Compositional Sketches of Elliott Carter

In celebration of Elliot Carter’s 100th birthday, the Library of Congress has made available online an extensive collection of his sketches for many of his works.
Carter is one of the most acclaimed American composers in the past 100 years and is often described as being the dean of American contemporary music. By making these sketches available, the Library of Congress has enabled us to examine the processes by which Carter has created has created some of his most famous and formidable works.

This current release consists of the following material:

Pocahontas (18*)
Symphony No.1 (224)
Piano Sonata (20*)
Minotaur (108)
Emblems (192)
Woodwind Quintet (141)
Eight Etudes and a Fantasy (140)
Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello & Harpsichord (51)
Variations for Orchestra (771)
Double Concerto (161*)

For technical reasons, these are not all complete yet. Numbers in
parens indicate page (image) counts; an asterisk indicates digitization
is incomplete (more to come in future releases).

Along with the previously released sketches for the Cello Sonata (338
images) and the First String Quartet (538 images), these sketches are
now available HERE!

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