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The papers of Thomas Nee, conductor and University of California, San Diego emeritus professor of music, include correspondence and biographical materials related to his fifty years of classical and experimental music conducting.


Born in Evanston, Illinois on Oct. 25, 1920, Thomas Nee graduated from the University of Minnesota. Following service in the Merchant Marine during World War II, he received his masters of arts from Hamline University, where he studied under composer Ernst Krenek. His postgraduate work included studies at the University of Vienna, the Austrian State Academy, and Black Mountain College with composer Stefan Wolpe in North Carolina, as well as private study with conductor Hermann Scherchen in Switzerland. Nee was music director for the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis from 1954-1967 and 1972-1973.

In 1967, Nee joined the UCSD Music Department, accepted the position of conductor, taught music, and served as department chair from 1971-1977. He also conducted SONOR, a resident ensemble that performed experimental music by UCSD composers. In addition to conducting the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus during the academic year, he also conducted the New Hampshire Music Festival during the summer months from 1960-1992. Nee conducted world premieres of contemporary repertoire and numerous guest engagements including opera workshops, festivals, the Minnesota Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Eastman Philharmonic, Rochester Philharmonic, and Darmstadt Ferienkurse.

Nee retired from UCSD in 1991, but remained active until his death in 2008, overseeing the Tom Nee Commission, awarded each year to a graduate-level composer whose new piece is performed each spring by La Jolla Symphony & Chorus.

Scope and Content of Collection

The papers of Thomas Nee, conductor and emeritus professor of music, contains correspondence from twentieth century composers including university mentor Ernst Krenek, as well as composers Henry Brant, Robert Erickson, Dika Newlin, Will Ogden, Pauline Oliveros, Bernard Rands, Roger Reynolds, and Dane Rudhyar. The papers also also contains biographical materials, including programs and newsclippings, reflecting his conducting career from 1948-2001, writings, and audio visual materials. The recorded materials represent concerts Nee conducted during his career. The collection is arranged in four series: 1) Correspondence, 2) Conducting Experience, 3) Biographical Materials, and 4) Audio Visual Recordings.


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1 1 A-Z Miscellaneous.
Includes John Adams, Hans Erich Apostle, Dominick Argento, Vladamir Ashkenazy, Sol Babitz, William Bolcom, Earle Brown, Roque Cordero, Kenneth Gaburo, Anton Heiller, Lee Hoiby, Alan Hovhaness, Tom Johnson, Ulysses Kay, Leon Kirchner, Barbara Kolb, May Kurka, Anna Mahler, Marina Mahler, Bruce Mather, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Hilda Morley, and Andrey Olkhovsky.
1 2 Brant, Henry, 1965 - 1999.
Composer of spatial music.
1 3 Cage, John, 1979.
1 4 Erickson, Robert, 1953 - 1984.
1 5 Garland, Peter, 1980.
1 6 Greenberg, Alvin, 1999-2004.
1 7 Krenek, Ernst, 1946 - 1989.
1 8 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, 1959-1966.
1 9 Newlin, Dika, 1953 - 1998.
Composer and biographer of Mahler, Schoenberg, and Brucken.
1 10 Ogdon, Will, 1955 - 1998.
1 11 Oliveros, Pauline, 1960 - 1996.
1 12 Partch, Harry, 1972.
1 13 Rands, Bernard, 1977 - 2001.
1 14 Reynolds, Roger, 1967 - 1999.
1 15 Rudhyar, Dane, 1972 - 1988.

Conducting Experience

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2 1 Osage, Iowa High School band - Photograph, 1943.
Hamline University.
2 2 FB-495-01 Newsclippings, 1945-1955.
2 3 Programs, 1945-1955.
2 4 FB-495-02 Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis - Newsclippings, 1953-1967.
2 5 New Hampshire Music Festival - Miscellaneous, 1954-2007.
2 6 FB-495-03 First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis, MN - Newsclippings, 1954-1964.
2 7 Macalester College, St. Paul, MN - Programs and newsclippings, 1959-1966.
Center Opera Association of Walker Art Center.
2 8 Newsclippings, 1963-1966.
2 9 Opera Log 4 - "Music of the Greek Operas" - Photocopy, 1967.
2 10 La Jolla Civic Orchestra and Symphony and Chorus - Miscellaneous, 1967-2007.
University of California, San Diego Music Department.
2 11 Programs, 1967-1995.
2 12 Retirement letters, 1991.
FB-495-04 Compositions by Will Ogden, 1979; 2000.
Includes "Comments and Capriccio for Orchestra," written for Thomas Nee and the La Jolla Orchestra, September 5, 1979 and "Chamber Suite 2000 for Wind Quartet, String Quartet, and Piano," 2001.
2 14 Guest conducting.

Biographical Materials

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2 15 "Black Mountain and Wolpe" - Handwritten essay.
2 16 "Chapbook: Nine Poems", November, 2005.
2 17 "Philosophies of History in the Writings of Gray, Krenek, Leichtentritt, and Sachs," Master's Thesis, Hamline University, 1948.
2 18 Miscellaneous.

Audio and Visual Recordings

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3 1 Beethoven 9th Symphony, DVD, December 1996.
Restrictions Apply
3 2 Francis Thorne tribute to Thomas Nee for his 1992 season celebration, audiocassette, 60 minutes.
Restrictions Apply
3 3 In appreciation for Thomas Nee by David Chaitkin, audiocassette, 60 minutes.
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