Digital Library Development Program

The UC San Diego Library’s Digital Library Development Program (DLDP) encourages, facilitates, and supports the collaborative creation, management, delivery, and long-term preservation of digital assets in support of the Library’s mission and goals. The DLDP coordinates teams comprised of members with expertise in legal issues, grant writing, subject and format knowledge, digital reformatting, metadata creation and transformation, information technology and web development.

Digital Collections

Digital Assest Management System

Technical Architecture


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Digital Collections

The UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website is a public beta search and discovery interface that currently features more than 50,000 digital objects, including documents, photographs, audio, video, and data sets, which reflect a range of materials collected, managed, and preserved by the Library to support teaching, learning and research.

Content has been drawn from across the Library's collections with strengths in the areas of Baja California, Melanesia, Oceanography, and UC San Diego history. The Digital Collections also contain research data gathered by campus researchers as part of a campus-wide initiative, The Research Cyberinfrastructure Program.  The Digital Collections website represents only a fraction of the materials available in the UC San Diego Library. More content will be available over time.

Access to select digital collections is made freely accessible to the UC San Diego community (faculty, staff and students) and the public via the Digital Collections website. There are two different states to the DAMS Public Access System (PAS): a public view and a UCSD IP Restricted Access view.  Because of copyright restrictions, fair use, or licensing agreements, some digitized materials are restricted to UCSD IP access only.

For more information, read the Digital Collections FAQ or Libguide.  If you have any questions about access or the copyright status of a collection, please email

Digital Asset Management System

The UCSD Library Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) is a locally developed digital repository designed to store and manage digital assets of UC San Diego.

Technical Architecture

The DAMS is an expression of our XDRE (eXtensible Digital Resource Environment) framework. Components include:

  • Resource Description Framework (RDF) data model,
  • Solr (an indexing service based on Lucene),
  • JSON (Java Script Object Notation data exchange format),
  • Samba and OpenStack file services,
  • ARKs (Archival Resource Keys, unique identifiers),
  • Java based development platform,
  • Ruby on Rails based display and discovery sytem using Hydra and Blacklight.

The DAMS' flexible architecture can accept a variety of data formats, schemas and web services when ingesting digital assets. It stores digital content files and allows for the creation, indexing and searching of associated metadata to locate and retrieve the content files. Content can be composed of files in any format, including text, sound, video, and images.

The DAMS is also designed to facilitate the transfer and submission of the Library's digital assets to Chronopolis and the California Digital Library’s Merritt, and can easily be extended to serve other purposes. Additionally, the DAMS is able to export data in many formats, including METS, HTML, OAI, RSS, CSV.  Future plans include linking data sets with other universities and organizations.

For more information about the DAMS, including the data model and technical diagram, see Github:

Additional information on Hydra is available at Project Hydra and Duraspace.


The DAMS currently supports the following metadata standards:

For more information on the metadata requirements and standards for data within the DAMS, see Metadata Services.

Services offered in partnership with the California Digital Library


Provides a single shared solution for the preservation, management, and controlled dissemination of digital collections that support research, teaching, and learning for benefit of the UC Libraries and their users. The repository provides a set of self-service interfaces that the libraries use to deposit and manage digital objects. The services and storage are based at the CDL.

eScholarship Repository

A free, open-access infrastructure that offers UC departments, centers, and research units direct control over the creation and dissemination of the full range of their scholarship, including pre-publication materials, journals and peer-reviewed series, postprints, and seminar papers. These materials are freely available to the public online.

Online Archive of California

A core component of the CDL, the OAC is a digital information resource that facilitates and provides access to materials such as manuscripts, photographs, and works of art held in libraries, museums, archives, and other institutions across California. The OAC is available to students, teachers, and researchers of all levels, providing access to information previously available only to scholars who traveled to collection sites.

Web Archiving Service

A service that enables librarians and scholars to capture, analyze and archive web sites and documents.