Annual Turkey Calling Show – This Time it’s East vs West!

Seuss Room, Wednesday, November 24, 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Come early, at noon, if you can, and stay until 1:00 p.m. for extra special Turkey Calling activities.

The UCSD Arts Library’s annual Turkey Calling Show takes place the day before Thanksgiving. Presented in the style of an old-time live radio broadcast, the show will feature a new radio story about a turkey who seeks presidential pardon. If you can make it to the Seuss Room by noon, you’ll receive instruction on how to use various brands and makes of turkey calls, learn how the American turkey became popular in European art, and find out why, with all due respect to the East Coast turkey, the West Coast turkey rules.

Sound effects wizard Scott Paulson, outreach coordinator of the UCSD Arts Library, will be your host for this popular, fast-paced show.

Questions?  Call (858) 822-5758 or e-mail:

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‘UCSD by Design’ Series Celebrates Campus Art and Architecture at 50

Beginning in the fall of the university’s 50th anniversary year, the history and future  of UC San Diego’s built environment will be explored and celebrated in “UCSD by Design: Art, Architecture, and Urbanism in the Campus Context,” the centerpiece of which is a five-part public lecture and discussion series beginning Sept. 30.

We will be celebrating the recently published book “University of California, San Diego: The Campus Guide” (Princeton Architectural Press) with an exhibit on campus art and architecture in the Arts Library, opening Sept. 29.  A book signing will take place at the opening of the exhibition  on Sept. 29, beginning at 2 p.m., here in the Arts Library, on the ground floor of Geisel Library. Please join us for food, entertainment by our own Scott Paulson and readings by Dirk Sutro.

The exhibition will remain on view through Dec. 3.

10th Annual Toy Piano Festival

Hear new works for toy piano! See an exhibit celebrating this toy instrument and see live shows Sunday, September 12 at 2:00 p.m. and Monday, September 13 at noon

Come early to this show, or else you’ll have to sit on the floor (the toy piano players always have to sit on the floor, so you’ll be in good company.)

The Toy Piano Collection at Geisel Library consists of actual instruments, recordings, extant literature and commissioned scores. In 2001, because of our activities and at our request, the Library of Congress issued a special call number and subject heading for Toy Piano Scores: M 175 T69 This year marks our Tenth Annual Toy Piano Festival, which has become a San Diego favorite and reported widely in the local, national and international press.

Performer/composers include:  Scott Paulson, Sue Palmer, Kenneth Herman, Ryoko Amadee Goguen, Christian Hertzog, Miriam Manning, Gail Gipson, Wendy Clemente and more!

Join us on the lower level, West wing of Geisel Library at UCSD for two free performances:

Sunday, September 12 at 2:00 p.m. and Monday, September 13 at noon

UCSD by Design: Art, Architecture, and Urbanism in the Campus Context

Beginning in the fall of 2010 and continuing throughout the university’s 50th anniversary year, the history and future development of UC San Diego’s built environment will be explored and celebrated in “UCSD by Design: Art, Architecture, and Urbanism in the Campus Context.” Highlights of the multi-part, collaborative project include a campus guidebook, a scholarly website, site-specific dance and theatre performances, and a year-long series of public lectures and moderated discussions at UCSD and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

Click Here for  the Public Lecture and Moderated Discussion Series Schedule. And stay tuned for details on the Arts Library events showcasing UCSD architecture with book signings and displays of archival materials!

Ninth Annual Paper Theatre Festival

Our exhibit is up the whole month of August with two live performances: Sunday, August 29 at 2:00 p.m & Monday, August 30 at noon, free, but bring $$ for parking.

It’s the smallest show on Earth! This educational toy (paper theatre, also called table top theatre or toy theatre) dates back to the Victorian Era.  Originally designed as a souvenir promoting specific theatrical playhouses, it soon after blossomed into a popular educational toy.  The  exhibit here shows replicas of Victorian Era paper theatres as well as modern versions of the toy.

In the Victorian Era, theatrical playhouses printed fine posters showing architectural elements of their theatre.  Families and hobbyists would cut out the proscenium, the curtain, etc, to create a scale model of that specific theatre.

Theatrical playhouses used these paper theatre posters to promote their season and a particular play. Aspects of set design were shown on the posters along with drawings of actual actors of the era (shown in costume from a specific production).  Condensed scripts were included in these poster kits and paper doll players were soon seen in lively productions on a table top at home.

The paper theatre hobbyists, who cut and pasted, ended up learning much about scenic design, lighting effects, sound effects, music, acting, directing, choreography—through this paper theatre toy, all aspects of theatre were introduced to producers and performers of all ages.

Theatre-goers often bought these paper theatre posters as souvenirs promoting an actual production they saw.  Those living far from the theatre district ordered paper theatres from a catalog and had them delivered to their small town as an educational toy for the household. A lot of cutting and pasting was involved but hours of educational fun and artistic exploration would follow. The many two-dimensional layers of a paper theatre add up to something with surprising depth and charm.

Tom Swift Centennial

Young inventor and adventurer Tom Swift, hero of juvenile literature, has been a popular read since 1910. Many scientists and inventors credit Tom Swift with inspiring them to study hard and dream big.

The UCSD Arts Library celebrates the Tom Swift Centennial with an exhibit of artwork, books and other Tom Swift treasures on the lower level, West wing of Geisel Library at UCSD starting June 1, 2010 and ending July 31, 2010.

Join us for two special live events at the exhibit site. On Monday, June 14 at noon we present a live, radio drama re-enactment of Tom Swift and his Air Ship. On Friday, July 16 at 4:00 p.m. we present a live radio drama re-enactment of Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X. Actors from San Diego’s Write Out Loud will perform along with the UCSD Arts Library’s own Scott Paulson providing live music & old-school radio sound effects.

Refreshments are served at both of these live events. Admission is free and the public is invited. Tom Swift scholar James Keeline will speak briefly at both events.

For more information about Mr. James Keeline
For more Tom Swift Centennial celebrations in San Diego
For more info about San Diego’s Write Out Loud
For more information about sound effects guy Scott Paulson
Visit this site for more information about the UCSD Arts Library

Etch-A-Sketch Exhibit!

This popular educational toy is a perennial exhibit-favorite at the UCSD Arts Library.

Borrow an Etch-A-Sketch from us and participate!

Come to the UCSD Arts Library (lower level of Geisel Library). Borrow an Etch-A-Sketch from the Arts Library service desk. Create a sketch on the toy & we’ll place it in our West wing exhibit case. Put your name or a comment on a card or post-it note, if you like, for placement near your sketch. Come back often to see the ever-changing gallery of sketches.

Exhibit is up April 11 through May 30, 2010 and new sketches are added throughout the run.

Questions? E-mail Scott- at the UCSD Arts Library or call (858) 822-5758.

The Etch-A-Sketch was developed in the late 1950’s by French mechanic Arthur Granjean. His toy, L’Ecran Magique, (magic screen) was not an instant hit when introduced at the 1959 International Toy Fair in Nuremburg, Germany. The Ohio Toy Company, who saw the toy at the fair in 1959, but passed on it, relented a year later and bought the rights to it. The toy was renamed Etch-A-Sketch and marketed heavily on television for its 1960 holiday season debut. The Ohio factory that mass-produced the toy that year had to stay open through noon on Christmas Eve and that shift’s supply was rush-shipped to California specifically to meet the demands of West Cost television audiences who absolutely had to get this last-minute ’’must-have’’ screen toy phenomenon. The inner workings of the toy remain the same today: the inside of the screen is coated with a mixture of aluminum powder and plastic beads. The left and right knobs control a horizontal and vertical rod, moving a stylus where the rods meet. The stylus scrapes the screen leaving the line you see. Turning the screen upside down and shaking it re-coats the screen with aluminum powder.

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TTPO & ArtPower

Thursday March 11th is the last in a set of collaborations between the Arts Library and the ArtPower people. On March 11, at 7:30 p.m., join the Teeny Tiny Pit Orchestra as they perform tango music as a pre-game show for the Brazilian film EL ESTOMAGO at The Loft. The audience will dine on Brazilian fare while listening to the lovely tangos. The movie is a “talkie”—so, they will only play the pre-game show (Talkies are a fad—they won’t last)!

Happy Black History Month

Tonight Feb 2nd, there’ll be a showing of  Siren of the Tropics (La sirène des tropiques) [1927, France, 86 min.] At 8:00pm @ the Loft, UC San Diego Price Center

Legendary performer Josephine Baker made her feature-film debut in this rags to riches tale about a free-spirited, animal-loving girl who falls in love with a sophisticated young man from Paris—and follows him back to the City of Lights. Though silent, Siren of the Tropics abounds with musical energy, aided in no small part by your participation and the musical talents of Scott Paulson and his Teeny-Tiny Pit Orchestra for Silent Films. This fabulous performance will include special guest Gene Perry, Afro-Latin Percussionist.
$12 Regular; $5 UCSD Student

For more exciting events all month at UCSD, check THIS out!

And as an added bonus, you should watch THIS

Seasonal Magic from our Short Attention Span Theater

The Teeny Tiny Pit Orchestra appears! Scott Paulson conducts some slapstick tone poems, story lady Melanie Treco reads an irreverent classic, library songbird Robin Chandler sings..and a very special surprise: A visit from the Cookie Fairy Sylvia Leighton–yes, you get a cookie! In the course of this short show you’ll also learn about two chapters that Sylvia wrote for the Chicken Soup For The Soul book series. One relays her family’s connection to Cesar Chavez and community involvement and the other relays her “one cookie at a time” approach to changing the world. Monday December 14th at 12:30 pm on the lower level of the West Wing of Geisel Library. Questions? Give Scott a call at 858-822-5758 or

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