Best Hidden Digital Image Resources

ReadWriteWeb’s Sarah Perez has assembled an incredible list of excellent, less accessible visual resource collections.
I agree with Sarah, that these aren’t necessarily invisible resources, but it’s a great list none the less.

Via Librarian In Black

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LA Historical Photographs Online

This isn’t new, but I was reminded of this great resource by the Librarian In Black. UCLA’s archive, Changing Times: Los Angeles in Photographs, 1920-1990 is a digital collection of over 5,000 photos from the LA Times and the Los Angeles Daily News. Lovely!

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Library of Congress Photos on Flickr

Incredibly, the Library Of Congress has started a Flickr site pilot where you can view and tag some of their most popular visual images. This spirit of opennness and community is pretty exciting to me, check it out here!

Direct link to the Flickr site.

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Big changes at ARTstor

A brand new website, a blog, even new URLs, so you should definately go check it out!

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New From ArtStor!

ARTstor is digitizing and will distribute more than 100,000 images from Larry Quall’ unique archive of contemporary art images. For nearly three decades, Larry Qualls has been documenting contemporary art exhibitions at galleries and other exhibition spaces throughout New York City and elsewhere.

The archive is being scanned and made available systematically, beginning with the more recent gallery shows. Accordingly, the first releases of images included works of art shown during the Winter 2002, Spring 2001, Fall 2001, Spring 2000 and Fall 2000 gallery seasons. This current release of over 4,000 images covers the Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 exhibition season and brings the total number of available Qualls images to over 16,000. Read more…

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New in ArtStor!”Eyes Of The Nation”

ARTstor has just announced that images in the second, and final, release of the Library of Congress “Eyes of the Nation” collection is now available in the ARTstor Digital Library. This brings the total number of images in this collection to over 5,000 images. The collection in ARTstor includes many of the 500 images found in the “Eyes of the Nation” publication, as well as images found in the accompanying CD.

“Eyes of the Nation: A Visual History of the United States,” published 1997, provides a pictorial overview of American history including images of prints, posters, maps, manuscript pages, photographs, design, movie stills, and cartoons. The images found in the book were selected from the Library of Congress to “show how Americans have viewed themselves, and have been viewed by others, in the course of this great work-in-progress that is the United States” (“Eyes of the Nation”, preface). Read more…

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Discover ARTstor images through JSTOR and CSA Discovery Links

Discover ARTstor images through JSTOR and CSA Discovery Links
Did you know that you can search and find ARTstor images from other resources? ARTstor is actively developing relationships with other electronic resource providers to enhance discovery of images across databases. We recently established enhanced discovery options with JSTOR and CSA.

The JSTOR/ARTstor cross search allows you to keyword search JSTOR article content, JSTOR image captions, and ARTstor images. The combined search result page is separated into three tabs – Articles, Images from Articles, and ARTstor Images. If your institution participates in ARTstor and JSTOR, you will see ARTstor image thumbnails as well as the title, creator and date information in your search results. Read more…

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ARTstor’s Excellent Tool for Classroom Presentations

The Offline Image Viewer is ARTstor’s tool for reliable, Internet-independent classroom presentations. The new OIV allows the creations of presentations using personal/institutional images with or without ARTstor images.

Blank “slides” can now be created for each screen of a presentation

Customized text can now be included along with images when presenting

Multiple images and text fields can be accommodated on a single slide

Zoomed-in portions of an image can be saved for display on a slide

The background color behind the images and text, as well as the entire slide, can be customized

A smaller, presentation-only file can be exported without requiring the full-size image files

Users can choose the maximum amount of memory the application will be permitted to use on their computer

To download the OIV and create presentations try these online tutorials:
Make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled before starting the tutorials!

“Quick Guide to Creating Basic Presentations in ARTstor’s Offline Image Viewer”
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a quick and easy image presentation, how to present your presentation using the Image Palette Slideshow and how to save your presentation file for future use.

“Quick Guide to Creating Advanced Presentations in ARTstor’s Offline Image Viewer”
In this quick tutorial you will learn how to create slide templates from your image collection and then edit your slides in the Slide Editor:

Add and resize images
Capture, add and format text
Set borders and backgrounds
Present your slides in the OIV Presentation Mode

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