The letters of recommendation located in boxes 16, 17 and 18 are restricted until 2073 according to state and federal statutes.


Papers (1933-1999) of Paul Saltman, biochemist, professor of biology and administrator at the University of California, San Diego. Saltman studied the basic chemistry of metal ions in biological systems, the role of trace metal elements in nutrition and gained popular renown as an advocate of science-based nutrition. He was provost at UCSD's Revelle College (1967-1972) and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (1972-1980). The material documents Saltman's academic and research career at UCSD and includes reprints and manuscripts of scientific and popular articles, correspondence, drafts of speeches and lectures, and consulting, research and teaching files. The bulk of the papers date from the 1960s through the 1990s and are arranged in eight series: 1) WRITINGS BY PAUL SALTMAN, 2) CORRESPONDENCE, 3) CONSULTING FILES, 4) RESEARCH, 5) TEACHING MATERIAL, 6) SYMPOSIA AND TALKS, 7) MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL, and 8) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION.


Born in Los Angeles, California, on April 11, 1928, Paul Saltman received a B.S. in chemistry (1949) and Ph.D. in biochemistry (1953) from the California Institute of Technology. He taught biochemistry at the University of Southern California from 1953 until 1967, when he accepted the position of provost of Revelle College at the University of California, San Diego. In 1972 Saltman was appointed Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. In 1980, he returned to full time research and teaching at UCSD.

Saltman's research interests focused on the basic chemistry of metal ions in biological systems and the nutritional role of trace metals--copper, iron, manganese, and zinc--in a healthy diet. His findings were of interest to the food industry and he was a consultant to Procter and Gamble, Mars and other food manufacturers.

Paul Saltman won awards as a classroom teacher at USC and UCSD and often wrote and spoke about effective teaching. He was interested in expanding the context for science education, participating in radio and television programs and a "Course by Newspaper" project. He wrote books on nutrition for the general public, and prepared a course for the World Wide Web.

Paul Saltman died on August 27, 1999.

Scope and Content

The papers of Paul Saltman document his research and teaching career at the University of California, San Diego, his consulting work for the food industry and his contributions to science education beyond the college classroom. The collection contains reprints, manuscripts, newspaper articles, book reviews, correspondence, speeches, lectures, and consulting, research and teaching files. The material is arranged in eight series: 1) WRITINGS BY PAUL SALTMAN, 2) CORRESPONDENCE, 3) CONSULTING FILES, 4) RESEARCH MATERIAL, 5) TEACHING MATERIAL, 6) SYMPOSIA AND TALKS, 7) MISCELLANEOUS MATERIAL, and 8) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION.


The WRITINGS series begins with a chronological list of Saltman's publications and then is arranged alphabetically by title. The series includes reprints and manuscripts of Saltman's research findings, a chapter from the CALIFORNIA NUTRITION BOOK he co-authored, book reviews and opinion articles written for a local newspaper and accounts of his philosophy of education and experiences as an educator and academic administrator.


The CORRESPONDENCE is arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent, interfiling academic, business and personal letters.


The CONSULTING FILES series is arranged alphabetically by organization and contains correspondence, consulting , patent and license agreements, research proposals and reports on Saltman's consulting work with the food industry.


The RESEARCH series begins with a description of research programs conducted in Saltman's laboratory while he was at the University of Southern California and is then arranged alphabetically by project name. The series contains correspondence related to Saltman's studies of iron in nutrition, research proposals, a file on plans for collaborative work with reseachers in Mexico, and photographs of Paul Saltman and colleagues in a laboratory.


The TEACHING MATERIAL is arranged alphabetically and contains Saltman's lecture notes, outlines and slides for biology courses at UCSD, his contributions to the "Courses by Newspaper" program, UCSD's Extension classes, the transcript of a televised interview with Jacob Bronowski, and a course in nutrition developed for the World Wide Web.


The SYMPOSIA AND TALKS series is arranged alphabetically and includes presentations at scientific meetings and conferences on education, radio talks on nutrition topics and the testimony Saltman gave to a congressional subcommittee.


The BIOGRAPHICAL MATERIAL is arranged alphabetically and contains appointment calendars, awards, curriculum vitae, clippings and articles about Saltman, patent documents and correspondence, and photographs of Saltman and others.


The LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION series, arranged chronologically, contains letters of recommendation for students and colleagues and is restricted until 2073 according to federal and state statutes.


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11 Lists of publications, 1950 - 1999. Typescripts.
12 Accumulation of Zinc by Fish Liver Slices, 1960. With Howard Burroughs. Reprint.
13 Adaptations of Lactate Metabolism in Iron-Deficient Rats, 1983. With Yoshinobu Ohira, et al. Reprint.
14 Aerobic Reduction of Fe (III) Complexes by Hemoglobin and Myoglobin, 1984. With Lois A. Eguchi. Reprint.
15 Age-Related Differences in the Bone Mineralization Pattern of Rats Following Exercise, 1986. With Roger McDonald, et al. Reprint.
16 Americans Are What They Eat: But Excesses Have Spawned Obesity, Related Problems. Undated newspaper article.
17 Anemia: Infection or Bioavailable Copper? Reply to Evans, et al., 1976. Typescript.
18 Apple a Day: A Personal Perspective on Nutrition Education, 1997. Reprint and typescript.
19 Basic Issues: Science, Ethics, Religion. Undated photocopy.
110 Bioavailable Copper and Iron in Rat Diets, 1976. With Jack Hegenauer. Typescript drafts.
111 Bioavailability of Iron- and Copper-Supplemented Milk for Mexican School Children, 1982. With Robert Rivera, et al. Photocopy of reprint and typescript.
112 Biochemical Characterization of Gastroferrin, 1970. With Iagir S. Multani, et al. Reprint, correspondence and typescript.
113 Biological Complexes of Chromium: A Second Look at Glucose Tolerance Factor, 1982. Abstract.
114 Biological Energy and the Shaklee Company. Undated typescript. Includes corespondence.
115 Biology of a University: Growth and Development of the University of California, San Diego, 1975.
116 Bone Density and Calcium Intake in Healthy Postmenopausal Women: A Positive Cross-Sectional Relationship, 1991. With Mark B. Andon, et al. Typescript.
117 Book Proposal. THE NEW NUTRITION: THE SCIENCE OF FOOD AND FITNESS. Undated typescript.
118 Book Reviews, 1975 - 1985. Typescripts, photocopies and correspondence.
119 Buffer-Induced Anomalies in the Fenton Chemistry of Iron and Copper, 1996. With Bruce R. Van Dyke, et al. Reprint.
120 CALIFORNIA NUTRITION BOOK. Chapter Twelve, Exercise: Nutrition in Action, 1988. With J. Gurin, et al. Book reviews, newspaper articles and correspondence.
121 Campus Academic Plan, Step Three, 1974. Includes "Preamble," and "Where We Are...Where We Are Going." Typescript draft.
122 Carbon Dioxide Fixation. Undated handwritten notes and black-and-white photographs of chloroplasts.
123 Cardiac Reperfusion Damage Prevented by a Nitroxide Free Radical, 1991. With Dan Gelvan, et al. Reprint.
124 Cheating Prevention: Not an End in Itself, 1996. Photocopy.
125 Chelation of Calcium by Lactose: Its Role in Transport Mechanisms, 1963. With Philip Charley, et al. Reprint.
126 Chelation of Iron by Sugars, 1963. Reprint.
127 Chemical Basis of Human Iron Metabolism, 1976. Chapter Seven in AN INTRODUCTION TO BIO-INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Dr. R. Williams, editor. Photocopy and reference material.
128 China Proudly Shows New Education Thrust, 1978. Newspaper article. Photocopy.
129 Chloroplast Integrity and Biochemical Function, 1965. With Robert Gee, et al. Reprint.
130 Chromium Coordination Compounds of Pyridoxal and Nicotine Acid: Synthesis, Absorption and Metabolism, 1980. With Enrique Gonzalez Vergara, et al. Photocopy.
131 Comment on the Paper by Perry et al. (1992): Hemoglobin Differences between Blacks and Whites, 1992. With Jack Hegenauer. Includes "Reply to the Letter of Drs. Hegenauer and Saltman," by Geraldine Perry, et al. Photocopy.
132 Comparison of Quantitative Dual-Energy Radiographic Absorptiometry and Dual Photon Absorptiometry..., 1989. With Linda Strause, et al. Reprint.
133 Complex Formation, Polymerization and Autoreduction in the Ferric Fructose System, 1973. With George Bates, et al. Reprint.
134 Control of Myoglobin Electron-Transfer Rates by the Distal (Nonbound) Histidine Residue, 1996. With Bruce R. Van Dyke, et al. Reprint.
135 Copper Nitrilotriacetate: A Potent Therapeutic Agent in the Treatment of a Genetic Disorder of Copper..., 1980. With Carl L. Keen, et al. Reprint.
136 Copper-Specific Damage in Human Erythrocytes Exposed to Oxidative Stress, 1997. With David A. Clopton. Reprint.
137 Correlation of Serum Ferritin and Liver Ferritin Iron in the Anemic, Normal, and Iron-Loaded Rat, 1977. With Christopher Ward, et al. Reprint and correspondence.
138 Dark Fixation of CO2 by Succulent Leaves: Conservation of the Dark Fixed CO2 under Diurnal Conditions, 1954. With George Kunitake. Reprint.
139 Dark Fixation of CO2 by Succulent Leaves: Metabolic Changes Subsequent to Initial Fixation, 1957. With Victoria H. Lynch. Reprint.
140 Decade Puts Dimension on Hope, Realization, 1977. Newspaper article. Photocopy.
141 Degradation of Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) in Iron-Supplemented Cows' Milk, 1979. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Reprint.
142 Deleterious Synergistic Effects of Ascorbate and Copper on the Development of Plasmodium Falciparum..., 1989. With Esther Marva, et al. Reprint.
143 Demystifying Nutrition, 1989. Photocopy.
144 Diets for the '90s, 1991. Typescript.
145 Different Cellular Targets for Cu- and Fe-Catalyzed Oxidation Observed Using a Cu-Compatible Thiobarbituric..., 1990. With Dan Gelvan. Reprint.
146 Digestion Bomb for Wet Ashing Biological Materials, 1986. With Robert McKnight. Reprint.
147 Distribution and Metabolism of Iron in the Muscles of Iron-Deficient Rats, 1982. With Yoshinobu Ohira, et al. Reprint.
148 Do Antioxidants Reduce the Risk of Cancer or Heart Disease?, 1996. Reprint.
149 Don't Railroad Kids with Adult Diets, 1994. Newspaper article. Photocopy.
150 Eating Our Way to Better Health, 1999. Newspaper article. Photocopy.
151 Education Must "Play the Game", 1991. Newspaper article. Photocopy.
152 Effect of Deficiencies of Manganese and Copper on Osteoinduction and on Resorption of Bone Particles in Rats, 1987. With Linda Strause. Reprint.
153 Effect of Milk and Casein on the Absorption of Supplemental Iron in the Mouse and Chick, 1975. With David Carmichael, et al. Reprint.
154 Effect of Zinc on Reperfusion of Arrhythmias in the Isolated Perfused Rat Heart, 1990. With Saul Powell, et al. Reprint.
155 Effects of Auxin and Gibberellic Acid on Growth of Ulothrix, 1959. With Herbert Conrad, et al. Reprint.
156 Effects of Exercise on Iron Metabolism in Rats, 1983. With Linda Strause, et al. Reprint.
157 Effects of Long-Term Dietary Manganese and Copper Deficiency on Rat Skeleton, 1986. With Linda Strause, et al. Reprint.
158 Effects of Supplemental Iron and Copper on Lipid Oxidation in Milk. 1. Comparison of Metal Complexes.., 1979. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint.
159 Effects of Supplemental Iron and Copper on Lipid Oxidation in Milk. 1. Comparison of Metal Complexes..., 1979. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Reprint.
160 Electron Transfer from Cytochrome B5 to Iron and Copper Complexes, 1987. With Lorne S. Reid, et al. Reprint.
21 Enhancement of Photophosphorylation and Photoreduction by a Chloroplast Factor from Spinach Leaves, 1970. With Robert Gee, et al. Abstract, reprint, typescript, and graph.
22 Enhancement of Photophosphorylation by a High Molecular Weight Factor in Chloroplasts, 1967. With R. Gee, et al. Reprint.
23 Evaluation of Various Vehicles for Iron Supplementation of Infant Formulas, 1982. With B. Lonnerdale, et al. Abstract.
24 Facilitation of Iron Absorption by Ferris Fructose, 1972. With George W. Bates, et al. Reprint.
25 Failure of Dietary Zinc Supplementation to Improve the Antibody Response to Influenza Vaccine, 1988. With Mark D. Bracker, et al. Reprint.
26 Feasibility Studies on Commercial Preparation of Ferric Fructose: Isolation and Physical-Chemical Analysis, 1976. With Jack Hegenauer. Typescript.
27 Ferric Fructose: Absorption, Bioavailability, and Toxicity in Man and Animals, 1975. With Jack Hegenauer. Typescript.
28 Few Words (523 of Them) on Nutrition, 1997. Reprint.
29 Flurry of Academic Consternation: Publish or Profess Is the Question, 1991. Newspaper article.
210 Food Fortification: Retrospective, Current Status and a View Towards the 21st Century. Undated. With F.M. Clydesdale, et al. Typescript outline.
211 For the Want of a Nail: Trace Elements in Health and Disease, 1984. In METABOLISM OF TRACE ELEMENTS IN MAN, vol. 1. O.M. Rennert and W.Y. Chen, eds. Photocopy and correspondence.
212 Fructose and Iron Absorption: a Review, 1974. With Jack Hegenauer. Typescript.
213 Genes and the Self: There'll Be Changes, 1980. Photocopy.
214 Genetics, Environment Influence Gifted Child, 1972. Newspaper article.
215 Has the State's Support for Higher Education Increased?, 1971. Typescript.
216 Hemoglobin: A Mechanism for the Generation of Hydroxyl Radicals, 1996. With Bruce R. Van Dyke. Reprint.
217 Hemoglobin and Myoglobin Reduce Fe (III) Complexes, 1985. With Lois Eguchi. Reprint. Also presented at the Fifth International Symposium on Trace Elements in Man and Animals, Aberdeen, Scotland.
218 Hemosiderosis in Lemurs, 1984. With John Gonzalez, et al. Reprint.
219 Homage a Marcel: Remembrance of Things Past. ca. 1996. Reprint.
220 How the Vatican Gained Control of Revelle College, Or the Popish Plot to Create an Intellectual and..., 1993. Typescript.
221 How to Direct the Affairs (Nutritional) of Your Consumers. Undated. Typescript.
222 Humanists and Scientists Must Try to Give Us a New Mythology, 1982. Photocopy.
223 Hydrolytic Polymerization of Ferric Citrate. 1. The Chemistry of the Polymer, 1967. With Thomas G. Spiro, et al. Reprint.
224 Hydrolytic Polymerization of Ferric Citrate. 2. The Influence of Excess Citrate, 1967. With Thomas Spiro, et al. Reprint and typescript.
225 Hydrolytic Polymerization of Iron (III), 1966. With Thomas G. Spiro, et al. Reprint and typescript.
226 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden...Revisted, 1975 - 1976. Typescripts and correspondence.
227 Immunodeficiency and Lymphocyte Ecto-5'-Nucleotidase Activity in the Elderly: A Comparison of the Effect..., 1987. With J.W. Hollingsworth, et al. Reprint.
228 Improved Function of Reperfused Rabbit Kidney Following Adminstration of Zinc Histidine, 1991. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint.
229 In Vitro Reconstitution of Ferritin, 1968. With Leon Pape. Reprint, typescript, graphs, and correspondence.
230 Interaction of Copper (II) with N-(2-Hydroxyethyl) Piperazine-N'-Ethanesulfonic Acid (HEPES), 1985. With Kaspar Hegetschweiler. Reprint.
231 Interaction of Gibberellic Acid and Allyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide upon Growth of Ulothrix, 1961. With Herbert M. Conrad. Reprint.
232 Intercollegiate Athletics. Undated, unsigned mimeograph.
233 Intrinsic Stoichiometric Equilibrium Constants for the Binding of Zinc (II) and Copper (II) to the High..., 1993. With James Masuoka, et al. Reprint.
234 Iron and Milk: Letter to BIOSCIENCE, 1975. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint.
235 Iron and Susceptibility to Infectious Disease, 1975. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint.
236 Iron-Deficiency Anemia, 1976. With Jack Hegenauer. Photocopy of typescript.
237 Iron-Deficiency Anemia in the United States: A Reinterpretation of Hematologic Data..., 1983. Photocopy. Also presented at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Public Health Conference on Records and Statistics.
238 Iron Fortification Controversy, 1981. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint and typescript.
239 Iron Fortification for Californians?, 1978. With Jack Hegenauer. "Prepared for the California Policy Seminar." Typescript and correspondence.
240 Iron in Biochemistry and Medicine, 1974. With Thomas G. Spiro. Chapter 1, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Typescript.
241 Iron Is Maintained as Fe (II) under Aerobic Conditions in Erythroid Cells, 1984. With A. Egyed. Reprint and graph.
242 Iron Supplementation of the Lactating Mouse and Suckling Neonates, 1977. With David Carmichael, et al. Reprint.
243 Iron-Supplemented Cow Milk: Identification and Special Properties of Iron Bound to Casein Micelles, 1979. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Reprint.
244 Iron (III)-Phosphoprotein in Chelates: Stoichiometric Equilibrium Constant for Interaction of Iron (III)..., 1979. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Reprint.
245 Isolation and Characterization of a New Zinc-Binding Protein from Albacore Tuna Plasma, 1987. With Bruce Dyke, et al. Reprint.
246 Isolation of Gastroferrin from Human Gastric Juice, 1969. With P.S. Davis, et al. Reprint.
247 It's Incredible!, 1981. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint.
248 K+-Stimulated Phosphatase of Microsomes from Gastric Mucosa, 1967. With John G. Forte, et al. Reprint.
31 Kinetics and Mechanism of Fe (III) Exchange between Chelates and Transferrin, 1967. With Carolyn Billups, et al. Reprint.
32 Kinetics and Mechanisms of Metal Reduction by Hemoglobin. 1. Reduction of Iron (III) Complexes, 1987. With Lois A. Eguchi. Reprint.
33 Kinetics and Mechanisms of Metal Reduction by Hemoglobin. 2. Reduction of Copper (II) Complexes, 1986. With Lois A. Eguchi. Reprint.
34 Kinetics and Mechanisms of Reduction of Cu (II) and Fe (III) Complexes by Soybean Leghemoglobin..., 1991. With Douglas A. Bakan, et al. Reprint.
35 Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Oxidation of Myoglobin by Fe(III) and Cu (II) Complexes, 1987. With Kaspar Hegetschweiler, et al. Reprint.
36 Kinetics of Iron (III) Reduction by Hemoglobin and Its Isolated a-Subunits, 1992. With Bruce R. van Dyke, et al. Reprint.
37 Light and Dark C14O2 Fixation by Spinach Leaf Systems, 1965. With Robert Gee, et al. Reprint. Also presented at the Plant Physiology Annual Meeting, [1964?].
38 Long-Term Estrogen Replacement Therapy in Postmenopausal Women Sustains Vertebral Bone Mineral Density, 1990. With Marisa Moore, et al. Reprint and abstract.
39 Low Serum Copper, a Risk Factor Additional to Low Dietary Calcium in Post-Menopausal Bone Loss, 1992. With Gayle Howard, et al. Photocopy.
310 Low Level Oxidative Stress Causes Cell-Cycle Specific Arrest in Cultured Cells, 1995. With David A. Clopton. Typescript.
311 Mafioso Contract: The Kindergarten-University Connection, 1991. Reprint.
312 Man, Mortality, Magic, Medicine, and Morality, 1980. Typescript. Also presented at the World Health Organization's 22nd International Biennial Congress, 1980.
313 Mechanism of Calcium Transport by Rat Intestine, 1966. With Harold J. Helbock, et al. Reprint.
314 Mechanisms of Electron Transport in the Oxidation of Heme Proteins by Fe (III) and Cu (II) Complexes, 1987. Abstract.
315 Metabolism of Trace Metal Ions. Undated. Reprint.
316 Metal-Ion-Directed Site-Specificity of Hydroxyl Radical Detection, 1992. With Dan Gelvan, et al.
317 Metal-Ligand Interactions and Oxidative Stress, 1995. With Dan Gelvan. Typescript.
318 Mitochondrial NADH Dehydrogenase in Iron-Deficient and Iron-Repleted Rat Muscle: an EPR and Performance..., 1982. With Yoshinobu Ohira, et al. Reprint.
319 Mobilization and Transport of Iron, 1983. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint.
320 Mobilization of Iron from Ferritin by Chelating Agents, 1968. With Leon Pape, et al. Reprint.
321 Molecular Chemistry: Paul Saltman. Undated. Photocopy.
322 More Precious Than Gold: Trace Elements in Osteoporosis, 1997. Reprint.
323 My Son, the Flute Player...Comments on Music and Man, 1972. Typescript.
324 No Matter How You Slice It, Nutrition Lies around the Blend, 1985. Newspaper article.
325 Nutrition and Health-Related Fitness, 1991. Published in PHYSICAL BEST ACTIVITY GUIDE.
326 Nutrition: Food as Religion?, 1998. Reprint.
327 Nutrition for Health, Food for Pleasure: Physical Fitness for Health, Physical Activity for Pleasure. Undated. Typescript.
328 Nutritional Aspects of Metals and Trace Elements. Undated typescript and reprint.
329 Nutritional Benefits of Trace Element Fortification of Foods and Beverages. Undated. Typescript.
330 Nutrional Bioavailability of Manganese: Role of Manganese in Bone Metabolism, 1987. With Linda Strause. Reprint.
331 Of Decades and Half Centuries, 1977. Typescript.
332 Of Magic Bullets and the Future of Biomedical Research. Undated. Photocopy.
333 Of Mind and Body: Nutrition and the Athlete. Undated. Typescript.
334 Of Passion and Pedagogy: An Idiosyncratic View of Teaching Biochemistry, 1997. Abstract.
335 On and Beyond O2 Binding: Hemoglobin and Myoglobin Revisited, 1995. Abstract.
336 On Man, Mortality, Magic, Medicine, and Morality, 1980. Typescripts.
337 On the Nature and Nuture of Obesity, 1989. Reprint.
338 On the Need for New Myths and the Search for New Meanings. Undated. Reprint.
339 Oral Assimilation of Radiomanganese by the Mouse, 1984. With Linda Strause, et al. Reprint.
340 Oxydation of Deoxy Myoglobin by [Fe(CN)6]3-, 1999. With Cory Joyce Dunn, et al. Reprint and correspondence.
341 Oxidative Damage to Human Red Cells Induced by Copper and Iron Complexes in the Presence of Ascorbate, 1989. With Eilat Shinan, et al. Reprint.
342 Oxidative Phosphorylation and the Effect of SCN on Mitochondria Isolated from Rabbit Stomach, 1967. With J.G. Forte, et al. Reprint.
343 Oxidative Stress: A Radical View, 1989. Reprint.
344 Participation of Hemoglobin and Myoglobin in the Reduction of Fe (III) and Cu (II), 1986. With Lois Eguchi, et al. Reprint.
345 Photometalbolism of Acetate by Chlamydomas Mundana, 1963. With Richard W. Eppley, et al. Reprint.
346 Plasma Zinc Concentrations in Snakes and Other Vertebrates Correlate with Specific Zinc-Binding Plasma Protein, 1995. W. T. Cort, et al. Reprint.
347 Polynuclear Complexes of Iron and Their Biological Implications, 1969. With T. G. Spiro. Reprint.
348 Preliminary Report of Decreased Serum Magnesium in Post-Menospausal Osteoporosis, 1989. With J.Y. Reginster, et al. Reprint.
349 Preparation of Ferric Fructose. With Philip Charley, et al. Undated typescript.
350 Products of CO2 Dark Fixation in Leaves of Long- and Short-Day Treated Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, 1957. With George M. Kunitake, et al. Reprint.
351 Professor's Plea for Teaching: How Does It Feel To Be Mediocre?, 1967. Newspaper article. Includes typescript draft.
352 Promises, Promises: It Is Time to Articulate the Promises the University Can Uniquely Deliver, 1976. Reprint.
353 Provost, Proteins, Protest, Pot: Higher Education in America Today, 1968. Reprint. Includes ink and gouache drawings of Paul Saltman and others used as illustrations.
354 Radioimmunoassay of Ferritin in Rat Serum: Correlation of Serum Ferritin with Liver Ferritin Iron Stores, 1975. With John Christopher, et al. Reprint.
355 Rapid Induction of Ferritin in Laboratory Animals, 1973. With Edward Avol, et al. Reprint.
356 Rapid Induction of Iron Deposition in Spleen and Liver with an Iron-Fructose Chelate, 1962. With Clyde Stitt, et al. Reprint.
357 Reactivity and Aging in Hydroxy-Iron (III) Polymers, Analogs of Ferritin Cores, 1973. With Barbara A. Sommer, et al. Reprint.
358 Red and Expert, 140 in 8 and Other Sayings Chairman Mao Never Taught Me, 1978. Typescript.
359 Rediscover Teaching, Service during This Academic Year, 1997. Reprint.
360 Reflections on Nature and Nuture. ca. 1980s. Photocopy.
361 Regulation of Iron Absorption by Control of Heme Biosynthesis in the Intestinal Mucosa, 1977. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Reprint.
362 Regulation of Iron Metabolism by Equilibrium Binding and Chelation, 1959. With Philip J. Charley. Reprint.
363 Relative Bioavailability of Copper (II) Nitrilotriacetate and Copper (II) Lactobionate for the Iron-Replete..., 1979. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Typescript.
364 Relative Volumes of Cytoplasm and Vacuole in Nitelia, 1961. With Tyge Christensen. Reprint.
365 Release of Iron from Ferritin by Pyridoxal Isoninotinoyl Hydrazone and Related Compounds, 1984. With M.L. Vitolo, et al. Reprint.
366 Removal of Cadmium (II) from Crystallized Ferritin, 1979. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Reprint and typescript.
367 Resolution of Ascorbic, Dehydroascorbic, and Diketogulonic Acids by Anion-Exchange Chromatography, 1972. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint.
368 Retention and Distribution of Iron Added to Cows' Milk and Human Milk as Various Salts and Chelates. With R.O. Kwock, et al. Reprint.
369 Reunion, 1993. Typescript.
370 Reverse Triiodothyronne: Inactive Metabolite or Active Growth Factor?, 1989. With Dane C. Burkland, et al. Reprint.
371 Role of Chelation and Binding Equilibrium in Iron Metabolism, 1960. With Philip Charley, et al. Reprint.
372 Role of Leisure-Time Physical Activity in Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women, 1990. With Richard S. Garfein, et al. Reprint.
373 Role of Manganese in Bone Metabolism, 1987. With Linda Strouse. Reprint.
41 Role of Simple Carbohydrates in Metal Absorption, 1988. Typescript.
42 Role of Sugar Substitutes in Body Weight Control. Undated. Typescript.
43 Role of Trace Elements in Bone Metabolism, 1991. With Linda Strause, et al. Photocopy.
44 Role of Trace Elements in the Etiology of Osteoporosis: Results with an Animal Model. Undated. Photocopy.
45 Role of Trace Minerals in Osteoporosis, 1993. With Linda Strause. Photocopy. Also presented at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the American College of Nutrition, San Diego, California, October, 1992.
46 Role of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in a Modern Diet, 1987. Photocopy.
47 Saltman Chair in Biology Education: Personal Considerations; Past as Prolog (2), 1999. Typescript.
48 Save the Children - From Those Who Would Save Them. Undated. Typescript.
49 Science Jungle, 1967. Reprint.
410 Science of Nutrition, Metaphysics of Food, 1994. Reprint, abstract and typescript.
411 Serum and Bone Trace Element Concentrations in Postmenopausal Osteoporotic and Normal Women: A Preliminary. Study, 1987. With Linda Strause. Photocopy.
412 Serum Copper Concentration, Dietary Calcium Intake and Bone Density in Postmenopausal Women..., 1992. With G. Howard, et al. Abstract.
413 Serum Zinc Is Unaffected by Effective Captopril Treatment of Hypertension, 1987. With Daniel T. O'Connor. Reprint.
414 Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Histidine Residues Involved in Cu (II) Binding and Reduction by Sperm Whale. Myoglobin, 1992. With B.R. van Dyke, et al. Reprint.
415 Sites and Mechanisms of Low-Level Oxidative Stress in Cultured Cells, 1995. With Dan Gelvan, et al. Reprint.
416 Small Chelators and the Nature of the Metal Ion in Site-Specificity of -OH Damage. Undated. With Dan Gelvan. Reprint.
417 Sodium Chloride Effect on Dark Fixation of CO2 by Marine and Terrestrial Plants, 1962. With Govind Johsi, et al. Reprint.
418 Softest Hard Sell: Bronowski's Approach to Communicating Science, 1985. Reprint.
419 Something Still Stirs: Confessions of an Academic Administrator. Anonymous, 1974. [By Paul Saltman?] Photocopy.
420 Son of the French Connection, 1977. Newspaper article.
421 Specific Binding of Iron (III)and Copper (II) to Transferrin and Conalbumin, 1963. With Roland Aasa, et al. Reprint.
422 Spectroscopic and Magnetic Studies of Iron (III) Gastroferrin, 1973. With John Webb, et al. Reprint.
423 Spectroscopic and Magnetic Studies of Iron (III) Phosvitins, 1973. With John Webb, et al. Reprint.
424 Spinal Bone Density and Calcium Intake in Healthy Menopausal Women, 1991. With Mark B. Andon, et al. Reprint.
425 Stability Constants of the Iron-Transferrin Complex, 1962. With Ben Davis, et al. Reprint.
426 Statement Regarding "Testing of Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies", 1986. Typescript. Includes statement by William and Pauline Nachbar read at public hearing, September 8, 1986.
427 Stop Polluting the Psychosphere, 1972. Reprint.
428 Structure of an Iron Core Analog of Ferritin, 1968. With G.W. Brady, et al. Reprint and typescript.
429 Studies of Three Photosynthetic Mutants of Scenedesmus, 1969. With Robert Gee, et al. Reprint.
430 Sur la Purification et sur les Caracteres de l'Apyrase de Pomme de Terre, 1950. Typescript, correspondence and notebook pages in French. Includes typescript in English regarding experiments.
431 Synthesis and Structure of a Trinuclear Chromium (III)- Nicotinic Acid Complex, 1982. With Enrique Gonzalez-Vergara, et al. Reprint.
432 Terminal Respiration in Trichomonas Vaginalis, 1962. With George Kunitake, et al. Reprint.
433 Testimony: Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, San Francisco, California, 11 January, 1995. Typescript.
434 There's Gotta Be a Pony! Seaching for the Meaning of Trace Metals in Biology. Undated. Typescript.
435 Thiols, Gold-Thiols, Zinc-Thiols and the Redox States of Hemoglobin, 1993. With Suzan Potuznik, et al. Reprint.
436 Time-Dependent Modifications of Ferric-Adriamycin, 1990. With Dan Gelvin, et al. Reprint.
437 Tired Blood and Rusty Livers, 1976. With Jack Hengenauer, et al. Reprint.
438 Trace Elements and Blood Pressure, 1983. Reprint.
439 Trace Elements and Calcium Status in Athletic Activity, 1986. With Roger McDonald. Reprint.
440 Trace Elements and Health, 1984. Photocopy.
441 Trace Elements and Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: A Preliminary Study of Decreased Serum Manganese, 1988. With J.Y. Reginster, et al. Reprint.
442 Trace Elements in Milk, 1983. With Jack Hegenauer. Reprint. Also presented at the Symposium on the Role of Milk Proteins in Human Nutrition, Kiel, Germany, 1983.
443 Trace Minerals in Health and Disease, 1985. Chapter 12, FRONTIERS IN LONGEVITY RESEARCH, Robert J. Morin, editor. Photocopy.
444 Trace Mineral Interactions, 1984. With Linda Strause. Reprint.
445 Transitory Hematologic Effects of Moderate Exercise Are Not Influenced by Iron Supplementation, 1983. With Jack Hegenauer, et al. Reprint.
446 Transport of Iron by Rat Intestine, 1967. With Harold J. Helbock, et al. Reprint, galley proofs, typescripts, and correspondence.
447 Universities, Corporations Must Balance Profit, Progress, 1985. Newspaper article.
448 Unusually High Zinc Concentrations in Snake Plasma with Observations on Plasma Zinc Concentrations..., 1995. With V.A. Lance, et al. Reprint.
449 Versatile Apparatus for Membrane Transport Studies, 1967. With John G. Forte, et al. Reprint.
450 Village Agnostic Finds a Faith, 1970. Newspaper article.
451 Viscosity Studies and the Behavior of Inorganic Iron Polymers in Aqueous Solution, 1966. With Samuel E. Allerton, et al. Reprint.
452 What is Teaching?. Undated. Typescript.
453 Who's In Charge Here?, 1969. Reprint.
454 World Facing Crisis of Poor Leadership, 1979 - 1111. Newspaper article. Photocopy and typescript.
455 Yang of Nutrition, the Yin of Food, 1995. Photocopy.
456 Your Ethics...Or Mine?, 1980. Photocopy.
457 Zinc-A Redux-Inactive Metal Provides a Novel Approach for Protection Against Metal-Mediated Free Radical..., 1989. With Modecai Chevion, et al. Reprint.
458 Zinc-Histidine Chelates Prevent Site Specific Free Radical Damage, 1990. With D. Galvan. Abstract.
459 Zinc (II) and Copper (II) Binding to Serum Albumin: A Comparative Study of Dog, Bovine and Human Albumin, 1994. With James Masuoka. Reprint.
460 Zinc Protects Escherichia Coli Against Copper-Mediated Paraquat-Induced Damage, 1989. With Pnina Korbashi, et al. Reprint.
461 Zinc Uptake by Cultured Human Lymphoblosis, 1986. With Lois A. Eguchi, et al. Reprint.


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462 A - Miscellaneous.
463 American Institute of Nutrition, 1979 - 1980.
464 B - Miscellaneous.
465 Beidler, Peter B., 1985. Includes Paul Saltman's replies to questions about teaching.
466 C - Miscellaneous.
51 Carnation Company, 1975 - 1985.
52 China Study Tour, 1978 - 1979. Itinerary, travel information, contact names, and personal correspondence. Includes report, "A Science Educator's Trip to the People's Republic of China, 17 April - 2 May, 1978," by Robert Karplus.
53 D - Miscellaneous.
54 Egyed, Andrew, 1984 - 1985.
55 Eisai Company, Ltd., 1974 - 1979.
56 F - Miscellaneous.
57 Finnish Sugar Company, Ltd., 1975 - 1977.
58 G - Miscellaneous.
59 H - Miscellaneous.
510 Harvey Mudd College. Life Sciences Program External Advisory Committee, 1977 - 1979. Includes descriptions and evaluations of the life sciences program. Also includes Paul Saltman's "Report on Site Visit, May 14, 1979."
511 Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Lady Davis Fellowship Trust, 1985 - 1988. Includes Paul Saltman's notes.
512 I - Miscellaneous.
513 Intra-Science Research Foundation, 1973 - 1979.
514 J - Miscellaneous.
515 K - Miscellaneous.
516 Kidney Foundation, 1983.
517 Kochan, Ivan, 1976 - 1978.
518 L - Miscellaneous.
519 M - Miscellaneous.
520 M and M Mars, Inc., 1991 - 1997.
521 N - Miscellaneous.
522 P - Miscellaneous.
523 Perfect Host - Food Service Division, 1982 - 1983.
524 R - Miscellaneous.
61 Ruder, Finn and Rotman, Inc., 1982. Includes two black-and-white photographs of Paul Saltman.
62 S - Miscellaneous.
63 Sabatasso Foods, 1983 - 1984.
64 Saltman, David, 1933. Paul Saltman's father.
65 San Diego State University. Center for Communications, 1979 - 1980.
66 SAN DIEGO UNION, 1977 - 1982.
67 Service de Medicine Nucleaire, Paris, France, 1976 - 1985. Letters from J.J. Bernier, Gerard Milhaud and others. Includes reprints of articles by others, some in French.
68 Singer, John, 1967 - 1985.
69 Sheng, Mei, 1991.
610 T - Miscellaneous.
611 Tsukuba University, 1973 - 1976. Regarding possible joint programs, faculty and student exchanges. Includes personal correspondence. Also includes typescript, "The Goals of the Reform University: Self-Government, Comprehensive Teacher Training, Project Studies."
612 U - Miscellaneous.
613 United States Congress, 1985.
614 University of California, San Diego, 1975 - 1992.
615 United States. Department of Agriculture, 1984 - 1993.
616 V - Miscellaneous.
617 W - Miscellaneous.
618 Unidentified Correspondents.


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619 American Cyanimid Company, 1960 - 1964. Patent applications, patent amendments and correspondence.
620 Amstar Corporation, 1974 - 1978. Correspondence.
621 Amstar Corporation, 1975 - 1976. License agreements.
71 Amstar Corporation. Ca. 1975. "Request for Research Contract: Evaluation of Ferric Fructose As an Iron Supplement." Undated typescripts and handwritten notes.
72 Amstar Corporation. Food and Nutrition Advisory Council Meeting, New York Headquarters, July 7-8, 1976. Agenda and participant biographies.
73 Bill Walton and Trace Elements in the Diet, 1973 - 1980. Correspondence, articles and newspaper clippings.
74 Dairy Council of California. Basic and Applied Research on Iron Fortification of Milk, 1973 - 1977. Paul Saltman, Principal Investigator. Contract, award forms and correspondence.
75 National Dairy Council. Correspondence, 1975 - 1980. Includes, "Preliminary Report: Exploitation of Nutrition Misinformation," summarizing discussion at the Annual Nutrition Research Conference, April 13, 1980, Anaheim, California.
76 National Dairy Council. Request for Research Contract: Iron and Copper Fortification of Milk, 1976. Applications, correspondence and progress reports.
77 Procter and Gamble. Correspondence, 1980 - 1989.
78 Procter and Gamble. Correspondence, 1990 - 1994.
79 Procter and Gamble. Patent application, patents and correspondence, 1985 - 1995.
710 Procter and Gamble. Protocol: "Effects of Calcium Citrate Malate and Calcium Citrate Malate Plus Trace. Minerals on Bone Density, Serum Trace Minerals, and Differential Cell Counts in Normal and Osteoporotic Subjects," 1986. Includes correspondence.
711 Sabatasso Foods, 1982 - 1984. Correspondence. Includes "Discussion of Trace Element Fortification in the School Lunch Program," 1983, by Gail Feenstra and "Nutrient-Fortified Pizza Products," 1984, by Jack Hegenauer.
712 Shaklee United States, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board. Consulting Services Agreement, 1992. Typescript.


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81 Research Accomplishments, 1953 - 1956. Typescript describing research programs on trace metal ions in biological systems and the fixation of carbon dioxide at Saltman's laboratory at the University of Southern California.
82 Iron Research Correspondence, 1974 - 1977. Part 1. Includes Paul Saltman's "Alphabetical File Index" for correspondence, listing topics and people related to various research projects.
83 Iron Research Correspondence, 1978 - 1980. Part 2.
84 Laboratory Investigations. Correspondence, 1976 - 1980. Department of Biology internal correspondence regarding laboratory equipment, supplies and personnel related to projects and procedures. Much of the material is from Jack Hegenauer.
85 Mexico Research, 1976 - 1980. Letters from members of delegations from Mexico, visit schedules, pamphlets in Spanish on Mexico's health and social services, information on collaborative research. Includes typescript transcript, "Paul Saltman in Mexico, June 20-27, 1976: Unfoldment of Events."
86 National Institutes of Health. Proposal, 1977. "Collaborative Research Project for the Study of Nursing Mothers and Breast Milk as Source of Iron and Other Trace Elements," Paul Saltman, Principal Investigator. Typescript drafts, correspondence, guidelines, and draft proposals by others.
87 National Institutes of Health. Proposal, 1976 - 1978. "Development of Iron Chelators for Cooley's Anemia." Paul Saltman, Principal Investigator. Typescript proposal and correspondence.
88 National Institutes of Health. "Studies of Biological Transport Mechanisms", 1977 - 1979. Paul Saltman, Principal Investigator. Includes "Summary Statement," "Notice of Grant Award" and correspondence.
89 Photographs. Slides. Ca. 1950s-1960s. Black-and-white and color slides of laboratory at the [University of Southern California?]. Includes Paul Saltman and others, laboratory equipment.
810 Satellite Education Project. "The Way It Is", 1979. National Media Education Proposal, Paul Saltman, Co-Principal Investigator. Typescript proposals, budgets and handwritten notes. Includes newspaper clipping describing Walter Cronkite's involvement in the project.
91 United States Army Medical Research and Development Command. Proposal, 1982. "Trace Elements in Bone Metabolism." Paul Saltman, Principal Investigator. Typescript.
92 United States Army Research Office. Proposal, 1982. "Factors Regulating Trace Element Metabolism." Paul Saltman, Principal Investigator. Typescript.


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93 Beyond Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet, 1980. "Prepared for Courses by Newspaper: Medical Science and the Nation's Health." Typescript drafts, correspondence and "Tentative Outline" for the course prepared by Philip R. Lee, M.D.
94 Biochemistry 102. Undated. Part 1. Handwritten notes, outlines and reference material.
95 Biochemistry 102. Undated. Part 2. Handwritten notes, outlines and reference material.
96 Biology 2. Multicellular Life, 1994 - 1995. Handwritten notes and lecture outlines, overhead transparencies and typescript examinations.
97 Biology 10. Concepts of Modern Biology, 1987 - 1991. Part 1. Syllabus, handwritten and typescript notes. Includes reference material.
98 Biology 10. Concepts of Modern Biology, 1987 - 1991. Part 2. Handwritten notes and reference material.
99 Biology 22. [Nutrition?] Spring, 1999. Typescript lecture outline, illustrations and course syllabus.
910 Biology 120. Nutrition. Fall, 1994. Handwritten notes, typescript final examination and graphed scores.
911 Biology 151. Plant Physiology. Winter, 1990. Syllabus, handout and notes for Paul Saltman's lectures on "Dark Reaction of Photosynthesis."
912 Conclusion. Unit Eleven, Lecture 20, 1974. Prepared for "Courses by Newspaper: America and the Future of Man." Typescript drafts, booklet containing all the course lectures and a description of the Courses by Newspaper program in TIME magazine, January 1, 1974.
101 Department of Biology. Education Committee, 1995 - 1996. Meeting agenda, minutes, memoranda, course and instructor schedules. Includes typescript, "Department of Biology Comments [on] Undergraduate Instruction and Faculty Teaching Activities," November 29, 1995, and undated typescript, "Plans for Enhancement and Development of Undergraduate Biology Education at UCSD."
102 Miscellaneous Lectures. ca. 1980s-1990s. Typescript outlines and untitled text, "It is a bit eerie and strange to think about the threats to man's existence..."
103 Notes. Carbohydrates, 1983. Handwritten notes.
104 Notes. Food and Public Policy; Nutrition and Public Policy. Undated. Handwritten notes. Includes the ASUCSD Lecture Notes Service transcription of Paul Saltman's guest lecture, "Nutrition and Public Policy" for Biology 19, Winter, 1985.
105 Notes. The Gastrointestinal Tract. Undated. Handwritten notes.
106 Notes. Lipids, 1981. Handwritten outline and reference material.
111 Photographs of graphs and tables. Slides. Ca. 1970s-1990s.
121 Photographs of graphs and tables. Slides. Ca. 1970s-1990s. Part 2.
131 Program for Teacher Enhancement in Science and Technology. Undated. Typescript. Includes printout of the "Requested Supplement to the NSF Grant TE87-5167," entitled "University of California, San Diego, Science Teacher Institute for Elementary Teachers." Also includes correspondence, study guides for Paul Saltman's videotapes, "To Be a Winner," and "Genetic Engineering: the Promise of the Future."
132 Science and Society. [Program] One: J. Bronowski, 1969. Interviewed by Paul Saltman. Transcript of telecast by KPBS Television, San Diego, California, for National Educational Television, July 19 and July 24, 1970. [Filmed in August, 1969.]
133 Science of Nutrition, Mysticism of Food, 1997. Course developed by Paul Saltman for Website course in nutrition. Includes syllabus, notes and correspondence.
134 University Extension. "Paul Saltman and Friends: Concerns of the Contemporary World," September-November, 1976. Schedule of lectures, correspondence, background information on topics.
135 University Extension. "Paul Saltman and Friends", 1977 - 1979. Schedules of lectures and correspondence.
136 Warren College. Seminars, Fall, 1990; Honors Program, Fall, 1997. Typescript syllabus, 1990, and student evaluations of the course, 1997.


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137 Absorption of Iron. Presented at the 16th International College of Hematology, Kyoto, Japan, September 5-11, 1976.
138 Academe, 1984. Presented at the 19th Annual Forum, May 13-17, 1979, San Diego, California.
139 Alternatives to Polarity. Presented at the Harvey Mudd College 12th Annual Commencement Address, June 7, 1970, Claremont, California.
1310 Arise: American Renaissance in Science Education: Three-Year High School Science Core Curriculum, a Framework. Based on a workshop held February 19-22, 1998, in which Paul Saltman participated.
1311 Basic Issues: Science, Ethics, Religion. Undated. No venue given.
1312 Brave - In a New World. Presented at the Conference of the California Child Development Administrators Association, San Diego, California, May 16-18, 1984. [?] Typescript and correspondence.
1313 California Wellness Foundation and the University of California. Wellness Lecture Series, 1997. Typescripts. Proposed lecture and paper on public health nutritional policy. Includes abstract of paper, applicant information material, biographical, and professional information.
1314 Critique of Pure Science. Presented at the Nobel Symposium, "Ethics for Science Policy," Stockholm, Sweden, August 20-25, 1978. Includes reprint, typescript draft and outlines. Also includes miscellaneous material related to the Symposium, program, registrant list, summaries of lectures, Paul Saltman's itinerary, and correspondence.
1315 Dairy Council of California. Radio and Television Presentations by Paul Saltman, 1975 - 1982. Typescript copies of radio talks on nutrition, correspondence, forms, and questionnaires.
1316 Diet and Cancer. Undated transparencies and paper copies. No venue given.
141 From Primeval Ooze to Haute Cuisine. Presented at the Symposium on New Horizons in Nutrition for the Health Professions, Los Angeles, California, February 29 - March 1, 1980. Typescript and proceedings.
142 Fruit, Nuts and Bologna: Are We What We Eat?. Presented at the Intra-Science Community Forum, February 20, 1980, Los Angeles, California. Excerpt published in BIOMEDICAL PERSPECTIVES, May, 1980.
143 Goldilocks and the Trace Elements: Not Too Little, Not Too Much, But Just Right. Presented at the Shell Lecture, 1993 [?]. No venue given.
144 Gordon Research Conferences, 1962 - 1986. Brochure on the conferences by Alexander M. Cruickshank, programs, lists of registrants and correspondence. Includes photographs and slides of attendees.
145 How to Cope with Today in Tomorrow's World. Presented at the AETS/NSSA Annual Luncheon, Anaheim, California, 1980. Photocopy.
146 Interview with Aline Saarien on the "Today Show," NBC New York, August 25, 1969. Typescript transcription.
147 Introductory Remarks. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, Washington, DC, August, 1983. Typescripts and correspondence.
148 Iron Metabolism as a Function of Chelation. Presented at the Second Symposium on Trace Element Metabolism in Animals, Madison, Wisconsin, June 18-22, 1973. Abstract and reprint. Includes program, list of registrants, annotated booklet of abstracts, and correspondence.
149 Key Metabolic Factors in Assessing the Role of Nutrition in Athletic Activity. Presented at the Pre-Olympic Games Symposium on Nutrition and High Performance Sports, Meribel, France, February 5-6, 1992.
1410 Manifesto Contract: The Kindergarten-University Connection. Presented at the Partners in Science Conference on Advancing Science Education through Research, January 1991. Reprint.
1411 Meaning of a University. Presented at the Warren College Commencement, June, 1992. Typescript outline.
1412 Naked Gershwin. Dr. Paul Saltman, Narrator. Presented at the Fine Arts Village Theatre, University of California, Irvine, October 20, 1984. Program only.
1413 Nature and Nuture of Obesity. Presented at the Copersucar Conference on Recent Advances in the Role of Sugar in the Modern Diet, Sao Paolo, Brazil, October 11-12, 1989. Reprint and typescript.
1414 Number One in Math and Science by the Year 2000: The Myths and Realities. Presented at the National Academy of Science Program on College Science Teaching, Pomona College, California, February 1, 1996. Typescript outlines.
1415 Of Passion and Pedagogy: An Idiosyncratic View of Teaching Biochemistry. Presented at the International Society of Biological Chemistry, August, 1997. Abstract.
1416 On and Beyond Oxygen Binding: Hemoglobin and Myoglobin Revisited. Presented at "From Protein Structure and Function to Molecular Pathology," Zurich, Switzerland, August 26-27, 1994. Program, reprint, typescript, overhead transparencies, and drawings.
1417 Participation of Hemoglobin and Myoglobin in the Reduction of Fe (III) and Cu (III). Presented at the Second International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry, Algarve, Portugal, April 15-19, 1985. Photocopy.
1418 Physics and Metaphysics of Lunch. Presented at the 15th Annual Industry Seminar, "Capture the Winning Spirit," Vail, Colorado, January 25-28, 1981. Photocopy.
1419 Reform at the University of California. Presented at the International Conference on Higher Education, "The Role of Universities in a Turbulent World," Tsukuba, Japan, August 26-31, 1975. Typescript, conference report and Paul Saltman's itinerary. Includes typescript of "Tape Transcribed and Sent from Paul Saltman," with correspondence dictated during his visit.
1420 Remarks Made at the Inaugural Ceremonies for President Rene J. Bienvenu, Jr., 1978. Given at Northern State University, Louisiana. Typescript and newspaper articles.
1421 Role of Manganese in Bone Metabolism. Presented at the 192nd Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Anaheim, California, September 7-12, 1986.
1422 Science of Nutrition and Metaphysics of Food. Presented at the NIST Colloquium Series, March 29, 1996. Flyer only.
1423 Scientific Perspectives of the Expanded Definition of Nutrient, 1999. Paul Saltman's topic at the Ceres Forum, "What is a Nutrient? Defining the Food-Drug Continuum," Georgetown University, March 30, 1999. Includes outline of keynote address by Maureen Mackey.
1424 Statement of Paul Saltman before Subcommittee on Science Research and Technology, 1989. House Subcommittee on Science, Space, and Technology, Washington, DC, March 9. Typescript and "Outline for Testimony."
1425 Therapeutic Approaches, Session 7. Chaired by Paul Saltman at the International Symposium on Biological Aspects of Metals and Metal-Related Diseases, Toronto, Canada, October 19-22, 1981. Program and list of registrants.
1426 Tired Blood and Rusty Livers. The Twenty-Sixth Annual E.C. Franklin Memorial Lecture, University of Kansas, March 28, 1974. Program only.
1426 Untitled remarks on teaching, 1971. [?]
1428 Wine, Nutrition and Life-Style. Presented at the Robert Mondavi Mission Program, 1988. Typescript.


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151 Application for United States passport, 1973. Includes notes.
152 Appointment Calendars, 1995 - 1997. "Week-At-A-Glance."
153 Appointment Calendars, 1997 - 1999. "Week-At-A-Glance"
154 Appointment Calendar, 2000. "Day-At-A-Glance."
155 Award Nomination. General Foods Chair in Nutritional Education, 1988. Biographical material, correspondence and nomination endorsements.
156 Award Nominations, Miscellaneous, 1962 - 1968. Forms and supporting statements.
157 Awards and certificates, 1969 - 1999. Civic and professional awards.
158 Biographical Sketches and Annual Supplements to the Bio-Bibliography, 1996 - 1999. Typescripts.
159 Clippings File, 1948 - 1980. Newspaper clippings and magazine articles about or quoting Paul Saltman.
1510 Clippings File, 1982 - 1999. Newspaper clippings and magazine articles about or quoting Paul Saltman.
1511 Conflict of Interest. Undated typescript outline and photocopies of newspaper and magazine articles, 1993-1997.
1512 Curriculum Vitae. Undated typescript.
1513 File Index. Dr. Paul Saltman - UCSD (PS). Undated typescript. Alphabetical list of topical files kept in the office of Paul Saltman's secretary, Pamela Jung.
1514 Patent documents and correspondence, 1963 - 1966. Metallic Complexes of Reducing Sugars, No. 3,074,927, 1963 and Process for Introduction of Metals in the Mammalian System, No. 3,275,514, 1966. With P.J. Charley. Includes correspondence, 1966-1975.
1515 Photographs. Black-and-white and color prints of Paul Saltman. Ca. 1970s-1990s. Formal portraits of Paul Saltman and informal photographs with others.
1516 Photographs. Color slides. Ca. 1980s-1990s. Formal and informal portraits.
1517 Photographs. "Saltman's Photo Album: Summer Days at USC ". Ca. 1950s-1960s. Black-and-white prints of laboratory scenes with captions. Photographs by Ruth Bass. (?) Includes drawing and caricature of Paul Saltman.
1518 Toast to Dr. Paul Saltman Given by Roger Reynolds, 1982. Typescript.


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161 September - December, 1973.
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162 January - April, 1974.
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163 May - December, 1974.
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164 January - June, 1975.
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165 July - December, 1975.
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166 January - June, 1976.
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171 July - December, 1976.
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172 January - December, 1977.
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173 January - May, 1978.
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174 June - December, 1978.
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175 January - June, 1979.
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176 July - December, 1979.
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