Professional papers of a British high-altitude physiologist who has conducted extensive studies in the Himalayan Mountains.


British high-altitude physiologist.

Scope and Content

Manuscripts, photocopies of typescripts, and reprints documenting Michael Ward's medical and geographical investigations in the Bhutan Himalayas.

Bhutan Materials

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11 Bhutan, 1964-5: Medical Research and Geographical Exploration, 1997.
12 Himalayan Scientific Expedition, North Bhutan, 1965. Report of I.B.P. Expedition to Bhutan, October-December 1965
13 Bhutan, A Short History of Exploration, Part One, 1997. Annotated photocopy.
14 Bhutan, A Short History of Exploration, Part Two, 1997. Annotated photocopy.
15 Reprints of Bhutan Articles, 1965 - 1997. List of Titles in chronological order: "Bhutan Himal" (1965), "Medicine in Bhutan" (1965), "Bhutan Himal, Some Further Observations" (1966), "Some Geographical and Medical Observations in North Bhutan" (1966), "The Blood Groups, Serum Groups and Haemoglobins of the Inhabitants of Lunana and Thimbu, Bhutan" (1968), "The Highest Mountain in Bhutan" (1967), "Digital Dermatoglyphics of a Lunana Sample from North Bhutan" (1968), "Effects of the High Mountain Environment on Man, a Study of an Isolate Community in the Bhutan Himal" (1984), "Exploration of the Bhutan Himalaya" (1997).

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