Penn Museum + Internet Archive

The Penn Museum and the Internet Archive have teamed up to digitize and stream much of their unidentified film collection.

Penn Museum has for over 120 years collected materials representing the cultural history of the world, including artifacts and materials of archaeological and anthropological significance. The film archives contains over 1800 items, the majority of which are unique 16mm original reversal films, mainly amateur travelogues filmed all over the world, from the 1920’s through the 1970’s. The remainder of the collection consists mostly of films of archaeological digs and expeditions, smaller collections of anthropological fieldwork films, and a few produced films and television shows originally shot on film.

Plans for the future of the collection include subject cataloging for greater access (including collaborative tagging with indigenous or source communities), integration of the collection with exhibitions of the Museum, and interpretive online film exhibits on subjects including travelogue film and tourism.”

Check out the Beta collection Here.

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