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The Capital Planning Project Planning Guides contain administrative and planning documents for proposed facilities and building spaces, or renovation initiatives for the main campus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the UCSD Medical Center (Hillcrest). Project Planning Guides are prepared by Capital Planning and submitted to the UC Regents for project approval.

Historical note

The UCSD Office of Capital Planning, under the direction of Campus Planning and the Vice Chancellor for Resource Management and Planning, plays a key role in the development of capital projects for UCSD including facility construction and renovation, and utility infrastructure. This administrative unit coordinates and facilitates the capital process on the campus; serves as the main conduit for communications with the Office of the President for initial Regental and Presidential project approval; and is responsible for space program development and justification, along with funding analysis.

Scope and Contents of Collection

The Project Planning Guides represent the proposal documents submitted to the Building Advisory Committee (BAC) for design approval and revisions before final approval by the Chancellor's Office. The guides are the scope reports for justification, project schedule, capital improvement budget, funding plan, and environmental documentation. The files include building and renovation projects for several of the major colleges on the main campus of UCSD including Revelle, Muir, and Third College (Thurgood Marshall); physical education facilities; Geisel Library; the Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and various building for the School of Medicine and the UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest. The planning guides also include correspondence, blueprints, interoffice memorandums, and notes from 1966-1990. In addition, the files include reports of the Major Capital Improvement Program, the proposals for identifying the space and capital needs of the campus, from 1969-1975. The records are arranged in two series: 1) PROJECT PLANNING GUIDES and 2) MAJOR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM.


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1 Colleges - Revelle, Muir, Third College (Thurgood Marshall), Warren, residential apartments, Camp Matthews renovations.
2 Physical Education and Recreational Center, miscellaneous campus buildings.
3 Central University Library (Geisel Library), miscellaneous campus buildings.
4-5 Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
6 Camp Elliott Animal Facilities, School of Medicine, Basic Medical Science Building.
7-11 University Hospital (UCSD Medical Center).


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12 1 Capital and Operating Budgetary Issues, 1974-1975.
12 2 Capital Improvement Program, 1969-1974.
12 3 Major Capital Improvement Program, 1964 - 1969.
12 4 San Diego Medical School, 1964-1969, January 15, 1963.
12 5 Major Capital Improvement Program, 1965 - 1970.
12 6 Major Capital Improvement Program, 1966 - 1976.
12 7 Proposals, 1967-1972, January 25, 1966.
12 8 Proposals, 1968-1973, March 21, 1967.
12 9 Proposals for amending, 1969-1974, January 22, 1968.
12 10 Proposals (Medical), 1970-1975. Volume 2, February 7, 1969.
12 11 Proposals (General and SIO), 1970-1975, Volume 1, February 7, 1969.

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