You will love this. If you love books, reading, stop motion photography, inside jokes or art.

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Something Is Happening

SOMETHING is HAPPENING is a 3-day event that focuses on the dynamics of sensation and the nature of gatherings. Rather than experiencing a single, formal presentation, audiences can freely gather and disband at a collection of different sites in the San Diego area including the UC campus, the Salk Institute, Torrey Pines State Reserve, and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. At these meeting points, audiences are immersed in sensory and atmospheric experiences through which concepts are not only elaborated but enacted.
SOMETHING is HAPPENING is a collage of verbal and performative presentations that encourages the cultivation of moods, atmospheres, and various forms of bodily apprehension and awareness. By addressing the audience as a sensing body — whether as individuals or collectively as a group — the presenters seek to not only share ideas but also to activate multiple sensory connections with the spectators. In this way we are not taking a reductive approach so much as an excessive one — opening up conceptual flows and sensorial intensities that always carry with them the possibility of extension and amplification.
By emphasizing forms of sensory experience, social interaction, and assembly, SOMETHING is HAPPENING aims to generate commonalities beyond what can be conveyed in dialogue — allowing participants who come from different backgrounds to cross linguistic boundaries and familiar perspectives, however temporarily, and enter into new social composites.

For general information and a schedule of events go Here
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The Pelican Project

THIS is awesome!

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Free Poster For Download

The Arts Library of course does not endorse one political party or candidate, but we find this poster, free for download, lovely & inspiring.

From the always somehow always awesome, Grain Edit.

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Beautiful Creative Commons posters like this one:

From tomorrow, Here!
Print, Post, Vote! Or, if you’d like, Buy!

thank you, as always Yummy Fresh Grain Feed

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Architectural Jelly Design Competition Winners

This leaves me slightly speechless…who knew?

The winner, by Anna Liu (it’s a jelly version of Fresh Flower, the mobile pavilion designed for the London Festival of Design 2008):

and more..

Via Dezeen via NOTCOT

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Vanishing America

Beautiful pictures from Michael Eastman are currently on view at DNJ Gallery in Los Angeles. Vanishing America is images of those beautiful heartwrenching small town beauties that are swiftly falling down or coming down.



These pictures kill me, but be sure to visit his site to see all of his work as his Cuba series will also blow your mind.

Via Materialicious

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Magical Confluence! Best Thing Ever!

Well, to me anyway. I LOVE Charlie Harper and am obsessed with birds and birdwatching, so this is the most amazing combination (again, that would be to me in particular..) ever! The Charlie Harper Cornell Labs of Ornithology poster!!
“At age three, Charley Harper fell head-first from the scecond-story window of the family farmhouse onto a stump, which was unaffected by the crash. He was, too, his parents thought, until a few years later when he announced that he wanted to be an artist.”


Found Via the amazing and great Dinosaurs & Robots

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Best Font Ever?

Nice new two weight display found via Grain Edit

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Book Sculptures

Intricate, incredible, detailed book sculptures by Nicholas Jones..


For an interview & a ton more amazing pictures, go here. Found via DesignSponge.

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