Fall 2013 - Update on Library Transitions


After several years of library consolidations, the UC San Diego Library has now transitioned from a series of discipline-based libraries to one Library, offering a full suite of services and resources to all of our users across campus. As part of this transition, the internal restructuring that began last year has been completed, resulting—we believe—in a more integrated and centralized suite of services and resources for our campus community.

While our former discipline-based libraries no longer exist, university faculty, students, and other users will continue to have access to many of the services and resources—both physical and digital—that they have come to expect from the Library. Although some staff reassignments have been made, library staff will continue to support campus teaching and research with the same expert and subject-based support and advice and the same high level of excellent and responsive user services.

The Library is now embarking on its fourth year in its effort to consolidate our print collections. Our top priority during this process has been to retain on campus the materials that are most actively used and needed to support current instruction and research. We expect this process, which has primarily involved the consolidation of our physical collections in the Geisel and Biomedical Library buildings, to be completed later this year. Last year, we began the complicated process of transferring Scripps Library materials—including approximately 150,000 books—to the Geisel Library, a process that is now completed. More information about our collection consolidation efforts can be found here: http://libraries.ucsd.edu/collections/consolidation/index.html

We realize these transitions may be challenging for some of our faculty, students, and staff alike. We appreciate your patience and support and will continue to do all we can to minimize the negative impact of these efforts. Feedback from our faculty users has been essential to our consolidation efforts to date. We will continue to solicit feedback from faculty and other library users over the next year, to ensure that the changes we implement effectively meet the programmatic and service needs of the campus community.

If you have questions about any of these activities, please consult our Library Transitions FAQ: http://libraries.ucsd.edu/transitions/index.html  We would also welcome your feedback at: http://libraries.ucsd.edu/suggestions.html

Brian E. C. Schottlaender
The Audrey Geisel University Librarian

Transitions & Consolidations FAQ