Annual Turkey Calling Show!

Wednesday, November 21 at noon in the Seuss Room of Geisel Library, UC San Diego. Free! (Info:  (858) 822-5758,

This annual Turkey Calling Show takes place the day before Thanksgiving and is presented in the style of an old-time live radio broadcast. In this fast-paced show: get instruction on how to use turkey calls and find out how the American turkey became popular in European art. Special note: with all due respect to the East Coast turkey, visit us at this show and find out why the West Coast turkey rules!

Hosted by sound effects expert Scott Paulson (leader of the Teeny-Tiny Pit Orchestra and the Outreach Coordinator of the UC San Diego Arts Library).

Special guests include: Melanie Peters (story lady) and Aislinn Sotelo (appearing as “radio ballet teacher”). Also featuring: Glenn Motil & Christian Hertzog As always, the house band is: The Teeny-Tiny Pit Orchestra.



































”Classically trained and charmingly twisted” (San Diego CityBeat) ”Paulson’s brand of G-rated fun, a sort of modern day morphing of Captain Kangaroo and Spike Jones, is always lively and at times wonderfully chaotic.” (LA Times) ”Weird and wonderful” (San Diego CityBeat) ”An out-of-the-ordinary cinematic experience.” (LA Times) ”The assorted keyboards of Paulson’s Teeny-Tiny Pit Orchestra provide a rich aural tapestry.”(San Diego Union-Tribune) ”Unique and popular…Scott Paulson’s merry band of eccentric nightingales is an inspired notion.” (SD Union Tribune) ”This madcap ensemble is reinventing an art form.” (LA Times) ”Madcap and somewhat in the Spike Jones/Dadaist tradition.” (Union Tribune)

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