Red Fish Blue Fish

Interlude, for four percussionists and carillonneur will be performed across campus over a period of about seventy minutes beginning at noon. The percussionists play on those cylindrical metal traffic blockers. It will be performed by Justin DeHart, Brian Archinal, Luis Tabuenca, Ross Karre, and Scott Paulson.
There are many ways to view the piece; you can follow one percussionist, or travel around to see more than one at once, you can “enter” and “leave” at any time in the piece.

Below are three maps of the performers’ locations during the piece, in case you’re interested in coordinating your viewing this way. They will be at these locations at the following times (add the times below onto the start time)

Location A: 15:00-38:20
Location B: 48:20-60:00
Location C: 60:00-70:00

And here are the maps:

Location A

Location B

Location C

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