A Day in the Life of the UCSD Libraries, 2010--2011

In support of the University's instruction and research needs, on a daily basis:

8,406 Persons entered the library buildings 
1,941 Items were checked out or renewed 
728 Traditional reserve items were circulated 
1,770 Items were reshelved 
792 Reference questions were answered in person, 139 answered virtually
53 People received information instruction
38 People participated in outreach events
595 New book volumes were acquired 
568 Items were catalogued
3,669,348 Electronic resources available with access provided through UCSD's catalog 
80.35  Items were prepared for binding 
8,392 Images were made by users (copiers, printers, microreaders, screen scan)
228 UCSD items were loaned to other libraries
72 Items were borrowed from other libraries for UCSD Library users 
143 Document deliveries were made to UCSD branch libraries 
82 Hits were made on DMR, the UCSD Film and Video Reserves Program site
4,251 E-reserves course pages were visited 
28,465 ROGER (UCSD's online catalog) searches were made 
133,475 Hits were made to the UCSD Libraries web site