The papers of DeLoss McGraw, artist, children's book illustrator, fine arts lecturer, and educator, document McGraw's artistic career from the mid-1980s to 2003, especially his use of literary texts in his compositions and his collaborations with poets, most notably W. D. Snodgrass. The collection contains correspondence with literary figures, friends and members of the fine arts community; brochures, catalogs and reviews for McGraw's solo and group exhibitions; and documentation of his public art commissions, including the Carlsbad City Library Sculpture Project. Also included are numerous artworks by McGraw, particularly monoprints for edition books and projects, such as his series entitled "In Response to Poems by Snodgrass," printed at Magnolia Press. The collection includes materials related to the production of the trade books W.D.'S MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988) and THE DEATH OF COCK ROBIN (1989) and for the illustrated children's book ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001), which earned him the Illustrator's Society Book of the Year Award for 2002. The papers are arranged in eight series: 1) MISCELLANEOUS/ABOUT MCGRAW, 2) CORRESPONDENCE, 3) EDITION BOOKS AND MONOPRINTS, 4) TRADE BOOKS, 5) CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS, 6) WORKS ON COMMISSION AND PUBLIC ART, 7) EXHIBITION MATERIALS, and 8) ORIGINALS OF PRESERVATION PHOTOCOPIES.


DeLoss McGraw was born in Okemah, Oklahoma, in 1945. He attended East Central State College, Oklahoma; the Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles; and the Art Institute of San Miguel del Allende, Mexico. McGraw obtained his bachelor of art from California State University, Long Beach, in 1969 and his master of fine art from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, in 1971.

Before pursuing a full-time career as an artist, McGraw taught fine art at Northern Kentucky University from 1972-1975 and at the University of San Diego, from 1978-1983. He also served as a guest artist at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1982, the Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico in 1985, and at the Oklahoma Arts Institute.

Much of McGraw's inspiration comes from poetry and literature, as well as the disciplines of theatre and music. McGraw has been a pioneer in art and poetry collaborative works since the 1980s. Besides his creative responses to writings by Emily Dickinson, Mary Shelley, Franz Kafka, W. B. Yeats, William Blake, and others, McGraw also incorporates the poet's text in the compositions of his paintings, especially in the collaborative works with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet W. D. Snodgrass, who he has worked with since 1976. He has worked with a number of contemporary poets, including Robert Phillips, Robert Hass, Daniel Halpern, William Heyen, Thom Ward, Janet Lewis, Barton Thurber, among others.

Scope and Content

The papers of DeLoss McGraw contain artworks and book development materials for edition, trade and artist's books by McGraw, often collaborations with contemporary poets, including W. D. Snodgrass, William Heyen, Susan M. Wyler, Thom Ward, and Al Poulin Jr. Also included are proofs of lithographs and monoprints, often in series, printed at the Tamarind Institute, Magnolia Press, Brighton Press, and the Ernest de Soto Workshop. The correspondence documents McGraw's collaborations with writers and poets, as well as business with gallery owners and the art community. The files also document McGraw's numerous exhibitions and public art projects.



The MISCELLANEOUS/ABOUT MCGRAW series, arranged alphabetically, contains writings and miscellaneous doodles by McGraw, as well as materials about the artist, such as a pamphlet of McGraw's biography, photographs of McGraw and others, and a typescript of interview with McGraw, W. D. Snodgrass and Kathleen Snodgrass.


The CORRESPONDENCE series, arranged alphabetically by name, contains personal and business letters, including drafts and typescripts of poems, essays, short stories, and signed broadsides by poets, W. D. Snodgrass, Sam Hamill, Al Poulin Jr., and Thom Ward. Among the letters of McGraw's clientele and friends are thank you notes enclosed with photographs of paintings by McGraw.


The EDITION BOOKS AND MONOPRINTS series is arranged in two subseries: A) Edition Books and B) Monoprints by McGraw.

A) The Edition Books subseries, arranged chronologically, contains preliminary artworks by McGraw; artist's proofs, proof mock-ups, letterpress proofs, tissue drawings, lithographs, and watercolor paintings. Other materials include brochures, correspondence, annotated typescript drafts of poems and essays, selected writings, and research materials.

B) The Monoprints by McGraw subseries, arranged chronologically, contains serial lithographs and artist's proofs, hand-printed by McGraw. Monoprints without dates are located at the end of the series and in alphabetical order by title. The early monoprints in this subseries date circa 1980s and the majority of these were printed at the Magnolia Press in San Francisco. Stone lithographs, "Apects of Alice" and "Poet: Wearing Tools of Trade," printed at Ernest de Soto Workshop date from 1989 to early 1990s.


The TRADE BOOKS series, spanning the dates 1987-1992, consists of two trade book publications, W. D.'S MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988) by ARTRA Publishing, Inc. and DEATH OF COCK ROBIN (1989) by the University of Delaware Press. This series, arranged chronologically, contains typescripts, annotated drafts and correspondence from Snodgrass. It also includes two typescript poems not included in the book, "The Midnight Carnival: Resisting the Hypnotist, Dr. Ph. D. Dark" and "The Midnight Carnival: Tunnel of Romance." Additional materials include clippings and announcements.


The CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS series, arranged chronologically, spans the years, 1992-2002 and documents McGraw's illustrations and designs for children's books. McGraw won book awards for FISH STORY (1993) and HIPPITY HOP, FROG ON TOP (1995). The collection includes extensive preliminary artwork for ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) including correspondence, original sketch drawings, drawings on tracing paper, color photocopies of paintings by McGraw, page proofs, mock-up clamshell boxes in five different colors with hand-painted cover art, clippings, photographs of paintings of "Alice" series, and reviews.


The WORKS ON COMMISSION AND PUBLIC WORK series, arranged chronologically, documents McGraw's professional works on commission, including public art projects. It contains a variety of cover art by McGraw including playbills and announcement cards for the Scottsdale Center for the Arts, art design for a KCRW brochure and many dust jackets. In addition, this series includes proofs and layouts for the broadside poem entitled, "Only the Traveler Can Change the Journey," signed by the author and the artist to commemorate the publication of Thom Ward's book of poetry, SMALL BOAT WITH OARS OF DIFFERENT SIZE (2000). Preliminary studies, sketch drawings, photographs, and notes document McGraw's involvement in the public art, such as the sculpture project at Carlsbad (California) City Library, the installation of "Children's Chair for the Seasons" at Nashville Public Library, as well as a bronze scuplture of a mermaid for the resort hotel at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, in Los Cabos, Mexico. Also included in this series are two portrait drawings in charcoal on paper.


The EXHIBITION MATERIALS series, arranged chronologically, contains materials from solo and group exhibitions and spans the years 1975-2002. It includes catalogues, pamphlets, brochures, reviews, correspondence with poets and others, invitation and announcement cards, posters, photographs of McGraw and others.


The ORIGINALS OF PRESERVATION PHOTOCOPIES series contains the originals of brittle or high acid content documents that have been photocopied.


MSS 486 - The Brighton Press Archive contains abundant DeLoss McGraw materials, especially for the fine press edition of MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL.


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11 Biography. ca. 1990. Brochure. Includes "The Situations of Our Dreams: Some Thoughts on the Art of DeLoss McGraw," essay by Robert Pincus.
12 Doodles. No date.
13 Doodles in Okemah (from nature). No date.
14FB-412-02Doodles - 8 watercolor paintings by McGraw, 1989. Signed in pencil by McGraw encased in a grey clamshell box.
15 Havel, Vaclav - "Address of the President of the Czech Republic, His Excellency...,", 1994. Typescript.
16 Interview with DeLoss McGraw, W. D. Snodgrass and Kathleen Snodgrass, 1992 - 1994. Typescripts. Includes letter.
17 Journey of a Young Woman - Original sketchbook. ca. 2002. Includes a preliminary painting for "Leaving a Home of Darkness and a Knowledge that the 'Past is Never Dead'," which appeared in an exhibition, "DeLoss McGraw: Journey of Woman" at ACA Galleries, March 8 - April 6, 2003.
18 Oklahoma Arts Institute - Course catalog and essay by McGraw, 1992 - 1995.
19FB-418-01Photo-collage on board. Untitled. No date.
110 Photographs of McGraw, 1984 - 1998.
111 Photographs of McGraw and his family. No date.
112 Photographs of McGraw with others. No date.
113 Photographs of others, 1996 - 2001.
114 Photographs of studio at Scottsdale, 1996 - 1997.
115 Wichita Art Museum - Showcasing the Art of America, 1993. March-April. Brochure containing McGraw's juror statement and correspondence.
116 Unidentified writings.


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117 A-Z - Miscellaneous.
118 Anne Kohs and Associates, Inc. (Anne Kohs, agent), 1989 - 1990. Includes draft of McGraw's biography and contract agreement.
119 Bennett, Annie, 1995 - 2002. Includes a photograph of McGraw and Bennett.
120 Black, Sarah, 1989. Contains "DeLoss McGraw: A Literary Vision," student paper from Smith College.
121 Bloom, Barbara S., 1999 - 2001. Includes "There was a hole...," typescript poem.
122 Blue, Marian, 1993 - 2001.
123 Boa, Anne, 2001. Includes a photograph of paintings by McGraw.
124 Bradshaw, Glenn R., 1993 - 1996.
125 Chase, William, 1985. Includes "How Is A Poem Like A Picture? The Art(s) of W. D. Snodgrass and DeLoss McGraw," typescript essay.
126 Crawford, Olivia, 1992. Includes "Two Without Faces," typescript short story.
127 Dittrick, Diane, 2002.
128 Glassford, Donna, 1999 - 2000. Includes photographs of Donna and her son and photograph of dress McGraw painted for the "Swan Ball" in Nashville.
129 Glenn, Constance, 2001.
130 Graff, Herman, 1996 - 2002.
131FB-418-02Hamill, Sam. ca. 1998. "Salutation, Late Autumn, 1991," broadside poem signed by Hamill.
132 Harcourt Gallery (Kim Eaglesmith, director), 1990. Regarding consignment. Includes correspondence to and from Anne Kohs and Associates, Inc.
21 Heyen, William, 1992 - 2001. Includes poetry by Heyen. See also, SERIES 7: EXHIBITION MATERIALS, "Custer, Crazy Horse And The River of Electricity: A Panter's Response to Poetry, 1996-2001."
22 Kirchoff, R. W., 1998. "Ein Dichter Liebe (A Poet's Love)", typescript poem.
23 Lowe, Hilary. No date. "A Reaction to a Girl Who Obviously Never Learned to Swim," typescript poem.
24 Mary Ryan Gallery (Mary Ryan, director), 1989 - 1992.
25 McCosker, Duncan, 1991 - 2002.
26 McCullogh, Fran. Sylvia Plath's editor. No date.
27 McGraw Family, 1999 - 2000. Includes photograph of family.
28 Moore, Robert, 1992. "He Spoke to Me," typescript poem.
29 Ollman, Leah, 1994 - 2001. Includes "Stories, Lessons, Legacy: A Personal Exploration of Genocide," typescript essay.
210 Patrick, William B., 1994. "18 Monologues," typescript poems.
211 Patrick, William B., 1997. "Dreams When We're Not Asleep," typescript poems.
212 Patrick, William B., 2000. Includes "New Scenario," typescript outline of three plays after the book, THE DEATH OF COCK ROBIN.
213 Patrick, William B. No date. "In Heaven's Plain View: A Memoir in Poetry," typescript.
214 Patrick, William B. No date. "Roxa: The Story of the Culver Family, March 1849 to January 1850," typescript draft.
215 Phillips, Robert, 1987 - 2001. Includes photograph of Phillips.
216 Pinsky, Robert, 1992 - 1997.
217 Piper, Eloise, 2001. Regarding cover art for her book, TEXTILE ART: CONTEMPORARY SURFACE DESIGN.
218 Porter, Jimmie, 1990. "Anthony and Mister Grandfather," typescript short story.
219 Poulin Jr., Alfred, 1991 - 1994. Includes photographs of Poulin, McGraw and others, photograph of painting by McGraw titled,"Why did that angel cast its blazing shadow on my tongue?" and "The Village Idiot," a short story by Poulin.
220FB-418-03Poulin Jr., Alfred - "The Angel of Love" and "En Provence," broadside poems, 1992 - 1993. Signed in pencil by author and artist.
31 Raisor, Philip, 1997. Regarding permission to use McGraw's gouache paintings in his book, TUNED AND UNDER TENSION: THE RECENT POETRY OF W. D. SNODGRASS, typescript.
32 Rehl, Helen Krabbe, 1996 - 1997.
33 Rhone, Robert Lee. ca. 1998. "The Execution of a Child to an Adult" and "Surviving the Game!," typescript poems.
34 Roeke(?), Joanne. No date. "Collecting and Recollecting: The Making of Memory in Joseph Cornell," typescript essay.
35 Ryan, Michael T., 1989.
36 Seavest Group (Virginia Anne Bonito, fine arts consultant), 1994 - 2000.
37 Sheridan, Ann. No date.
38 Snodgrass, Kathleen, 1984 - 1997. Includes "A Presence" and "Lifelong" [typescript poems], exhibition proposal and "The Antic Imagination of DeLoss McGraw," typescript essay.
39 Snodgrass, W. D. [William De Witt], 1981 - 2002. Includes photographs of McGraw, Snodgrass and others.
310FB-418-04Snodgrass, W. D. - Broadside poems by Snodgrass, 1976 - 1996. Contains "Coming Down from the Acropolis," "Dance Suite: Minuet in F##," "Dance Suite: Mexican Hat Dance," "He Bare Him Up, He Bare Him Down," "from Snow Songs," "Snowdrops," "Winter, from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"," "Summer, from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"," and "Nocturne," signed by Snodgrass.
311 Sorenson, Jane. No date. "The Hatter and the Bearded Scribe," typescript short story.
312 Sorescu, Marin. No date. Selected typescript poems.
313 Soto, Gary, 2000 - 2001. Includes NERDLANDIA, a play by Gary Soto.
314 Spires, Elizabeth, 1989 - 2002. Includes photograph of Celia Spires, "The Cat's Meow," typescript for picture book and "The Lion and Lily," typescript poem.
315 Styron, Polly, 1992 - 1995.
316 Thompson, Laura Beth. No date. "The Thawing," typescript poem.
317 Thurber, Barton, 1993 - 2002. "Monstrum II," typescript play and "Hey!," typescript poem.
318 Ward, Thom, 1998 - 2001. Includes TUMBLEKID signed by Ward and selected typescript poems.
319MC-168-01Ward, Thom - "Dark Underfoot" and "Walking Down This Mountain," broadside poems, 1998 - 2000. Signed by Ward.
320 Winters, Janet [Lewis, maiden name], 1989 - 1995. Includes selected typescript poems by Janet Lewis.
321 Witte, George, 1992. Includes "1890s, After Storm," photocopy of poem.
322 Young, Jill, 1997. Includes typescript poems with annotations.
323 Unidentified correspondents.


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Edition Books

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41FB-413-02MOCK TURTLE'S SONG (1986) - Proof mock-up.
42MC-168-02KINDER CAPERS (1986) - Suite of four monoprints, number 11/30, signed by McGraw. "W. D.," "The Big Beautiful Bird Has Been Shot By the Ugly Little Bird," "Young W. D. Faces the Dragon-Guilt," and "W. D. Picks A Bouquet for Cock Robin But Cannot Separate the Thorns From the Flowers."
43FB-418-10FATHER WILLIAM (1987) - Artist's proof, 1986.
44FB-412-01ORIGIN OF ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL (1988) - Artist's proof signed by McGraw and James Herriot.
45 TO SHAPE A SONG (1988) - Softcover, signed in pencil by McGraw and Snodgrass.
46 TO SHAPE A SONG (1988) - Typescript drafts annotated by Snodgrass.
47 HARD TRAVELING (1989) - Selections from writings by Woody Guthrie and John Steinbeck. Typescripts. Includes brochure from Brighton Press.
48FB-413-01LIFE IS PROBABLY ROUND (1989) - Artist's proof signed by McGraw.
49 LIFE IS PROBABLY ROUND (1989) - Correspondence. Includes announcement card.
410 LIFE IS PROBABLY ROUND (1989) - Selected writings with tissue drawings by McGraw. Includes research materials and introduction by Hope B. Werness, typescript.
411 PARADISE (1991?) - Story by Dave Hickey and essays by Robert Pincus and Bart Thurber, 1991. Typescript drafts.
412FB-417-01PARADISE (1991?) - Watercolor paintings by McGraw and letterpress proof. The City of Carlsbad and The Carlsbad Arts Commission.
413 EACH IN HIS SEASON (1993) - BOA Editions, Ltd., catalogue, 1995. Fall/Winter. Includes bookmark.
414 EACH IN HIS SEASON (1993) - Typescript drafts with handwritten annotations by Snodgrass, 1991. Includes letter.
415MC-168-03ALWAYS (no date) - Working proof. Hand-painted lithograph proofs by McGraw, signed in pencil and encased in a black clamshell box. Includes corrections on letterpress printing. Edition of fifteen copies, at Art Department of Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia.

Monoprints by McGraw

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416MC-169-01Yeats, the Swan and Fairyland [and 2 monoprints of a swan without titles] hand-painted by McGraw. ca. 1980s. Printed at Magnolia Press, San Francisco.
417MC-168-20After a Poem by W.D. Snodgrass, 1984 - 1985. At Brighton Press, color stencil, signed by McGraw.
418MC-168-21After a Poem by W.D. Snodgrass, 1984 - 1985. At Brighton Press, intanglio and color stencil, signed by McGraw number 9/30.
419MC-168-22W. D. and the Blue Hat, 1984 - 1985. Signed by McGraw.
420MC-168-23Trial proof from edition of 30, 1984. At Tamarind Institute, signed by McGraw.
421MC-168-04W. D. Struggles with Cock Robin and Is Dressed in an Odd Robe That Must Be a Factory Reject - For It Has No... [1984?]. Number 4/30, signed by McGraw.
422MC-168-05House the Poet Built, 2 monoprints in color and in black-and-white. [1985?].
423MC-169-02In response to poems by Snodgrass - "Let the Shivvering Eyelid Close the Do WD Surrounded". ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco.
424MC-169-03In response to poems by Snodgrass - "Lullaby". ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco. Signed by McGraw.
425MC-169-04In response to poems by Snodgrass - "The Poet's Tool for Escaping the Dream Shadow of Mr. Evil". ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco.
426MC-169-05In response to poems by Snodgrass - "W. D. Consults with Kafka and Dostoyevsky Concerning the Whereabouts...". ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco. Signed by McGraw.
427MC-169-06In response to poems by Snodgrass - "W. D. Creates A Device For Escaping". ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco.
428MC-169-07In response to poems by Snodgrass - "W. D.'s Dance". ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco.
429MC-169-08In response to poems by Snodgrass - Untitled [bird]. ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco. Signed by McGraw.
430MC-169-09In response to poems by Snodgrass - Untitled [figure blowing a trumpet-like instrument]. ca. 1988. Printed at Magnolia Press and series published by Haines Gallery, San Francisco. Hand-painted and signed by McGraw.
431AB-18 -EAspects of Alice, 1989. Number 17/75, signed by McGraw. Stone lithograph hand-printed at Ernest de Soto Workshop, San Francisco.
432MC-168-06Poet: Wearing Tools of Trade, 1990. Artist's proof #3. Stone lithograph hand-printed at Ernest de Soto Workshop, San Francisco.
433 Poet: Wearing Tools of Trade - Correspondence, 1990. Regarding announcement of monoprints and a roster containing names of those who purchased artwork, typescript.
434MC-169-1015th Annual Literary Arts Festival, 1992. Number 15/23, signed by McGraw.
435MC-168-24Blue Simplist, 1993. At Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico, lithograph signed by McGraw.
436MC-168-25Escape, 1993. Commissioned by Tamarind Institute, number 1/15, signed by McGraw.
437 Tamarind Institute brochures, 2001 - 2002. Includes McGraw's monoprints of selections from ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND.
438MC-168-07Alice. ca. 2001. Hand-printed at Tamarind Institute, New Mexico.
439MC-168-08Circus Loosely. ca. 2001. 7 monoprints hand-printed at Tamarind Institute: "Left-Handed Musician for Kurt Weill [2 versions]," "First Cart Study," "Sixth Study for Cart" and "Thinking of Kurt Weill [2 versions]," signed by McGraw.
440MC-168-09Who Are You? Said the Caterpillar. ca. 2001. Hand-printed at Tamarind Institute, signed by McGraw.
441MC-168-10Black Swan at Schloss Benrath, [poem by Robert Phillips?]. No date.
442MC-168-11Little Red Riding Hood. No date. Hand-printed at Ernest F. de Soto Workshop, San Francisco.
443 Little Red Riding Hood - 17 lithographs (4x6) on different color papers, 4 hand-painted by McGraw. No date. At Ernest de Soto Workshop, San Francisco.
444MC-168-12Plath, Sylvia, 1949-1956 [9 monoprints]. No date. Hand-printed at Tamarind Institute, signed by McGraw.
445MC-168-13Poet Detects the Nothingness of Mr. Evil [2 monoprints]. No date. Number 12/30, signed by McGraw.
446MC-168-14W. D. Snodgrass - You Sentimental Fool. No date. Number 3/10, signed by McGraw with fingerprints and names: Daniel, Joyce, Frank, Sara, and Marea.
447MC-168-15W. D. Snodgrass You Silly Man Come Out of the Storm. No date. Signed by McGraw with fingerprints and names: Daniel, Joyce, Frank, Sara, and Marea.
448MC-168-16Yeats and the Dream. No date. Number 1/30, signed by McGraw.
449MC-168-17Untitled 7 monotypes hand-printed by McGraw. No date. At Tamarind Institute, signed by McGraw.
450 Nadia Press - Miscellaneous prints. No date.


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451 W. D.'S MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988) - Clippings and announcements, 1988 - 1989.
452 W. D.'S MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988) - Correspondence with Snodgrass, 1987 - 1991.
453 W. D.'S MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988) - Paperback edition, 1988 - 1989. Includes a letter to the editor by A. Poulin Jr.
454 W. D.'S MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL (1988) - Typescript drafts with handwritten annotations by Snodgrass. No date. Includes "The Midnight Carnival: Resisting The Hypnotist, Dr. Ph. D. Dark" and "The Midnight Carnival: Tunnel of Romance," 2 typescript poems not part of the book.
455 DEATH OF COCK ROBIN (1989) - Clippings and announcements, 1989 - 1992.
51 DEATH OF COCK ROBIN (1989) - Correspondence with Snodgrass, 1983 - 1987.
52 DEATH OF COCK ROBIN (1989) - Typescript drafts with handwritten annotations by Snodgrass. No date.


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53 FISH STORY (1993) - Book jacket, 1992 - 1994. Includes announcement card and correspondence.
54MC-169-11From FISH STORY (1993) - Poster. [Item 8 in folder].
55 HIPPITY HOP, FROG ON TOP (1994) - Unbound book with book jacket. No date.
56 NEW VESTMENTS (1995) - Publisher catalogue, 1994 - 1995. Includes correspondence.
57 Gott Lachelt (2001). Published in MEIN HEROLD, a Christian Science magazine for children.
58 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - 2-CD set, a KCRW production (89.9 FM), 2001. An original 2 hour, full-cast dramatization of Lewis Carroll's classic, ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Includes newsletter.
59 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - "Alice" series, 4 photographs of paintings by McGraw. No date. Contains the "Mad Tea Service," "It was much pleasanter at home...," "Will you walk a little faster?...," and "There was a table..."
510 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - "Alice" series [?], 2002. February, painting by McGraw appears in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST.
511 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - "Alice" series [?], untitled lithograph [Rabbit with teapot]. No date. Hand-painted and signed by McGraw, number 10/70.
512 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Announcements, 2001.
513FB-417-02ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Clamshell box with hand-painted cover art by McGraw. No date. Case for mock-up proof [two-page proofs of text and art design]. See also, box 5, folder 22.
514 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1990 - 2002.
515 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Drawings and annotations by McGraw. Artwork done on transcriptions taken from LEWIS CARROLL (1977) and ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (1935), typescripts. No date.
516 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Drawings in pencil and ink by McGraw, originals. No date. Includes 2 photographs of exhibition.
517FB-418-11ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Drawings on tracing paper overlaying color photocopies of paintings. No date. Contains the content page, chapters 1-6 and verso of the jacket art. Includes 8 illustrations not used in the book, tracings with color photocopies.
518 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Paintings by McGraw, color photocopies of chapters 1, and 7-12. 79 leaves.
519 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Page proofs, author's copy. No date. Unbound book without jacket art.
520 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Page proofs, first pull, paginated in pencil 10-95. No date.
521 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Page proofs with jacket art, partial book. No date.
522FB-417-03ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Mock-up proof consisting of two-page proofs, glued in place, 2000. July - September. Includes sketch drawings and annotations by McGraw. Contains loose pages.
523FB-419-01ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Final untrimmed proofs, first pull, 2000. December. Missing page 92.
524FB-419-02ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Final untrimmed proofs, 2000. December. Missing pages 92 and 112.
525FB-415-01ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Mock-up blue clamshell box, with hand-painted cover art by McGraw. [Painting of Alice and mouse], signed in pencil by McGraw.
526FB-415-02ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Mock-up orange clamshell box, with hand-painted cover art by McGraw. [Painting of bowl] signed in pencil by McGraw.
527FB-414-01ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Mock-up purple clamshell box, with hand-painted cover art by McGraw. [Painting of Queen of Hearts] signed in pencil by McGraw.
528FB-414-02ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Mock-up red clamshell box, with hand-painted cover art by McGraw. [Painting of a boy and rabbit] signed in pencil by McGraw.
529FB-416-01ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Mock-up yellow clamshell box, with hand-painted cover art by McGraw. Painting of "Still she went on growing...," signed by McGraw.
530 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Negatives of sculptures by McGraw. No date. Standing sculptures of the Mock Turtle, Alice [front and back], Gryphon [front and back], and boy.
531 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Newspaper clippings, 1986 - 2001.
532 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Reviews from Amazon.com, 2002.
61 ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (2001) - Signage of the book. No date.


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62 San Diego Children's Museum - Preliminary study, 1990 - 1991. Not commissioned, (Bob Sain, director).
63 THREEPENNY REVIEW, cover art and illustrations, 1990. Includes letter.
64 Wilshire Building Project, 1990. Contains project quotation.
65MC-169-11Fern Street Circus. "The Story of Pino the Barber", 1991. September. Limited-edition poster. San Diego, California. [Item 17 in folder].
66 Scottsdale Center for the Arts - Cover art for playbills and announcement card, 1993 - 1997.
67FB-418-05Shakespeare Festival/LA (SFLA) - Brown paperbag design by McGraw, 1994.
68 Wenk, Mimi, 1994 - 1995. Contains photographs of painting by McGraw, original thumbnail sketches and correspondence.
69 EVERYDAY SEDUCTIONS: Stories and Poems by Gary Soto - Cover art by McGraw, 1995. Painting of "Mary With A Troubled Thought," proof of cover art.
610 TAMEME, regarding cover art, 1997 - 2001. Contains correspondence.
611 EDUCATION PSYCHOLOGY - Cover art for the fifth edition, 1998. Painting of "Recess," proof of cover art.
612 Vanderbilt University Medical Center - Project for the Children's Hospital, 1998 - 2002. Contains correspondence and sketch for installation.
613 Carlsbad City Library Sculpture Project - Original drawings with dimensions by McGraw. ca. 1999. Includes project description and notes and abandoned studies.
614MC-169-11Carlsbad City Library Sculpture Project - Poster for the grand opening, 1999. [Item 15 in folder].
615 Nashville Public Library Public Art Program - "Children's Chair for the Seasons", 1999 - 2001. Contains original and color photocopies of rough sketches by McGraw, photograph of McGraw, contact sheet of sculptures, brochure, contract agreement, and correspondence.
616FB-418-06Only the Traveler Can Change the Journey - Broadside. ca. 2000. For the occasion of the publication of Thom Ward's book of poetry, SMALL BOAT WITH OARS OF DIFFERENT SIZE. Contains paste-up, proofs and hand-painted print signed by McGraw and Ward, number 25/300.
617MC-168-18Portrait of Bart - Charcoal drawing highlighted with white chalk on paper, 2002. December.
618 KCRW - "Angel Levels for the 21st Century" - Brochure artwork by McGraw, 2003.
619 3 earrings for pierced ears - Sketch drawings of designs by McGraw. No date.
620 Coachella Valley Child Care - Cover art by McGraw. No date.
621 Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Los Cabos, Mexico - Sketch drawing of a mermaid by McGraw for the bronze sculpture. Includes notes. No date.
622FB-418-07SPEKTRUM - Cover art by McGraw. ca. 1987. Paste-up proof with annotations.
623 Latin Grammy Awards - Preliminary study. No date.
624MC-168-19Untitled charcoal drawing highlighted with white chalk and background painted in blue gouache on paper. No date.


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625 Miscellaneous clippings, 1987 - 2003.
626 Miscellaneous invitation cards, 1987 - 2002.
627 Cincinnati Invitational Awards - Exhibition: Drawings and Prints, 1975. February 6 - March 30. At Cincinnati Art Museum. Photocopy of catalogue.
628 Invitational American Drawing Exhibition, 1977. September 17 - October 30. At Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, California. Catalogue.
629 Poet's New Love, 1983. March. Review by Robert Pincus. At Adrienne Simard Gallery, Los Angeles. Also includes article by Elise Miller entitled "The Artist and the Poet." SAN DIEGO MAGAZINE, vol. 35, no. 11, September 1983.
630 Who Killed Cock Robin? Paintings by DeLoss McGraw: In Response to the Recent Poetry of W. D. Snodgrass, 1984. Includes 3 black-and-white photographs of watercolor paintings: "W. D. Becomes Entangled in the Nest of His Thoughts," "Is W. D. Innocent or Ignorant of Himself Being Observed?" and "W. D. Don't Fear That Animal."
631 In Response to the Poetry of Yeats at Coole Park, 1985. August 30 - September 28. Announcement card. At Harcourts Contemporary, San Francisco.
632MC-169-11Death of Cock Robin: Poems and Paintings, 1986. Poster. [Item 1 in folder].
633 Deloss McGraw: The Painter-Poet, 1987. Includes annotated typescript draft of essay by Jane K. Bledsoe for the catalogue.
634 House the Poet Built, 1987. December. Contains invitation cards (2) with hand-painted etchings signed by McGraw, number 4/125 and 106/125. At Haines Gallery, San Francisco. Includes review.
635MC-169-112nd International Contemporary Art Fair, 1987. December 10-14. Poster. At Simard and Halm Gallery, Los Angeles. [Item 2 in folder].
636 Works on Paper '88, 1988 - 1989. December 2 - January 7. Blurb in the "Gallery Guide." At Moss/Chumley Gallery, Dallas.
637 Galleria Incontro D'Arte, 1988. February - March. Catalogue. Rome.
638MC-169-11DeLoss McGraw, 1988. February 10 - March 6. Poster. At Galleria Incontro D'Arte, Rome, Italy. [Item 3 in folder].
639MC-169-11Wounded Angel, 1988. April 1 - May 7. Poster. [Item 4 in folder].
640MC-169-11Maison Visinand, 1988. April 29 - May 20. Poster. At Montreux, France. [Item 5 in folder].
641 Hard Traveling, 1990. February 16 - March 24. Contains exhibition plans, correspondence with Brighton Press and notes. At Moss/Chumley Gallery, Dallas.
642 Dante's Paradise, 1990. May 8 - June 7. Contains thumbnail drawings by McGraw, notes and correspondence. At Galleria Incontro D'Arte, Rome, Italy.
643MC-169-11James Joyce Conference, 1989. June. Poster. [Item 6 in folder].
644 Rambling Shoe, 1989. November. Consignment inventory, correspondence, clippings, and "Collectively Written Songs" by the children of Oklahoma. At Lizardi/Harp Gallery, Pasadena.
645 Dear Theo, 1990. April 20 - May 31. Contains correspondence, notes, articles on Van Gogh, and announcement card. At The Annex Gallery, San Diego.
646 Drowned Ophelia, 1992. January 30 - March 7. Contains clippings. At Linda Moore Gallery, San Diego.
71 Works by DeLoss McGraw - 15th Annual Literary Arts Festival, 1992. October 4 - 8. Contains announcement postcard, brochure, correspondence, clipping, announcement card, photograph of McGraw, and contact sheet. "Held in conjunction with the Old Dominion University Literary Festival, Dominion University of Norfolk, VA.
72MC-169-11Works by DeLoss McGraw: 15th Annual Literary Arts Festival, 1992. Poster. [Item 7 in folder].
73 Museum in the Making: The Stephane Janssen Collection of Contemporary European and American Art, 1992. November. Contains brochures, announcement card, clippings, and "Portrait - The Janssen Collection," typescript essay. At Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona.
74 DeLoss McGraw. Galeria de Arte - Alianza Cultural Uruguay - E.E.U.U., 1993. May. Catalog.
75MC-169-11Listening to Angels, 1993. October. Poster. At Sylvia White Gallery, Santa Monica, California. [Item 9 in folder].
76 California Gothic: Recent Paintings by DeLoss McGraw, 1993. December 1 - 30. Contains brochure, correspondence and clipping. At Mary Ryan Gallery, New York.
77MC-169-11Angels on Earth, 1994. Poster. [Item 10 in folder].
78 DeLoss McGraw: Twenty-Five Small Black and White Drawings, 1995. December. Pamphlet. At Bentley Gallery.
79MC-169-11DeLoss McGraw - Oklahoma Art Institute, 1995. Poster. [Item 11 in folder].
710MC-169-11DeLoss McGraw - Oklahoma Art Institute, 1996. Poster. [Item 12 in folder].
711 DeLoss McGraw: Oklahoma Gothic, 1997. September 26 - November 16. Contains sketch drawings by McGraw, notes, study materials, and photographs of talk at University of Oklahoma, McGraw's studio and castle.
712 DeLoss McGraw: Oklahoma Gothic, 1997. Includes invitation card and newspaper clippings.
713FB-418-08DeLoss McGraw: Oklahoma Gothic - Paintings [14] for John Ashbery's poem, photocopies. ca. 1997.
714 DeLoss McGraw: Oklahoma Gothic - Poems by Susan M. Wyler, 1997. Includes correspondence and photograph of Wyler for catalogue.
715MC-169-11DeLoss McGraw: Oklahoma Gothic - Poster, 1997. September - November. [Item 13 in folder].
716 As A Poem, So Is A Picture, 1997 - 1998. November 21 - February 1. Contains photocopied catalogue proofs annotated by McGraw, meeting minutes, announcements and correspondence.
717 As A Poem, So Is A Picture - Integrating Art and Literature: Lesson Plans, 1997. Lesson plans for primary through upper elementary school.
718MC-169-11As A Poem, So Is A Picture, 1998. August - October. Poster. [Item 14 in folder].
719 Custer, Crazy Horse and The River of Electricity: A Painter's Response To Poetry, 2000. April 7 - June 25. Contains original sketch drawings by McGraw, photographs of finished paintings with corresponding poetry writing by Heyen with annotations, correspondence, and selected pages from brochure.
720 Custer, Crazy Horse and The River of Electricity: A Painter's Response To Poetry - Poems by Heyen, 1996 - 2001. Includes "Crazy Horse and Custer: The River of Electricity," typescript with annotations by McGraw, correspondence and photograph of Heyen with others.
721 Custer, Crazy Horse and The River of Electricity: A Painter's Response To Poetry - Correspondence, 2000. Regarding the broadside, McGraw's drawing of an upside-down Custer paired with Heyen's poem, "Wormhole."
722FB-418-09Custer, Crazy Horse and The River of Electricity: A Painter's Response To Poetry - Broadside poems, 2001. In commemoration of the DeLoss McGraw/William Heyen exhibition. Contains 2 broadsides, [one hand-colored by McGraw, number 75/75], signed by McGraw and Heyen.
723 For Children Only - Alice - "Alice, Home and Stuff" - Drawings by McGraw with text, 2000. May 6 - June 21. At William D. Cannon Art Gallery.
724MC-169-11For Children Only - Alice, 2000. May 6 - June 21. Poster for exhibition. [Item 16 in folder].
81 For Children Only - Alice. "Alice, Home and Stuff" - Working dummy books by McGraw and C. O., 2000.
82 Circus Loosely - Catalogue, 2001. April 29 - June 17. Includes page proofs for catalogue and brochures.
83 Circus Loosely - Material for "The Children's Crusade", 2000. November. Selected writings by USD students. Includes annotations and sketch drawings by McGraw.
84 Circus Loosely - Materials on Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill and John Highkin, 2000. December. Contains newspaper clippings, THE TRAGICAL COMEDY, OR COMICAL TRAGEDY OF PUNCH AND JUDY, notes, "An Oral History Interview with Lotte Lenya," and KURT WEILL newsletter.
85MC-167-01Circus Loosely - "Circus Bear Poster" - Brush painting and paste-up on paper by McGraw. ca. 2001.
86MC-167-02Circus Loosely - "Circus Bear Poster" - Mold for papercast. ca. 2001. Cast [cracked at bottom] by John David Boyd.
87AB-28 - DCircus Loosely - "Circus Bear Poster" - Papercast hand-painted by McGraw, signed and framed. ca. 2001.
88 Circus Loosely - Drawings by McGraw with selected catalogue pages, 2001. Includes a gouache painting for Brecht study and notes.
89 Circus Loosely - Newspaper clippings, 2001.
810 Circus Loosely - "Gimpel the Fool" - Drawings in ink by McGraw. No date.
811MC-167-03Circus Loosely - "Gimpel the Fool" - Papercasts hand-painted by McGraw. ca. 2001. Contains 3 different versions of compositions and colors, unfinished.
812 Circus Loosely - Photographs of McGraw in a costume and on stilts. ca. 2001. Includes contact sheets.
813 Circus Loosely - Photographs of McGraw with others at opening reception. ca. 2001.
814 Public Art in Albuquerque - "Queen of Hearts in Red Field", 2002. Brochure.
815 Unidentified exhibition materials. No date. List of artworks and installation plan view of a gallery.


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