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The publications of Revelle College, the first established college at UCSD, contain published materials produced by the Office of the Provost. The publications, including commencement programs, newsletters, and handbooks were produced as informational and educational brochures for current and/or prospective students, and their parents. Additionally, the records contain miscellaneous photographs.

Administrative History

Revelle College, named after oceanographer and founder Roger Revelle in 1964, was the first college established at UCSD. The first provost of Revelle College was Scripps Institution of Oceanography marine chemist Edward D. Goldberg. The college is known for emphasizing well-rounded general education requirements, ensuring that students graduating from the college experience a wide array of subjects. Revelle College is also known for the annual Watermelon Drop event, started in 1965, which announces and celebrates the end of the Spring Quarter.

Scope and Contents


The PHOTOGRAPHS series contains images of events including the dedication of the Richard Fleischner sculpture "La Jolla Project" and a Founder's luncheon with Roger Revelle and Clark Kerr.


The PUBLICATIONS, arranged alphabetically, were produced by the Office of the Provost and represent informational brochures for new and current students about topics such as student residence hall conduct and quarterly term calendars. The series also includes commencement programs from 1968-1992.


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1 15 Miscellaneous photographs of the dedication of the Richard Fleischner sculpture "La Jolla Project" including Roger Revelle and Clark Kerr, 1984.


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1 1 The Blurb, 1975.
1 2 Commencement Exercises - Invitations, 1973-1997.
1 3 Commencement Exercises - Programs, 1968-1982.
1 4 Convocations, 1967-1977.
1 5 Dedication, 1965.
1 6 Freshmen Orientation Handbook.
Includes issues: 1967-68, 1972-73.
1 7 Freshmen Summer Orientation Program, 1968-1992.
1 8 Honors Banquet - Programs, 1984-1998.
1 9 Parents Program, 1974-1975.
1 10 Residence Hall - Handbook, 1968-1981.
1 11 Revellations - A Glimpse into Revelle College, UCSD, 1986.
1 12 Revellations - Revelle College Publication - Newsletter, October 1988 - February 1991.
1 13 Revelle College Student Handbook, 1983-1985.
1 14 Revelle Student Handbook & Calendar, 1987-1992.

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