Transcripts, correspondence, and one composite photograph pertaining to a symposium devoted to the origins of the UCSD School of Medicine. The symposium was organized by Robert N. Hamburger, and it took place on 1 November 1984. Roger Revelle, Clark Kerr, Herbert York, John Galbraith, and Joseph Stokes were participants in the symposium. James Arnold and Clifford Grobstein were not present with the others but contributed pre-recorded comments that were replayed and responded to during the symposium. (They appear in the transcript at the point they occured. An audiorecording of Arnold's remarks is also in the collection.) Numerous comments from unidentified persons in the audience also occur in the recording and transcript.

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1 1 "Origins of School of Medicine at UCSD" - First draft, 1984. Typescript printout, pp. 131.
1 2 "Origins of the School of Medicine at UCSD" - Second draft, 1984. Typescript printout, pp. 124.
1 3 Correspondence with Arnold, Stokes and Kerr, 1986. Includes a photocopy of a printout draft with Kerr's corrections.
1 4 Katherine Ringrose's copy of draft sent to Kerr on 30 December 1985. With Ringrose's corrections.
1 5 Audiorecording of James Arnold's remarks, 1984.
1 6 Composite photograph of Revelle, Bonner and Stokes..

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