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Who? What? Where?

A guide to services in the UCSD libraries and beyond.


    Accessing library databases/course reserves from off-campus
    For assistance, contact Network Operations at 858.534.1857 or

    ACS computer labs
    account information | lab locations/software | printing

    ACS labs in Libraries
    Geisel 1st floor tunnel
    [PC software list | Mac software list] | [Printers: color4, laser13, laser24]
    S&E library
    [PC software list | Mac software list] | [Printers: color21, scilib_lj, laser26]
    [PC software list | Mac software list] | [Printers: color19, laser63, laser64, laser75]

    Add/Drop cards
    EDNA | Registrar

    Annex (see also SRLF)
    off-campus storage facility for UCSD Libraries; anyone may request delivery of items to any UCSD Library

    Birch Aquarium | Gilman Parking Structure | Hillcrest Medical Center | Price Center | RIMAC | Student Center |
    Thornton Hospital | Torrey Pines Center South

    Bookstore | Sun God Lounge vending machine

    Books on tape
    none in Libraries; try public libraries

    Groundwork | UCSD Bookstore

    Building codes

    Building locations

    Bulletin board/posting requests
    for SSH, see M. Burzynski

    Calculator, scientific
    S&E circulation desk

    Carillon (bells)

    Catalog (Roger)

    CD-RW drives
    ACS labs

    Imprints@Geisel (for copy cards only) | Bookstore counter | Price Center Game Room | Gilman/Pangea parking structures

    Checking out books
    Circulation desks within each library | Self-check machines in Geisel (next to the Information Desk)

    Children's books
    Geisel 7th floor, call number range PZ5 - PZ90

    Citation Linker
    If you already have a journal or book citation, use this to find availability in the Libraries

    Class schedules

    Classrooms, Library
    CLICS 263: ACS lab (faculty instruction use)
    CLICS 264: TLC (library instruction use)
    Geisel 274: Library Electronic Classroom
    Geisel 276: Library Resource Center
    SIO 175: Training room (library instruction use)

    Computer access for guests
    Library computers are open to the public, subject to the Infostation Use Policy
    Most computers do not have Microsoft Office; if you need these applications, please see "Productivity Stations" below
    If you bring your own laptop, you may obtain a wireless password from the Circulation/Information/Reference Desks

    Copy cards, Imprints
    BML | CLICS | CPNM | Information Desk | IR/PS | S&E | SIO | SSH Reference Desk
    Imprints@Geisel (cash; check; credit card with $5 minimum)

    Course catalog
    current edition
    1994-current via CollegeSource (available only within library)
    1961-current available in Special Collections [LD 781 S2 A424]
    1961-last year available in CPNM [XF 2438]

    Course readers
    Alternative to soft reserves: located at 3970 Sorrento Valley Blvd. Suite G | 800.200.3908 or 858.552.1120 | website

    Course reserves
    Concurrently enrolled Extension students may obtain a password from the SSH Circulation Desk to access course reserves

    Course webpages

    Directions to Libraries

    Disabled, Library Services for the
    General information
    For other issues, contact N. Relaford (or other circulation supervisors in her absence)

    Dissertations, UCSD
    Roger subject search: "dissertations--academic--ucsd--subject"

    Donating books to Libraries
    Information Desk

    Dr. Seuss Collection

    DVD-RW drives
    ACS lab, Geisel | S&E Mac stations

    EDNA's List of Commonly-Called Phone Numbers

    English language instruction books
    Roger subject search: "english language textbooks for foreign speakers"

    Escort, Campus Safety
    Call 534-WALK (9255) for a safety escort from sunset until 1am

    Ethernet ports
    IR/PS has 40 ports at carrels and in study rooms

    Extension students information
    Library cards | UCSD Extension
    Extension students are not eligible for ACS accounts or remote access to databases
    Concurrently-enrolled Extension students may obtain a password from the SSH Circulation Desk to access course reserves

    Fax machine
    all Imprints locations

    Fines, Library

    Floor plans
    BML 1st floor | BML 2nd floor | S&E | SSH

    Floppies for sale
    Imprints@Geisel | UCSD Bookstore

    Food and drink policy

    Foreign language lab/tapes AP&M, room 3432A

    Friends of the UCSD Libraries
    brochures available at Information Desk
    see Friends webpage or call 858.534.1183 for more information

    Geisel building information
    Self-guided tour brochure available at Information Desk

    Geisel GIS Lab (SSH) | CLICS | Social Sciences Building

    Government documents
    SSH Reference

    Grants books
    SSH Reference Desk shelving

    Group study rooms
    CLICS (reservations required only during finals)
    S&E (2nd floor; only one requires reservations)
    SIO (1st floor; no reservations required)
    SSH (5th floor; must reserve & show ID at circ)

    Guardian (UCSD newspaper)
    Guardian website (2000- ) | CPNM (1967- )

    Music/FVL Services Desk | SSH Circulation Desk

    Hole punch
    Information Desk | SSH Reference Desk

    Hours, Library

    Laminating service

    Laptop printing
    see Printing, Laptop

    Laptops for check-out
    BML (faculty/staff/medical students/grad students)

    Ledden Auditorium
    located in the Humanities and Social Sciences building

    Libraries, UCSD
    Also: Career Services Center | Cross-Cultural Center | LGBT Resource Center | Women's Center | San Diego area libraries

    Library contacts

    Library of Congress (LC) call numbers
    Classification Outline | How to read LC call numbers

    Library statistics
    number of volumes held at each UCSD Library

    Arts Libraries (grad students only) | some commuter lounges

    Lost and found
    SSH Circulation Desk | UCSD Campus Police Department

    Campus maps available at the Information Desk and online (also try the new Beta version)
    Library maps available at the Information Desk
    The maps collections are located in SSH Reference

    MatLab software
    CLICS | S&E

    Microform reader/printers
    CPNM | IR/PS | S&E, 2nd Floor | SSH Reference (fiche only)

    Microsoft Office
    ACS labs | Library productivity stations (available in AAL, CPNM, SSH Reference)

    New Writing Series
    audio tapes and podcasts at MSCL

    Notary Public

    Paper cutter
    CPNM | SIO | SSH Reference

    Parking for visitors

    Pencil sharpener
    SSH Circulation Desk | SSH reference (by photocopiers)

    All UCSD Libraries | Geisel Library (each floor) | Imprints

    Photocopiers, color
    Imprints at the Price Center

    Photocopiers, double-sided copies
    Imprints@Geisel | IR/PS

    Photocopiers, large format
    Imprints@Geisel | SIO map room

    Postal services

    Presentation Practice Room
    CLICS, room 255

    ACS printers: require printing account; cost for copies is .05/pg
    Library printers: require Imprints copy card; cost for copies is .10/pg

    Printing, Color
    BML | CLICS | S&E | SSH Reference | some ACS labs

    Printing, Laptop
    ACS printers | Library printers

    Proctoring service
    UCSD Extension, Carmel Mountain Ranch facility: Butch Parreno, 858.451.7474,

    Productivity stations
    Library computers with Microsoft Office software
    AAL | CPNM | SSH Reference

    Proxy server instructions
    see "Accessing library databases/course reserves from off-campus" above

    Purchase recommendations
    BML | S&E | SSH

    Reference/research assistance

    Restaurants on campus
    Dining Services | University Centers

    Salary books, UC
    official title is "UC payroll data"; available at SSH circulation desk [LD736.75 U53]

    BML | S&E | some ACS labs

    Seuss Collection

    Seuss Room
    meeting room located in the alcove east of Mandeville Special Collections Library

    Shuttle and bus services

    Slide collection

    Soft reserves
    Student Center A #119 (534-6256)

    Sorority/fraternity sign-in books
    SSH Reference (last row of ref desk shelving)

    SPSS Statistical software
    Solis Hall computer lab (for all student class work) | Datacruncher (contact D. Tower)

    SRLF (see also Annex)
    off-campus storage facility for UC Libraries (Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara)
    items may be requested for delivery by any current UC student/staff/faculty

    CPNM | Information Desk | SSH Circulation Desk | SSH Reference Desk

    Stapler, heavy-duty
    CPNM | Information Desk | SIO Circulation Desk | SSH Reference Desk

    Stuart Collection
    guide available at Information Desk and online

    Student employment opportunities in Libraries
    2nd floor of Geisel, far east end

    Study areas
    Quiet Study: Geisel 4th-8th floors | BML 2nd floor | S&E 1st floor west
    Additional Library Study Space | Commuter Lounges | University Centers Study Space

    Suggestions for Libraries
    drop box between Information Desk and SSH Reference desk | online form

    Information Desk | SSH reference desk

    Telephone, ACS
    by whiteboard in ACS lab

    Telephone, campus
    In Geisel: purple hall between Information Desk and Special Collections; hall between Imprints and S&E

    Telephone, public
    outside entrance to Geisel Library

    Academic Success Program | Groundwork | Library Course Reserves | UCSD Bookstore

    Tours, Campus
    Prospective Students | Vistors/General Public

    Tours, Geisel Library

    Tutoring service

    none on campus (try Kinko’s or public libraries)

    University Readers
    see Course Readers

    USB extension cord
    Information Desk (hold ID card) | SSH Reference Desk

    USB ports
    all Library computers | ACS lab

    Vending machines
    Sun God Lounge

    Visitor information
    Library services | parking | visitor guide

    Water fountains
    near each restroom

    group study rooms in BML, CLICS, S&E

    Wireless access
    all Libraries | map of campus coverage | network status | wireless FAQ

    Wireless network cards
    Bookstore (for sale) | IR/PS circulation (IR/PS grad students/faculty) | S&E circulation (UCSD students/staff/faculty)

    Wireless password, guest
    All Library Circulation Desks | SSH Information Desk | SSH Reference Desk | Art of Espresso Coffee cart



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