UC San Diego, Museum of Contemporary Art Form Partnership

Faculty, staff, and students at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) now have access to more than 8000 new arts materials, thanks to an innovative partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD).

  • Museum art catalog collection moved to UCSD Arts Library
  • Museum materials strengthen Arts Library collection
  • Curators will advise on library acquisitions

The museum has transferred its collection of art catalogs and related materials to the UCSD Arts Library and the electronic catalogs of both institutions have been integrated.

Strengthened synergies
Discussions about the partnership between the two La Jolla-based institutions began in 2004. Hugh M. Davies, the David C. Copley Director of MCASD, came up with the idea. “Now more than ever it makes sense to combine our resources where there are strong benefits and efficiencies to be achieved,” he said. “MCASD’s curators will gain access to one of the great academic libraries on the West Coast.” UCSD libraries hold more than seven million items.

Brian E. C. Schottlaender, the Audrey Geisel University Librarian at UCSD, described the partnership as “a real win for both institutions and a wonderful extension of the collaboration between our organizations.”

The UCSD Arts Library supports research, teaching, and performance efforts in visual arts, literature, music, and theatre and dance. More than 80 percent of UCSD’s visual arts Ph.D. students are pursuing research in modern or contemporary art history.The addition of the MCASD collection will support these goals, as it also includes items relating to sound, installation, and performance art.

MCASD’s continuing role
The MCASD collection will continue to grow at UCSD. MCASD curators will recommend titles to the UCSD Arts Library that support MCASD research needs.

Most of the MCASD collection is art catalogs, gathered through MCASD’s ongoing international museum library exchange program. MCASD also produces between one and three of its own scholarly catalogs annually. These catalogs will be added to UCSD’s collection on an ongoing basis.

Lynn Blumenstein, Library Journal

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