Fernando Velicata"

ASC2/M189/16(K-16) "Cirio plants near Catavina Ranch"

ASC2/M189/17(K-17) "Approaching Lake Chapala"

ASC2/M189/18(K-18) "Ruins Mission Santa Maria de Los


ASC2/M189/19(K-19) "Ruins Mission Calamyget"

ASC2/M189/20(K-20) "Road south of Punta Prieta"

ASC2/M189/21(K-21) "Mission San Borja"

ASC2/M189/22(K-22) "Mission Santa Gertrudis"

ASC2/M189/23(K-23) "Ruins Mission Dolores del Norte"

ASC2/M189/24(K-24) "Arroyo San Ignacio"

ASC2/M189/25(K-25) "Date Palms, San Ignacio"

ASC2/M189/26(K-26) "Mission San Ignacio"

ASC2/M189/27(K-27) "Mission San Ignacio"

ASC2/M189/28(K-28) "Mission San Ignacio"

ASC2/M189/29(K-29) "Road, San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia"

ASC2/M189/30(K-30) "Road, San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia (Los

Tres Virgenes volcanos in


ASC2/M189/31(K-31) "Quay, Santa Rosalia"

ASC2/M189/32(K-32) "Ruins Mission Santa Maria Magdalena"

ASC2/M189/33(K-33) "Ruins Mission Nuestra Senora Guadalupe"

ASC2/M189/34(K-34) "Scene at Mulege"

ASC2/M189/35(K-35) "Estuary at Mulege, Mission in


ASC2/M189/36(K-36) "Dam at Mulege, Mission in Background"

ASC2/M189/37(K-37) "Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege"

ASC2/M189/38(K-38) "Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege"

ASC2/M189/39(K-39) "Mission Santa Rosalia de Mulege"

ASC2/M189/40(K-40) "Concepcion Bay"

ASC2/M189/41(K-41) "Concepcion Bay"

ASC2/M189/42(K-42) "Ruins Mission La Purisima Concepcion"

ASC2/M189/43(K-43) "Mission Comondu"

ASC2/M189/44(K-44) "Beach at La Paz"

ASC2/M189/45(K-45) "Modern church, La Paz"

ASC2/M189/46(K-46) "Site Mission Santiago de las Coras"

ASC2/M189/47(K-47) "Site Mission Santiago de las Coras (New

church on site)

ASC2/M189/48(K-48) "Road Between San Antonio and Los


ASC2/M189/49(K-49) "Site of Mission San Jose del Cabo


ASC2/M189/50(K-50) "Site Mission San Jose del Cabo (light

house later built on this site and


ASC2/M189/51(K-51) "Cabo San Lucas"

ASC2/M189/52(K-52) "Road from Todos Santos to Cape San

Lucas" (missing)

ASC2/M189/53(K-53) "Mission El Pilar at Todos Santos"

ASC2/M189/54(K-54) "Ruins Mission Santa Rosa de Las Palmas"

ASC2/M189/55(K-55) "Mission San Luis Gonzaga"

ASC2/M189/56(K-56) "Ruins Mission Dolores del Sur"

ASC2/M189/57(K-57) "Rancho La Presa"


Negative Number Description

ASC3/M189/1(E-1) "Ruins Mission El Rosario"

ASC3/M189/2(E-2) "Ruins Mission Santisimo Rosario"

ASC3/M189/3(E-3) "Mission San Borja"

ASC3/M189/4(E-4) "Mission San Borja"

ASC3/M189/5(E-5) "Mission San Borja"

ASC3/M189/6(E-6) "Road to San Borja"

ASC3/M189/7(E-7) "Mission Santa Gertrudis"

ASC3/M189/8(E-8) "Mission Santa Gertrudis"

ASC3/M189/9(E-9) "Campanile - Mission Santa Gertrudis"

ASC3/M189/10(E-10) "Road, San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia"

ASC3/M189/11(E-11) "Ruins Mission Dolores del Norte"

ASC3/M189/12(E-12) "Chapel San Antonio Real"

ASC3/M189/13(E-13) "Ruins Mission Santa Rosa de las Palmas"

ASC3/M189/14(E-14) "Mission Ruins San Juan Londo"

ASC3/M189/15(E-15) "Mission Ruins on San Bruno Bay"

ASC3/M189/16(E-16) "Mission Loreto"

ASC3/M189/17(E-17) "Mission Loreto"

ASC3/M189/18(E-18) "Mission Loreto"

ASC3/M189/19(E-19) "Puerto Escondido and unknown mission


ASC3/M189/20(E-20) "Puerto Escondido and unknown mission


ASC3/M189/21(E-21) "Ruins Mission Liguig"

ASC3/M189/22(E-22) "Mission San Xavier"

ATC4/M189/23(E-23) "Mission San Xavier" (unmounted


ASC3/M189/24(E-24) "Mission La Presentacion"

ASC3/M189/25(E-25) "Trail to San Pedro Martir"

ASC3/M189/26(E-26) "Ruins San Pedro Martir Mission"

ASC3/M189/27(E-27) "Ruins Mission San Pedro Martir"

ASC3/M189/28(E-28) "Ruins Mission San Pedro Martir"

ASC3/M189/29(E-29) "Ruins Mission Liguig"

ASC3/M189/30 "Ruins Mission Descanso"

ASC3/M189/31 "Ruins Mission San Miguel Archangel"

ASC3/M189/32 "Ruins Mission Guadalupe Fronteriza"

ASC3/M189/33 "Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe"

ASC3/M189/34 "False Guadalupe Site"

ASC3/M189/35 "Ensenada"

ASC3/M189/36 "Todos Santos Bay"

ASC3/M189/37 "Ruins Mission Santo Tomas (last site)"

ASC3/M189/38 "Ruins Mission Santo Tomas (first site)"

ASC3/M189/39 "Ruins Mission San Vicente"

ASC3/M189/40 "Road to Meling Ranch"

ASC3/M189/41-42 "Ruins Mission San Pedro Martir" (2)

ASC3/M189/43 "Ruins Mission Santo Domingo"

ASC3/M189/44-45 "Mission El Rosario" (2)

ASC3/M189/46-47 "Ruins Mission Santisimo Rosario" (2)

ASC3/M189/48 "Ruins Mission San Fernando"

ASC3/M189/49-50 "Ruins Mission Santa Maria de Los

Angeles" (2)

ASC3/M189/51 "Ruins Mission Calamyget"

ASC3/M189/52-60 "Mission San Borja" (9)

ASC3/M189/61-64 "Mission Santa Gertrudis" (4)

ASC3/M189/65-67 "Mission San Ignacio" (3)

ASC3/M189/68 "Road San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia"

ASC3/M189/69 "Mission Santa Rosalia Mulege"

ASC3/M189/70 "Conception Bay"

ASC3/M189/71 "Ruins Mission La Purisima"

ASC3/M189/72 "Mission Comondu"

ASC3/M189/73 "Ruins Mission San Juan Londo"

ASC3/M189/74 "Ruins Mission on San Bruno Bay"

ASC3/M189/75 "Mermaids of Loreto"

ASC3/M189/76-81 "Mission San Xavier" (6)

ASC3/M189/82-83 "Puerto Escondido" (2)

ASC3/M189/84-85 "Ruins Mission Liguig" (2)

ASC3/M189/86 "Ruins Mission La Presentation"

ASC3/M189/87 "Mission San Luis Gonzaga"

ASC3/M189/88 "Dolores Del Sur"

ASC3/M189/89 "Modern Church, La Paz"

ASC3/M189/90 "Todo Santos Plaza"

ASC3/M189/91 "Site Mission Santiago (modern church on


ASC3/M189/92 "Site Mission Santiago (first)"

ASC3/M189/93 "Site Mission San Jose del Cabo (viejo)"

ASC3/M189/94 "Site Mission San Jose del Cabo (newer)"

ASC3/M189/95 "Rancho La Presa"

ASC3/M189/96 "Cape San Lucas"

ASC3/M189/97 "Trail to Guadalupe - Glenn Oster"

ASC3/M189/98 "Glenn Oster"


Bahia Concepcion

ASC2/M189/40-41; ASC3/M189/70

Cabo San Lucas

ASC2/M189/51; ASC3/M189/96


AN3/M189/19; ASC3/M189/51

Catavina Ranch Area

AN3/M189/1-3; ASC2/M189/16-17


ASC2/M189/1; ASC3/M189/30

Dolores del Norte

AN3/M189/8-9; ASC2/M189/23; ASC3/M189/11

Dolores del Sur

ASC2/M189/56; ASC3/M189/88

Ensenada and Bahia Todos Santos

ASC2/M189/4-5; ASC3/M189/34-35

Guadalupe Fronteriza

ASC2/M189/3; ASC3/M189/32; ASC3/M189/34

(False Guadalupe Site)


ASC3/M189/16-18, 75

Meling Ranch, Road to

ASC2/M189/11; ASC3/M189/40

Nuestra Senora Guadalupe

ASC2/M189/33; ASC3/M189/33

La Paz

ASC2/M189/44-45; ASC3/M189/89

La Presentacion

AN3/M189/29-32; ASC3/M189/24, 86

Puerto Escondido, Ruins at

ASC2/M189/19-20, 82-83

Punta Prieta, Road south of


La Purisima

ASC2/M189/42; ASC3/M189/71

Rancho La Presa

ASC2/M189/57; ASC3/M189/95

El Rosario

ASC2/M189/13; ASC3/M189/1, 44-45

San Antonio and Los Barriles, Road between


San Antonio Real


San Borja

AN3/M189/10-11; ASC2/M189/21; ASC3/M189/3-6, 52-60

San Bruno Bay, Ruins on

ACS3/M189/15, 74

San Fernando Velicata

ASC2/M189/15; ASC3/M189/48

San Ignacio

ASC2/M189/24-28; ASC3/M189/65-67

San Ignacio to Santa Rosalia, Road from

ASC2/M189/29-30; ASC3/M189/10, 68

San Jose de Comondu

ASC2/M189/43; ASC3/M189/72

San Jose del Cabo

ASC2/M189/49-50; ASC3/M189/93-94

San Juan Bautista de Liguig

ASC3/M189/21, 29, 84-85

San Juan Londo

AN3/M189/19-23; ASC3/M189/14, 73

San Luis Gonzaga

ASC2/M189/55; ASC3/M189/87

San Miguel Archangel

ASC2/M189/2; ASC3/M189/31

San Pedro Martir

ASC3/M189/25-28, 41-42

San Vicente

ASC2/M189/9-10; ASC3/M189/39

San Xavier

AN3/M189/24-28; ASC3/M189/22, 76-81; ATC3/M189/1

Santa Catarina


Santa Gertrudis

AN3/M189/12-13; ASC2/M189/22; ASC3/M189/7-9, 61-64

Santa Maria de Los Angeles

AN3/M189/4-7; ASC2/M189/18; ASC3/M189/49-50

Santa Maria Magdalena

AN3/M189/14; ASC2/M189/32

Santa Rosa de las Palmas

ASC2/M189/54; ASC3/M189/13

Santa Rosalia


Santa Rosalia Mulege

AN3/M189/15-16; ASC2/M189/34-39; ASC3/M189/69


ASC2/M189/46-47; ASC3/M189/91-92

Santisimo Rosario

ASC2/M189/14; ASC3/M189/2, 46-47

Santo Domingo

ASC2/M189/12; ASC3/M189/43

Santo Tomas

ASC2/M189/7-8; ASC3/M189/37-38

Todos Santos

ASC2/M189/53; ASC3/M189/90

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