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UC San Diego Library Collection Endowment Needs

The UC San Diego Library has specific interest in developing and/or enhancing the following collections. As the campus grows and academic focuses change, these are the areas in which our faculty and students currently need the most support.

Collection endowments may be created with a minimum gift of $10,000 spread over five years, though we encourage contributors to consider larger gifts that will make a more long-lasting impact.

Biological Sciences
To support continued development of the Library’s collection of research and instruction in the biological sciences. This collection is utilized by over 4,000 undergraduate biology majors and provides the foundation for medical and environmental breakthroughs that have the promise of changing how we live.

Biotechnology and Chemistry
To support and enhance materials related to research and innovations in materials science, engineering, pharmaceutical development, and biochemistry. An endowment in this area will enable the Library to move quickly in the development of emerging technology coordinated with the Schools of Medicine and Engineering, the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and many neighboring research institutes and industrial laboratories.

Business Management
To provide library resources for one of the newest professional schools on campus, the Rady School of Management. Core materials are needed to keep abreast with this school’s fast track efforts to become one of the best business schools in the country.

California Cultures and Ethnicities
To develop a research collection that reflects the changing economic and demographic profile of California. These materials will support the California Cultures Initiative on campus and will enable our diverse student body to learn more about their particular cultural heritage.

Contemporary European Studies
To develop and strengthen our holdings in European ethnicity, immigration and migration issues, and emerging ethnic literatures. These are core materials used by an increasingly interdisciplinary group of arts, humanities, and social science departments on campus.

To develop and maintain a collection of resources for the Jacobs School of Engineering that meets the needs of the campus, the San Diego region, and the state, including bioengineering, earthquake and renewal engineering, energy, high performance computing, information technology, networking and communications, and materials. San Diego is home to a vibrant engineering community that depends on these materials to create new ideas, develop new products, and to add to the economy of our area and beyond.

Experimental Film and Media
To expand primary source experimental film and media that are essential resources in supporting the curriculum and research of the Visual Arts Department and the Film Studies Program, as well as other departments, such as Literature, Communication and Sociology. This collection is unique, not only within the UC System but in academic libraries in general, and it plays a key role in the interdisciplinary curriculum of Sixth College which examines the intersections of culture, the arts, and technology.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture, Arts, and Technology
To collect materials that reflect the exploding interdisciplinary curriculum on campus that fosters communication between seemingly incongruous areas of study. This nexus of technology, culture, sociology, and the arts brings about new ways of looking at the world and our society.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Engineering and Physical Sciences
To develop collections that support emerging and interdisciplinary research, from bioengineering to materials science, to molecular architecture to computational chemistry. UC San Diego's interdisciplinary history, combined with its tradition of innovation and risk-taking, has enabled the campus to recruit top scholars and students who demand these innovative resources to continue their exploration of new ideas.

International Literatures in English
To strengthen the collection of materials that relate to the literatures and cultures in the English-speaking world outside of Britain and the United States. Because of the highly interdisciplinary nature of these studies, these resources are of interest to scholars in other areas outside of literature, including sociology, history, political science, and communication.

Marine Sciences
To continue to comprehensively collect materials in the marine sciences at the Scripps Library, one of the best comprehensive marine science libraries in the United States. As a national resource for the marine sciences, the Scripps Library must consistently expand and digitize its collections to maintain this very high level of distinction.

To enable the Library to continue to provide the UC San Diego Medical Center and School of Medicine with the most authoritative, current and complete biomedical information available in online and print formats. UC San Diego Library offers the premier biomedical collection in San Diego County, supporting patient care, research, and medical education. The rapid expansion of scientific knowledge makes it critical to grow these resources in a timely fashion.

Melanesian Studies
To enhance one of UC San Diego’s special collections of distinction through the addition of anthropologists’ manuscript research materials, contemporary films and music, foreign dissertations, and publications originating in the countries of Melanesia, the southwest region of the Pacific Islands. This collection is a prime candidate for digitization, and special funding would allow these unique holdings to be scanned for distribution to researchers around the world.

Modern Architecture Collection
To develop depth and strength in our current late 20th and 21st century contemporary architecture collection. Such resources would serve as an expanding foundation in support of coursework and programs in Urban Planning, Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance, Structural Engineering, and across core undergraduate humanities and social sciences classes.

Modern Poetry in English
To solidify the already internationally recognized special collection, the Archive for New Poetry, through the expansion of post-1945 experimental poetry in both hard copy and digital formats. This collection is a subject strength for UC San Diego and is utilized by the entire UC System.

Music in Our Own Time
To develop more aggressively UC San Diego’s comprehensive post-1950 music collection, which is becoming a collection of distinction. These resources will support graduate and undergraduate music majors focusing on Composition, Computer Music, Critical Studies/Experimental Practices, and Contemporary Music Performance.

Pharmacy and Pharmacology
To collect state-of-the-art resources to support and enhance the new school of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, from core areas of the field to cutting-edge drug design and pharmacogenomics. The need for pharmacists and pharmacy researchers is dramatic, so this collection is key in educating pharmacy students, practitioners, and researchers of the twenty-first century.

Popular Science and Technology Reading Collection
To enhance a collection of popular science and technology volumes that help to inspire an academic culture of science and technology literacy and broaden students' general understanding of these areas of study. Geared toward both majors and non-majors in science and engineering, this collection creates a “culture of reading” within the sciences in a lively and accessible style.

Structural and Civil Engineering
To enhance the holdings of materials surrounding structural and civil engineering, including a focus on civil structures, aerospace, earthquake engineering, dams and marine structures. This area of study has greatly expanded and changed focus over the last five years, and it is critical that we be able to meet the needs of our students and faculty in this highly enrolled area of study.

Teacher Training in Mathematics and Science Education
To develop and support resources in the area of mathematics and science education related to the two UC San Diego programs recently developed to better train math and science teachers. It is well known that the U.S. is lagging in training our K-12 students in math and science, thus making this collection critical as we look to our nation’s future in science and technology.

Theatre and Dance
To build and develop collections, including a broad range of literature, criticism, video, and digital technologies of significant staged dance and theatrical productions, to support UC San Diego's nationally celebrated Department of Theatre and Dance. As the department moves toward a greater emphasis on historical research, new materials are needed to support this area of academic excellence.

Visual History Archive of Holocaust Survivor Testimonies
To enable ongoing online access to 52,000 video interviews with survivors and other witnesses to the Holocaust archived at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute. While most testimonies were of Jewish survivors, the Foundation also interviewed homosexual survivors, Jehovah’s Witness survivors, liberators and liberation witnesses, political prisoners, rescuers and aid providers, Roma and Sinti (Gypsy) survivors, survivors of eugenics policies, and war crimes trials participants. Including testimonies in 32 languages (about half in English), representing 56 countries, it is the largest archive of its kind in the world. With the interdisciplinary scope of its content, materials from the archives may be incorporated into a variety of courses and support scholarly research in areas such as Anthropology, Communication, European Studies, Gender Studies, History, Human Rights, International Relations, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Visual Studies, and Women’s Studies.