Collection of materials relating to gold mining at creek claim #23 Eldorado Creek mine near Dawson, Yukon Territory; the death of Frank J. Belcher, one the mine's principles; and the administration of Belcher's estate, including itemized disbursements of mine profits.


Frank J. Belcher of Jermyn, Pennsylvania, was born in 1869. In 1897 he left for the Yukon Territory gold fields and became a principle owner of creek claim #23 Eldorado Creek, documenting labor, food, tools and other expenses, as well as the mine's output. His brother, Horace Belcher, joined him and they worked the mine until Frank's death of natural causes in March 1901.

After Frank's death his sister Eliza Belcher Brundage became co-executor of his estate, along with Clarence Spencer from the Mechanics Bank in Jermyn, Pennsylvania. Eliza traveled to the Yukon, Seattle, San Francisco, and back to Pennsylvania settling her brother's accounts. Horace continued to work on the mine until at least 1906.

Scope and Contents of Collection

The Frank J. Belcher Collection contains documents detailing the financial and legal aspects of a mine during the Klondike Gold Rush, which began in 1897. Frank J. Belcher (1869-1901) of Jermyn, Pennsylvania, responded to news of the 19th century's last great gold strike by traveling to the Yukon. After a season around Dawson City, Frank took up creek claim #23 on Eldorado Creek. His brother Horace Belcher joined him and together they worked the mine until Frank's death in March 1901.

The collection contains financial and legal records, as well as correspondence, detailing the wages earned by workers, the amount of gold removed from the mine, and various expenses. The documents concern the mine's productivity and the distribution of earnings from the mine after Frank's death.

The collection is arranged in two series: 1) MINING OPERATIONS and 2) FRANK BELCHER ESTATE.


The MINING OPERATIONS series contains ledgers that record mine expenses and receipts, all created while Frank Belcher was alive and working at the mine.


The FRANK BELCHER ESTATE series contains the records of Frank Belcher's estate and correspondence between beneficiaries of Frank's estate after his death. It documents co-executor efforts to disburse the estate's income to the beneficiaries. The series is divided into two subseries: A) Financial Records and B) Correspondence.


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1 1 1897 - 1898.
1 2 1898 - 1899.
1 3 Northern Pacific Express Company - Receipt, August 28, 1899.


Financial Records

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1 4 Belcher, Arndt and Erickson - #23 Eldorado Receipts and Expenditures, undated.
1 5 Certificate of Will - Frank Belcher, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, 1901.
1 6 Copies of Belcher's Last Will & Testament, financial documents, correspondence, and notes related to the estate, 1917.
1 7-9 First and Final Accounts, 1911 - 1926.
H.G. Belcher in account with F.J. Belcher estate.
1 10 Receipts listing, 1902 - 1904.
1 11 Last Chance and Dago Hill.
1 12 Receipts, expenditures, August - November 1901.
1 13 Receipts, miscellaneous, 1901 - 1902.
1 14 Statement of amounts of output from Creek Placer Mining Claim, #23 Eldorado Creek, 1902.


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1 15 Belcher, Horace G. to his sister Eliza M. Belcher, 1901 - 1906.
1 16 Belcher, Oscar to Eliza Brundage, 1934.
1 17 Belcher, Samantha (Carpenter) to Edward and Eliza (Belcher) Brundage, undated.
1 18 Carpenter, Chester C. to Samantha (Carpenter) Belcher, 1864.
1 19 Congdon, Fred (attorney), to Eliza M. Belcher, 1902.
1 20 First National Bank of Selma to Eliza M. Belcher, 1901.
1 21 Hill, E.L. (tax collector), to Eliza M. Belcher, 1901 - 1905.
1 22 LeHane, W.C. to Thomas J. LeHane, 1941.
1 23 Noel, MacKinnon and Noel (law firm) to Eliza M. Belcher, 1901.
1 24 Spencer, Clarence to Eliza Belcher, 1901 - 1902.
1 25 Weinberg, A.E. to Eliza Belcher, 1901 - 1902.
1 26 Miscellaneous letter fragments, undated.

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