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Library Cards & Borrowing Privileges

UCSD Students, Staff and Faculty

UCSD Students, Staff & Faculty : Present your UCSD student identification card at any UCSD library circulation desk and complete a brief registration form.

Salaried academic UCSD employees are eligible to designate up to three (3) research assistants to check out library materials on their behalf. These proxy cards are not for use by spouses, domestic partners, or children. For additional information, please contact the UCSD SSHL Circulation Desk (858 -534-3339, option #3).

UCSD Extension Students and Faculty

UCSD Extension students are eligible for library privileges with the UCSD Libraries at a discounted fee of $15.00 for 3 months. Concurrently enrolled UCSD Extension students receive privileges at no additional charge. Proof of current registration will be required when you apply for your library card.

UCSD Extension faculty must be sponsored by their cluster in order to obtain library privileges. Extension faculty should contact their cluster representative for pre-approval or contact the UCSD SSHL Circulation Desk (858-534-3339, option #3) for additional information.

Courtesy UCSD Library Cards

UCSD offers courtesy privilege cards to members of the following groups:

  • Other UC faculty, staff and students
  • Immediate family of UC faculty and staff
  • Members of the UC Alumni Association
  • Faculty at WASC Accredited Schools in San Diego\Imperial Counties
  • OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program
  • K-12 California Public School Teachers
  • Staff employees of the San Diego Supercomputer
  • Members of the UCSD Board of Overseers
  • Members of the UCSD Chancellor's Associates

Proof of eligibility will be required when you apply for your library card. Contact the UCSD SSHL Circulation Desk (858-534-3339, option #3) for additional information

Additional UCSD Library Cards

Residents of California, 18 years and older, who are not eligible for a courtesy library card may obtain a library card for a fee.

UCSD Library Privilege Card: $100.00 for 12 months

UCSD Library Student Privilege Card: $25.00 for 6 months or $50.00 for 12 months. Open to registered students of the California State University (CSU) or California Community College (CCC) systems. Students must have a current, valid I.D. card from their home institution.

Friends of the UCSD Libraries Card: Various pricing for 12 months

Senior Citizen member (65 or older) $50.00
Student $50.00
Associate (single) $80.00
Associate (dual) $120.00
Contributor (single) $120.00
Contrbutor (dual) $180.00
Supportor $300.00
Donor $500.00
Patron $1000.00
Benefactor $2500.00
Life $5000.00

Contact the Friends of the UCSD Libraries office (858-534-1183) for additional information regarding membership.

Obtaining a UCSD Library Card

Courtesy cards and additional cards are issued at the circulation desk in Geisel Library. Applicants must complete an application form, show proof of California residency, and provide two forms of identification. Primary identification must include at least one form of photo identification from the following list:

  1. a valid California driver license;
  2. a valid California identification card; or
  3. a current passport.

The second form of identification may be either a current major credit card or a social security card.

UCSD Library Privilege cards and Student Privilege cards may be paid by pre-printed check, money order, or by credit card: MasterCard or Visa.

Friends of the UCSD Libraries cards may be paid by pre-printed check, money order, or by credit card: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Cash payments are also accepted Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Contact the SSHL Circulation Desk if you would like additional clarification on eligibility and forms of payment accepted (858-534-3339, option #3).

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Checking out library materials

UCSD library materials are checked out at the circulation desk at each UCSD library.  A valid UCSD photo identification card or a UCSD library privilege card with a photo ID is required for borrowing privileges.

Return, renew, recall and holds

UCSD library material, excluding course reserves items, slides and carousels, may be returned to any UCSD library. All UCSD library circulation desks offer convenient return bins. In addition, Geisel Library and Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library offer external return slots. Geisel Library also provides drive-up book return bins in the upper parking lot at the end of Hopkins Drive.

The  UCSD Libraries offer three ways to renew items for individuals who have renewal privileges. They include:

Some borrowers may place a recall or hold on any item that is currently checked out. "Recall" alters the due date so that the item will be returned sooner. "Hold" will not change the current due date of an item, but put you next in line. To place a hold or a recall, contact the Circulation Desk.   UCSD faculty, staff, or graduate student, may also use the Request option in ROGER to place a hold or recall items. A pickup notice will be sent immediately upon receipt. 

Missing items

Please ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk of any UCSD library for any items listed as "AVAILABLE" in ROGER, but which appear to be missing from the shelves.

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Your Library Account

 Viewing your own record and Renewing material online

If you are registered for UCSD Libraries borrowing privileges, you can access your Library account via ROGER.  Here, you may view your address information for accuracy, see if an item you requested has arrived, and renew library material.

Password/PIN: The first time you access your record, you will be asked to create a password. You may use any combination of letters and numbers. Passwords are not case sensitive.  If you forget your password, please contact any one of the UCSD Libraries Circulation Desks and ask to have your password deleted. You will then need to create a new one the next time you attempt to view your record. 

If you have any questions regarding your circulation record, please contact any the Circulation Desk.

Updating your library record

All library users are responsible for providing the library with current mailing addresses. For mailing address changes, please make the changes in StudentLink. For email changes, please come to the Circulation Desk.

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal notification

UCSD students requesting  a formal Leave of Absence or Withdrawal must obtain the appropriate documentation and present it for signature at the circulation desk of the UCSD Social Sciences and Humanities Library. Library privileges will be suspended upon signature of the appropriate form. Individuals who reside in the San Diego area may inquire about obtaining a UCSD Library Privilege Card

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Billing Services


To contact the UCSD Libraries Billing Unit for any questions or further clarification, please call 858.534.1269 or email

Overdue notices

The library will send an overdue notice to the primary mailing or email address users have given us. The library is not responsible for undelivered mail. Overdue notices are a courtesy and non-receipt or late receipt does not exempt the user from overdue fines and replacement bills. Upon receipt of an overdue notice, either return the item(s) or contact the library immediately.  Renewal privileges may be applicable. If not, items must be returned by the due date to avoid the assessment of a non-cancelable fee.

Overdue fines

There is no grace period for overdue Library material. There is however, a short period of time between the due date of an item and the date fees will be assessed. This brief period provides library staff with the opportunity to process returned material and update library records before fees are assessed.

If overdue library material is not returned or renewed, a second courtesy notice is sent, informing the borrower that a non-cancelable overdue fine of $7.00 (per item) has been assessed.  If an item has been recalled and not returned on time, an additional $14.00 non-cancelable recall penalty fee is added to the overdue charges. If there is no response to the second courtesy notice, overdue material will eventually move into the replacement billing cycle. A billing notice including replacement fees covering the cost of the item,  a $20.00 processing fee, and a $14.00 non-cancelable overdue fine per item will be sent. Borrowing privileges are suspended at this time. Upon return of the billed item(s), in most cases a partial credit may be generated. 

Unpaid library bills are assigned to a collection agency.  Future registration and access to transcripts will be blocked if library bills are not paid.  Payments for fines and bills can be sent by mail or paid in person at the

UCSD Central Cashier's Office
9500 Gilman Drive, Box 0009,
La Jolla, CA 92093-0009.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 3:00pm.


Billing appeals must be submitted in writing and will only be accepted within 30 days of the bill. Appeals will be reviewed by the Library Billing Committee and notification of the Library's decision will be made within 5 working days. 

Fees will not be waived for the following reasons:

  • Late or non-receipt of courtesy overdue notices
  • Failure to notify library of address change
  • Lending material to someone else and she/he returned it late or failed to return it
  • Material returned via the US Mail and was received late or failed to arrive
  • Material returned to other UC library and was received late or failed to arrive

Submit a Billing Appeals Request

Claims returned

Users who receive an overdue fee or replacement bill for an item that has been returned must contact the circulation desk at the owning library and file a Claims Returned. Library staff will conduct several searches for the item. If it is found, the item will be checked in immediately. If the book is not found, or there is a problem with a book that is located, a decision will be made by the Library Billing Committee.

Lost or stolen materials

Lost or stolen library material must be reported immediately to the owning library in order to avoid full overdue fines,  and replacement and processing fees. In order for a book to be verified as stolen, a copy of a police or insurance report must be presented  to the owning library. Borrowers who present a copy of the police or insurance report are still responsible for all replacement costs and any fee which accrued  prior to your contacting the owning library. Borrowers who present a copy of an insurance claim for the stolen library material, may be allowed to maintain library borrowing privileges while the insurance claim is processed.

Damaged Book Policy

Borrowers are responsible for any damage that occurs to an item while it is checked out on your library account. The types of damage for which you can be charged include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Water damage
  • Torn pages
  • Post-it notes and book marks
  • Dog-eared pages
  • Damaged pages (includes highlighting, marginalia, and underlining - all writing tools included)
  • Rebinding
  • Multiple repairs (combination of above)
  • Irreparable items (items that can no longer circulate due to derogatory/offensive writing and drawing).

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Request a UCSD-owned Article (for UCSD Faculty, Staff, & Grad Students Only)

UCSD faculty, staff and graduate students with departmental recharge privileges are eligible for this service. A $3.50 per article service fee will be charged for most articles. Use this form to request copies of journal articles and book chapters held at one of the following libraries:

  • Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Art & Architecture
  • Music
  • East Asia Collection







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